Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal
Operator Robin
Employees ???
Hours of Operation ???
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Supplies and shelter

What was once Grand Central Terminal is now, in all appearances, laid to waste. The structural damage dealt to the topside building from the Bomb of 2006 meant that the building could not be saved or rebuilt, and much of what had remained intact has been demolished to rubble. For the most part it's an emptied husk, with the Midtown wind whistling through gaping concrete and iron.

But appearances can be deceiving. Access to the subways are no longer the obvious downstairs treks they once were, with most ways inside sealed off with rubble or locks. Most have better luck traveling the underground railroads, provided you know how not to get lost, or run into even more sealed passages. But once you're within, the world transforms — more or less. There is still an aura of industrial wasteland to the formerly abandoned underground levels of the terminal, but also an aura of progress.

Many of the tracks and other open spaces have been used as storage for the purpose of the Ferrymen, from crates to cardboard boxes full of supplies of varying kinds. There are medical kits, food supplies, water bottles, appliances, blankets, clothing - everything safehouses generally need are organized for easy transfer and exchange. Beyond the use of simple storage, construction is underway to continue to make certain areas livable, or rather, continue to do so - progress has been in the making for a while. There's a simple rec room, with a portable kitchen area catering to those here for the long run, a television (which gets little reception, but is hooked into a VCR and a DVD player, with a modest library), a card table, a few comforts such as couches and armchairs. A locker room has been converted into a sickbay, nearby bathrooms installed with showers and cubicles, and numerous rooms converted into semi-permanent livable spaces. The accommodations are as varied as they are numerous, some crude and some comfortable.

From the central hub sprawls the numerous tunnels used for transporting supplies in and out. The Grand Central Terminal is an immense place, and many areas are still untested - it's easy to get turned around, injured, or even trapped should the structural integrity of the place give way, although many pains have been taken, both supernatural and not, to reduce the possibility of cave ins. Many areas remain in varying states of fix-up all the way through to completely abandoned - it all depends on where you go. And there are many places to go.

OOC Notes:

  • While the GCT is outfitted, roughly, for people who need a place to go, just like any safehouse, it's largely a project and supply facility, as well as reasonably high clearance. Secret major Ferry hub first, emergency safehouse second. We can only get one Grand Central Terminal, and secrecy is appreciated unless exceptional circumstances occur — which they do.
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