Gravedigger Meet Telepath


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Scene Title Gravedigger meet Telepath
Synopsis Diogenes introduces Kaylee to Zachery and learns that his plot to kidnap someone from Humanis First might have hit a snag.
Date Novenber 13, 2009

The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl is a survivor from ages past - one of those ancient diners with huge plate glass windows, checkerboard linoleum floor, and a neon owl over the entrance that blinks at those entering. Inside, there's an L-shaped main counter, complete with vintage soda fountain and worn steel stools. All of the cooking is done on the ranges ranked against the rear wall. The outer wall is lined with booths upholstered in cracked scarlet vinyl, tables trimmed with polished chrome. Despite its age, it's been lovingly maintained. The air is redolent with the scent of fresh coffee, vanilla, and frying food.

There is a surprising variety of cars parked outside of the infamous Nite Owl. Although the majority fits within the frames of moderate to low social status, each car contrasts its neighbours by shape, colour and even its owner. But there is only one vehicle that truly manages to stand out from the crowd. A low-ridin' hearse, pitch black as the night before dawn, with vibrant flames stemming from the frontal wheels, slows up next to the diner with an aged engine not at all shy about making itself known. The luxurious limousine of the dead would clumsily find its way to an open spot. To an open spot large enough.

The engine ultimately falls quiet, and the first one to leave the bizarre Cadillac of '67 is actually the passenger. Wearing a fairly crumpled black shirt, a dark blue jacket and dark grey denim jeans, Diogenes appears more casual than he usually makes himself appear. As he closes the door behind him, he pauses, so as to glance behind him and see whether the driver will find his way out of this macabre ride.

Sitting in a booth next to one of the large pane windows, Kaylee waits patiently. Booted feet propped on the bench seat across from her, head resting on the back of the seat, eyes shut. It has been a long couple of days since the trial. The sound of an old engine draws her attention to the world outside the diner, brows lifting a bit at the appearance of a hearse, followed by a short bark of laughter at who she sees get out of the car. This gets a look form some of the other patron's but she doesn't care. "Oh my god…" She comments to no one as she watches him, he won't hear it since he's on the other side of the window, but her words are laced with laughter.

Speaking of windows, Kaylee leans over and raps on the thick glass pane to get Diogenes' attention and wiggles her fingers in greeting, before settling back in her spot and sipping her cherry coke.

'Finding his way out of the ride' is, perhaps, exactly the right prasing. There's a fair bit of fumbling before other front door opens, and out steps a begruntled Zachery. Looking slightly less casual with his dark grey dress shirt and black pants, he takes his glasses off as soon as he closes the door, sliding them in his breast pocket before rubbing his eyes. which, despite a more steady work schedule lately, still manage to look tired as he lets his gaze slide over the car from front to back. "Is it me, or are the parking spaces getting smaller?" Whether this is a joke or not remains a mystery. If it is, even he doesn't seem to think it's funny.

Little else than a stern nod is given to Kaylee once he notices her. Something seems off about the man, and Zachery is already aware of it. The vocabulary of condescending and biting remarks is still with him, as the long ride to the Nite Owl has proven, and yet he seems even more worn down than usual, and his eyes manage to bear an even heavier gaze than usual, one that felt as though a wrecking ball ploughing through everything he sees. His stride is now nothing more than what could be best described as a gait, perhaps; there's even hints of a defeatist limp, in there.

And yet, self-assurance still shines a frail beacon in his mannerisms, breaking through the depressing demeanour. "I should post this on Twitter", he murmurs to Zachery. A witty retort for a witty retort, they say. Or don't they? Regardless, the young man makes his way inside the Nite Owl, wandering over to where Kaylee is to triumphantly claim a seat in front of her. He'd move aside gentlemanly to make room for his personal coroner, as well. "Gravedigger, telepath. Telepath, gravedigger", he mutters an introduction hoarsely somewhat.

"Hey stranger. You've missed out on some interesting times." Kaylee greets Diogenes with a smirk, before turning her attention to Zachery giving him a once over. "So I take it that's your car? Stands out nicely. I like it." A glance outside, her expression highly amused, "It's like the patty wagon to hell or something with those flames." Finally, she offers a hand. "Name's Kaylee. And yeah.. I'm a telepath." She offers her name since Dio has decided not to mention it.

Grinning at Dio, Kaylee gives him a mischievous look as she teases. "Replaced me already, huh? Let me guess… It was car?"

The 'gravedigger' follows Diogenes a few steps behind. Zachery clears his throat, one hand in his neck while his eyes scan the area for… well, what ever might be around, it seems. Cautious. But then, he almost always is. Nothing out of the ordinary for him, at least.

With the 'introduction' comes an awkward smile. One more out of habit than anything else, and it never does reach his eyes. "Ah— Telepath, hm? You— you people are everywhere." This, regardless of the wording, does not sound like he thinks it's a bad thing. Just a strange one. He takes a deep breath, shakes the offered hand, and adds, "Zachery. Nice to meet you." Again, said purely out of habit. The smile fades, and eye contact is broken to look around again.

"No, it was his unconditional love towards corpses. We're getting married next month. It all happened so fast."

"Yes", Diogenes suddenly exclaims, sarcasm intertwined with irritation, "The Zor'tvaks can find you here. In fact, they've zoomed in on your face right now, so watch what you say." With that warning - directed at Zachery, of course - out of the way, Diogenes shifts his attention the snarky blonde before him. "Interesting times? I'm all ears. Especially if you have something to tell me about Humanis First. I've been disappointing Doctor Moreau here for a long while. We never did get to— that thing. I don't know if I ever will, but don't tell Za—" All of a sudden, Diogenes freaks out, flinching in his seat as if the deadliest of vipers bit him. "Zachery! Didn't see you there! How goes it, buddy?"

"You've met others?" Kaylee sounds curious about that. "I mean… I know of two.. One is dead and the other kinda went missing. Hopefully dead too.. since both were insanely good at it. Don't worry about me, I don't bite or nothing. Promise." Waves Zachery to sit after their hands part, she turns her attention back to Dio, a smile broadening on her face. "Really, well congrats. I'm sure you all well be rather happy together."

Diogenes behavior worries her a bit, eyes narrowing a bit. "Um… " She frowns, but then shakes her head. "Humanis First.. Yeah.. The Ferrymen have Danko. I know this cause I helped them bring him in. He's being handed over to DHS soon…. Seems they've been taken down several notches… I don't think they are going to be the problem they use too unless Danko gets away from the government. And somehow I think he could manage that, I've been in his head.. it was.. The cold calculating mind of a killer. Even when faced with the possible death, he was ploting how he'd kill them all."

Eyes lift to Zachery as she studies him curiously as she continues, "Not sure what else to tell you about the Humanis stuff. The Ferrymen may have opted not to kill him … It was a close vote."

Zachery doesn't seem entirely sure whether to be insulted or amused, and never quite seems to settle on either. Ultimately, he just gives a short and unamused huff. Fine. He'll focus on what's in front of him, for now. "Enjoy your taxi, next time." This is mumbled in response to Diogenes, but definitely clear enough to catch. The rest of the conversation is listened to, but he seems impartial on the subject. If a little confused. He stays silent, one hand going up for the collar of his shirt again to needlessly fidget.

Diogenes puts up a facial expression that conveys no less confusion (or perhaps even a greater amount of it) than shows on Zachery's own visage. "Woah, woah, hold on. Ferrymen, Danko— What are you on about? You lost me. Let's start from the top." Indeed, the 'top' is where he takes the initiative. The waitress is rudely discarded as though an unnecessary gift with a dismissive gesture, and the quirky man leans in to speak up once more.

"Ferrymen. That the secretive group that is supposed to help Evolved? That's the guys you hang out with lately, right?.. But who's Danko?"

"Yes.. The Ferrymen are the people that took me in and hid me from Adam. Their the Evolved version of the Underground Railroad. I've been helping them." Kaylee offers slowly, as if making sure he understands what she says. "Me and two others tracked down Emilie Danko. Danko is a very bad man and a top official in Humanis First from what I got." Eyes slip from one to the other. "From what I got the whole thing is falling apart. Humanis that is." Her head tilts a bit as she arches a curiosu brow at Dio. "I figured you should know that since you had told me you were planning to kidnap one.. their kinda dying out at this point." There is a little smirk on her lips, "Not saying they won't pop up now and then.. but for now I think they are less of a threat."

"Less of a threat." Zachery repeats, tone skeptical and with a demeanor to match. "But still a threat. There are still some left." And 'some' means there's still a plan. Right? His eyes lift to settle on Kaylee for a second, before he shoots a brief glance to Diogenes instead. While he may once have been eager for some action, the anticipation has since made place for a bitter impatience.

Confusion is replaced with the demeanour of a solemn father who is in the middle of solving a dispute. His gaze travels downwards, towards the table, as if there lies the book that holds the amalgamation of solutions to all life's problems. But he ponders for perhaps too long a time period, and it isn't that far-fetched to assume that he has left Nite Owl. For a short while, at the very least; he soon 'wakes up', as it were, his eyes lifting to regard Kaylee, then Zachery.

"Means it's much more unlikely to find some of them, and that this… quest of mine goes nowhere else than instant gratification of my… personal coroner. On the other hand…" The weight of his thoughts presses down on his mind, forcing him to trail off to a fleeting moment of silence. "On the other hand, a promise is a promise." The dullness of his eyes vanishes, and his gaze once again becomes as sharp as a blade as he fixates his attention the blonde.

"I take it the Ferrymen are pacificists and don't have anyone bothersome that needs to disappear?"

"Maybe.." Kaylee concedes a bit, glancing at Zachery, "But their headless from what I can tell." She gives Diogenes a curious look. "Pacifists? I dunno if I'd say they are totally that, they have people working for them that have been dark holed by the governement in the past… but no… I haven't heard of anyone bothersome that needs to disappear." Amused, she shakes her head slowly. "All I can say is keep an eye out for Humanis stragglers if you need someone to… play with."

Zachery hasn't known Diogenes for very long, and the silences appear to do little but annoy the ex-coroner. Not to mention there are now holes in their little plan, and he seems less and less thrilled with this turn of events. Even if he tries not to let it show, and clears his throat. Quietly, and perhaps a little more anxiously, he offers, "I suppose that sort of— robs me of my function." A vague statement, but intentionally so.

"Your function… You are yet to even prove you are any good."

Seems Diogenes is becoming no less anxious than his new partner in crime. However, it's not anxiousness his tone offers, but an intangible, cold backhanded slap over one's cheek. Zachery's cheek. "You're eager to be a pawn", he mutters, slowly and a bit eerily turning his gaze sideways to regard the man beside him. "I'll give you that priviledge, even if it's the last thing you do. In the meantime, the less you show your prissy princess side, the less likely that I'll use your own tools to cut you up alive and see how good of a coroner I myself am. We good?"

his gaze and words then reach Kaylee once more, along with a faux grin. "Marriage. Changes so many things, doesn't. it?"

"Mmmm." Is Kaylee's comment about the Marriage thing, before she adds, "I wouldn't know truthfully. I haven't been in any kind of worth while relationship since leaving Adam's little gang." She eyes Zachery and Diogenes as if they both have been let loose from the funny farm. "Just glad you finally found some one to be your tag-a-long for your missions, since I'm pretty much off the bench for a lot of stuff." Giving him a lopsided grin. "How did the two of you meet?" She picks up her glass to take a long drink, before adding, "I mean if it's not poking around in your relationship too much."

A pawn. See, this is why Zachery usually decides to stays quiet. He looks surprised for a moment, but the expression on his face soon turns to nothing short of murderous. Even if it's brief and only after Diogenes is no longer looking in his direction. If only a punch wouldn't end in disaster. If only. His hands seem to think it's worth it either way, and quietly curl into fists

Finally, completely ignoring Kaylee's question and with a sneer still on his face, he just calmly states, "I think I should be going."

"Really?" It's surprising how redundantly abundant false enthusiasm can sound. "Because I think you shouldn't be rude and stay with the blonde, here. Keep her company. Have a chat. Just forget for a moment that the Universe hates you and your existence is a mistake God is constantly trying to rectify by sending such weird people like me. It's good for your health." Somewhat predictably, by the time Diogenes finishes, Zachery would no longer have control over or even feel his legs.

"If you were off the bench, you wouldn't be with the Ferrymen. 'Quid pro quo' are the magic words nowadays. No doubt you're involved in something, even if it's just gardening. Knowing you, pretty-face, it's definitely not that, though." This little outburst is signed by narrowed eyes and a heavy sigh. His eyes regard Zachery once again, to note his reaction. "We met in a bookstore. Turns out we're both rabid Twilight fans. One thing led ot another…"

Head turning slightly, Kaylee's eyes narrow at Zachery, her smile fading a bit at the edges. "Seriously, don't let him get to you, makes life easier. Your just giving him what he wants." Her tone a touch bland before she lets her blue flick back to her former partner in crime. "And you've got a point.. And no.. not gardening. But I do have chores and I help out with a lot of the kids when I'm not hunting down dangerous men or bringing people out of comas." She gives a slow shrug, "I talked this the one guy.. He's a Pastor, really nice guy. He convinced me to join Ferrymen, offering up my help full time."

But then her easy smile comes back at the mention of how they met and she shakes a finger at him, "I knew it.. I knew your were a sick and twisted bastard… But didn't know you were that twisted. Twilight? Is there no end to your madness?" She teases him lightly.

Predictable, maybe, but that doesn't make this turn of events any less uncomfortable for Zachery. Annoyance makes way for a wave of panic that is just too sudden to hide completely, and both hands unfurl for now. A look of pure exasperation is shot at nothing in particular, before he turns his attention to the rest of the diner. He may not be able to leave physically, but that doesn't mean he's going to pay any attention if he doesn't have to.

Just like a real married couple.

A vague smirk finds its way on Diogenes's face. The smirk wanes quickly, however. "A pastor convinced you to join the Ferrymen?.. What's next? He convinces you to surgically restore your hymen?" Although a sarcastic reply in and of itself, there's simply not enough vigour and poison in the tone to make it a typical jab at another that Diogenes is so used to employing. His eyes turn to Zachery, then. A pat on the shoulder is given. "Now that you know to kneel before Zod, we will have a better time at understanding each other", he mutters, granting both control and sensations of his fellow's legs. "Come on, move it."

Apparently, it seems as though Diogenes is to end the meeting prematurely, like last time. "Zachery can give you a ride home. I need to go for a walk." Even when the curfew is about to hit? Yes, even when the curfew is about to hit.

"Bite me, Dio." Kaylee offers with cheerful brightness at the jab, grinning as she uses the nickname he hates. "He's a pastor.. not a priest." Shaking her head she sighs softly. "I don't need a ride to the docks." She lives on Staten Island after all. "I can walk just as well.. Since you seem to deem my company a punishment for you buddy there." Amused as she sounds at that, though she does glances at Zachery now. "Not exactly what I want to be considered."

"You know how to contact me if you need me." Kaylee offers as a farewell to her former partner in crime.

Further pesting from Diogenes' direction is completely ignored by Zachery. When the control of his legs is returned to him, he wastes no time in getting up. If a bit shakily so. He doesn't return the look Kaylee shoots him, but instead heads straight for the door. In fact, he doesn't even offer a farewell. Today has proven to be absolutely useless, and he is everything but pleased.

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