Greasing The Legal Wheel


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Scene Title Greasing The Legal Wheel
Synopsis After bringing their plea bargain to the judge for his approval, Joanna and James discuss more cases and rebellion.
Date June 4, 2010

Court House

Another day in court, at least now that things are starting to get back to relative normalness. His client wasn't completely guilty but at least he got the DA to drop the charges from Burglary to Larceny, which'll mean less time for his client.

As the officer of the court takes custody of the man, James Silver walks towards the center of the court, meeting Joanna Renard, his opposition for this case and he offers a smile, "Thanks for that. He really is a good kid. I think this'll be enough to scare him straight when he finishes his time. Plus, really the facts of the case wouldn't have held up to the harsher charge. But at least we can get this process moving along now." He glances at her for a moment, then asks, "How are you holding up?" He pushes the double doors open enough to let them pass through as the clerk calls the next case which doesn't involve either of them.

"Sometimes, you need to be harsh the first time Silver. Makes them think twice about ever doing it again. Repeat offenders are just that, repeat offenders. My boss agreed, decided to take that instead of pushing. Thank him, not me. If it was me, I would have pushed" But this is what they do, haggle back and forth, wax poetic in front of twelve people and a judge and plead a case.

Black suit, black heels, Joanna walks beside him, allowing the other lawyer to open the door for the pair of them. "Pipes didn't freeze, apartment wasn't ransacked, daughter came home with the girlfriend and I spent too many weeks in the same hotel room as my ex and his boss. If ever a time I deserve a trip somewhere, now is it. but no time. Court cases will be backed up for weeks. It's going to screw up everything"

Files slid into the soft sided leather briefcase, heels striking along the floor. "How about you?"

June 2nd has come and gone, though that window is still there. The one year anniversary of the death of April Bradley lingering on. It's a milestone of sorts, as if that date comes along and something magical will happen and he'll like he can move on with his life.

As of yet, no such magical moment has comes.

James gives a small shrug and he stops near one of the decorative pillars that line the hallways in the courthouse. "I'm doing as well as can be expected. I have at least five more cases today to deal with, but have been able to plead most of the down. Johnson is being a hardass, but he typically is. But, I think when he sees how long this case will drag out, he'll come around. I keep busy, if that answers the question." He reaches up and scratches at the scruff that's growing on his chin and neck, not having shaved in a couple of days.

"Johnson will cave. He's got plane tickets to Hawaii that he thought he might not get to actually go on. He'll be doing everything he can to plead stuff down as much as he can get away with" He opinion of Johnson seems to be low. "Just so he can make it. His wife won't take missing the trip." She's given him a golden ticket to use right there.

Down the hall they go amidst the bustle of lawyers, defendants, criminals and family members there for support. The court house busy, busy, busy. "Listen, if there's anything that I can do, please, let me know. In the non work sense. We do have lives outside of these court rooms and facing down each other. Even if it's just to meet up for dinner or drinks." There's the unspoken 'it's been a year, you need to start moving on, shave that scruff more regularly'.

Silver will just call for a shitload of discovery so that Johnson'll have no other choice but to plead this out. He's been given the same lectures that Joanna is being more subtle about. Get out there. Start your life. April would want you to, and if she was here now, she'd probably kick your ass. He's heard it all before.

"Don't worry. I promise that if I need anything, I'll come see you. Anytime you need someone to sit and eat with you, you can call anytime. I'm sure we'll have cases to go over." He starts to walk towards the exit, thinking she's heading out too. "How'd that thing go with your daughter?"
Joanna's free hand lifts, fingers splaying, head tilting as shoulders rise in a shrug. "She's getting a job, moving out, moving in with her girlfriend. Who is blind in one eye. Looks like she's barely legal if at all, but then, so is Tasha. Nervous thing but pretty. Can't say that part of me isn't disappointed that it's not a boy that she brought home, but beggars can't be choosers and it's not my life."

James smirks a little at that. Not that he has any clue what this is like, because he doesn't. Having children, watching them grow up and move on with their lives. "Can't much stop her, I suppose. If you push too hard, she'll just pull that much harder." That much he knows from experience. "It'll either work out for her, or she'll learn from her mistakes. Gotta let her live." He knows it's not much of a comfort but it's about the best he can offer under the circumstances.

"For not having children of your own, you seem pretty knowledgeable. Do you have niece and nephews or just an inane sense of knowing what to say and when to say it?" Joanna shakes her head, chin length hair brushing against her jawline as she does. Her stop on the walking train is coming up, having to take twenty minutes before her next case too, so that she's prepared. Another pleader, but still.

Shaking his head, James chuckles. "No. Nothing like that. Honestly, I have no clue what to do with children. I just know that growing up, I was the same way as your kid. I rebelled quite a bit, though I don't think the intent was to upset my parents. I was just made from a different mold. They didn't appreciate it, so the struggle ensues." He stands next to her. "You're telling me you didn't rebel a little growing up?"

"I wasn't raised James. I sprung forth fully formed from the sea, as beautiful then as I am now" She offers him a wink, hand going to the doorknob so she can turn it and open. "I'll see you soon James. Take care" She smiles, heading away and in. Back to work, no rest for the wicked.

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