Greasing Wheels


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Scene Title Greasing Wheels
Synopsis Just to make sure things run smoothly. As if.
Date March 12, 2009

The Apartment of Elisabeth Harrison

When the bell on her apartment rings, it takes several minutes for Elisabeth to answer. When she does, she's half-dressed in a pair of black slacks with a lavender blouse tucked into them and no shoes or socks with wet hair. She's carrying a towel to dry the mass of blonde. "Marks?" She looks a bit annoyed and doesn't ask the woman in.

It appears to be casual dress day at HomeSec, as Katherine Marks stands at Liz's front door when it is opened. She's wearing a yellow t-shirt, tucked into blue jeans. She is apparently not packing at the moment. Could it actually be that Agent Marks is offline at the moment? Her hair is neatly pulled back into a ponytail and she has even a smidgen of make up on her face. She cleans up well, that Marks does. All casualness aside, Marks does not look like she's carrying good news. "You're going to want to talk to me." Meaning, not out in the open.

Raising an eyebrow, Elisabeth backs up and lets the woman into her apartment. Her sacred space. Closing the door behind the other woman, she offers, "Coffee? Help yourself." in a mild tone. Because well, what the hell? In for a penny, right? "Let me put the towel down and grab my hairbrush and I'll be right back." True to her word, it's mere moments — her blonde hair is still wet but it's brushed back and straight for now. "What's going down?"

Other than the brief delay outside, Marks isn't one to beat around the bush. "Word just came down. I thought it might be best if you weren't blindsided. So I've come out of courtesy to give you a heads up." Which is Marks-speak for 'I'm going to say what I'm going to say, then get the hell out. No coffee needed.' She doesn't even bother to sit, stuffing the fingers of both hands into her pocket. "You're not going to like it." she pre-warns. "You're going to be visited by Agent Veronica Sawyer." 'You're' meaning the NYPD.

As she steps back into the room, Liz is carrying a pair of black socks and a pair of boots in one hand, her inner pants holster with its pistol in it in her other. "Oh good…. let me guess? She's taking over my case?" As if she didn't expect that move from DHS by now.

Shaking her head, Marks leans against the wall as she speaks. "In fact, we're not to go near the Tylar Case file." She doesn't stop there. "In fact, Homeland doesn't want anything to do with this case. You're going to be 'asked' to turn over all documentation on Veronica Sawyer and remove her as a POI in that case." She could round it off with the 'matter of national security' spiel, but she chooses not to. "Her business in the area was unrelated to your case."

Elisabeth purses her lips. "So…. she ran into the alley for something unrelated to my suspect?" she asks mildly. In all actuality, she *might* be halfway to believing that. Maybe. IF they're really not working the Tyler Case investigation at all. "Well, she'll have to go through my captain to get hold of the documentation. But I suppose if she's still alive and just a victim of his power who walked away, I don't really have much interest in her." Which is actually also true.

"Well, I'm coming to you now, offline to see if we grease the wheel a little. What I need is Sawyer's name stricken from that Case file. I talked to her about her role in the incident and she doesn't have much to say, to be honest. She can't help you." Kat arches a brow. "I'm trying to avoid a lot of drama here. If we can do this peacefully, then she might answer a few questions for you that might be of interest to your case. I can't promise what she has to say will be helpful, but it's all I really have to give you, Harrison. You give us what we need, and I'll do what I can to help your case." Meaning, make this easier rather than harder and perhaps everyone wins.

Elisabeth pulls on her boots, stands up, and slips the pants holster into her waistband. "Tell you what…. I'll cooperate. If only because I don't need DHS being a pain in my ass. I don't need to know what she was working on, her case isn't my business so long as it's not intersecting my investigation. What does interest me is whether she saw anything about the Asian men who were originally dragging Case around that might be pertinent or whether Case said anything at all that might help us. My guess is probably not, but hey… can't hurt to ask."

Katherine nods, pulling away from the wall. "I'm bringing her to you. But she's coming in an official capacity. Let her say what she has to say. I'll talk to her on the way over and see what there is to tell you. Just be prepared for that wonderful standard of an answer." National security, blah blah. She starts for the door and puts her hand on the knob, then looks back. "Oh. Is Ivanov going to be a problem when we show up?"

"No… he won't be. I'll make sure of it." Elisabeth will make sure he bites his tongue cuz well…. we still have all the information we need. She's going to be on the phone the second Kat closes the door to make sure of it. And to top it off, she has copies off-site already with a consultant. Besides… he's still groveling a little over the Deckard thing. "Thanks for the help, Kat."

Kat finally turns the doorknob and opens the door wide. "We all have a job to do. Doesn't make any sense to be stepping over everyone's toes." Plus, it's not like HomeSec is really giving up the Case file. They will just be a little more discrete about digging into it. And if Case disappears, well.. She turns back to Liz and nods. "Just.. don't screw me on this, Harrison. I've stuck my neck out just getting into the middle of it." Which.. is true. She closes the door behind her, leaving Liz to her phone call. The one she's about to make.

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