Great Balls of Fire


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Scene Title Great Balls of Fire
Synopsis Marlowe and Monica make quite the first impression on Yamagato's new business liaison.
Date December 1, 2018

Cresting Wave Apartments

It’s not uncommon to hear the piano playing in the common area of Cresting Wave Apartments. The beautiful highly polished grand piano has mostly known equally lovely pieces written by old masters. Pieces that speak to your soul and take you places. Music that matches the sweeping lines of the modern looking halls of Yamagato.

A sound that brings the thought of sophistication, peace, and tranquility.

You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain

Too much love drives a man insane

Not today it seems.

No. Today those feelings are being systematically shattered by the wild sounds of Jerry Lee Lewis pounding thoughout the sleek and sophisticated halls of Yamagato. Anyone that follows those rock-and-roll sounds will find a face that seems vaguely familiar and not at the same time. Maybe walking down the hall or at a crowded meeting. Or maybe, just maybe, he’s a new face. With so many employees it’s hard to tell.

You broke my will, but what a thrill

Goodness gracious great balls of fire

The notes that he pounds on the piano… well…. they don’t really match the looks. The well dressed man, sits straight and proper on the seat even if his head bobs lightly to the music. Despite the five o’clock shadow along his jaw he seems very well dressed. His dark grey suit jacket lays on the bench next to him, leaving him in a nicely pressed vest with a light grey shirt under it. Sitting next to the bench is a suitcase, meaning that he’s only just arrived.

I laughed at love when I thought it was funny

But you came along and you moved me honey

And clearly, he got distracted on his way to his apartment.

I’ve changed my mind, this love is fine.

Goodness gracious great balls of fire

From the direction of the lobby, a figure comes sliding in across the floor. Monica has ditched her shoes in favor of Risky Business-ing her way toward the piano. She comes to a stop just before reaching the piano and glides into a spin before gently leaning a hip against the wood. She takes in the jacket, the suitcase, the new face— all in the span of a blink.

And she smiles. It’s been a difficult time for her lately, but no amount of upset will keep her from appreciating a handsome face.

Not wanting to interrupt with more than her presence, she turns toward the lobby and waves for someone to come in. When she turns back to the piano player, it’s just in time to join in for great balls of fire.

You kissed me, baby,“ she sings along, taking up the song easily, “and, ooo, it feels good.“ And she can’t help but play it up, either. She leans in toward him with a sly grin, “Learn to let me love you like a lover should.“ but then she turns, points toward the door to give Marlowe her cue for her own grand entrance.

Stepping in at a fast, rhythmic pace, Marlowe sways her shoulders along with the beat and cants her head as she spots the newly arrived man. Her fingers twirl a second set of shoes in hand, having picked up the abandoned heels along the way. This is totally normal.

You’re fine,” sings the woman when she takes in the sharp-dressed man playing the common area piano. Turning to Monica with a bright smile and an arched brow, “so kind,” and finally busting out into a shimmying of her shoulders in a dance, she alternates between the pair in turn on the next lyrics.

I’m gonna tell the world that you’re mine, mine, mine, mine!

Marlowe sets the shoes on the piano, grabbing for Monica to pull her into the dance on the next chorus and obligatory piano solo. Cutting loose comes easy for the engineer, and she shamelessly takes advantage of the free entertainment provided by the good-looking guy at the keys.

The sudden arrival of another startles the piano player, a couple of notes stumble; but ever the performer, he quickly recovers his composure. He inclines his head in greeting, but doesn’t interrupt the song to offer a a verbal one. One simply does not stop in the middle of an energetic song like that. A grin tugging at the man’s lips, as he gets a little more into the playing, now that he has an audience.

When she starts to sing it pulls his attention back to Monica. Clearly he is just as impressed with her singing voice as her entrance. He allows himself to lay off singing and concentrating on the playing for the moment. Happy to do so. He looks up again when he senses the lean, reacting to the lyrics with an ‘oh my’ look, before breaking out into a cheeky smile. .

Dark brows tip up as she seemingly motions to someone, dark eyes shifting to where she is looking. Curious. They lift further at Marlowe’s entrance, preening a bit under the scrutiny and lyrics. He watches her and Monica as they dance, clear interest in these two faces he hasn’t seen before.

I cut my nails and I twiddle my thumbs

Movement out of the corner of his eyes says that their drawing attention, that only makes him grin. While he doesn’t get as wild as the man who once sang the songs to millions, but the man at the piano still add flourish to his performance, his voice lifting again to join theirs.

I'm really nervous but it sure is fun” There is no doubt he enjoys the attention and the music; watching the ladies shimmy and dance, their voices blending with his. It’s his turn to leans towards them as he croons out, “Come on baby, you drive me crazy.” Brows waggle a bit at them both before he belts out, with a voice edged with amusement: “Goodness gracious great balls of fire.

When Marlowe takes her entrance, Monica laughs lightly and claps her hands together. And when her friend picks up the vocals, Monica takes her turn as backup dancer. Hers is all hips— hitting the beat of each syllable back and forth. She spins into the invitation to dance, and it’s abundantly clear that these women have done this sort of thing before. The eyes on them are more surprised at him than them. And perhaps a bit rueful here and there that the rowdy pair have found a third.

When the song comes to a close, she tosses her hair back over her shoulder like this might somehow magically make her look put together again and comes over to pluck her shoes off the piano.

“Hey, no one told us we were hiring some new talent,” she says to their musician with a bright smile. “Tell me that you’re not just here for meetings or something. Don’t break my heart.”

The whoops and hollers from Marlowe puts color to the faces of some onlookers, but she doesn’t care in the moment. At the song’s conclusion, she whoops one last time and claps wildly for Godfrey’s performance, coming over to the other side of Godfrey so she can get a look at him from the other angle. And, send Monica a ooh, he’s cute look. She knows the kind.

Thusly surrounded, the man has little chance to escape. Marlowe leans on the piano, chin in hand and eyes shining, natural hair everywhere framing her face. “Yeah, I feel personally offended I wasn’t informed of this new arrival,” she remarks with no seriousness of her offense at all. “Someone trying to ship in new talent for the competition? Hm?” Another glance goes from Monica to the piano man.

“Sorry to disappoint you, love,” the piano man says, the accent clear, he manages to offer a touch of regret in his tone. Fingers continue to play lightly over the keys, a quieter song that sounds a lot like ‘Unforgiven’; at the same time, the two women are studied with open appreciation of what has surrounded him. “Though I must say with a reaction like that, it makes a man want to consider a career change. I could certainly get used to such accompaniment and beauty.”

The room goes quiet then, except the faint hum of that final haunted note; the man stands to tug and straighten his clothing. Only when satisfied, does he offer a hand and a friendly smile, first to Monica and then Marlowe. “Godfrey Wells, Yamagato’s business liaison. So sadly yes, I hate to say it… I’m here for the meetin’s. Though good news all around, it sounds like I get to settle in here for awhile.”

He nods his head towards his suitcase.“I was headin’ up to my new apartment, when I got a bit… well, distracted,” Godfrey looks down at the piano with a sly twist of his lips, “I can‘t really resist the call of a beautiful piano.” A hand runs across the slick black surface. “Or requests for my… talents?”

"A ringer," Monica says to Marlowe, agreeing with a firm nod. The reigning champs of the yearly YamaGaTalent competition seem to like to keep an eye out for threats to the throne. As it were. "We'll just have to lure him to our side. Then everyone wins." Monica doesn't seem to mind letting this conversation go on a bit over the man's head— he'll learn soon enough.

She takes his hand, her shake much gentler for him than most other people around here. "Monica Dawson. International relations. It's a pleasure to meet you. Even if you are being wasted on the meetings," she says with a crooked smile. "This is Marlowe Terrell," she says, letting go of his hand to gesture to her friend, "Senior engineer and genius." The cybernetic arm that hangs at her side might explain why Monica has a high opinion of the woman with her. It isn't the only reason, though, certainly.

His last words get an amused chuckle before she comments, "Oh don't worry, your talents will get put to good use around here."

Marlowe lifts her brows at the man as he plays on, a spreading smile given in acceptance of the compliments from both Godfrey and then Monica. “Ooh, a new liaison. Does the company know how to hire the talent or what,” the woman remarks as she readily shakes hands with the newcomer. A hand flaps in Monica’s direction, specifically her cybernetic arm, and she notes, “Don’t let her fool you into thinking I did that all on my own, though, because Director Otomo heads a fantastic crew.” By now, the news of the tech director’s health has spread, but she’s put on a much more composed face. It helps that Godfrey’s new face is a good distraction.

Straightening out her outfit and her posture, Marlowe circles around to look at the items Godfrey’s brought along with him. “So has anybody asked you yet if you’re here strictly for business, or are you staying for a while?” He’s packed light, by her standards. “How long do we get the pleasure of your company, Mr. Wells?”

While they might be checking him out, he is certainly returning in kind. Not really hiding it either. “I am certainly glad to see that Yamagato has brought in talent, especially, with your tastes. You would not believe some of the people I’ve dealt with. Cheap Kmart brand knockoffs mostly.” He says it like it is a crime to society.

Monica’s arm does draw his attention, a slight tilt of his head as he studies it. With a point to it, he asks, “Does this make you the brawn of this lovely pair. Remind me not to upset you, because that looks like it could hurt me.” But then Marlowe is catching his attention as she straightens and starts to circle him. The other woman’s description, has him looking impressed.

“Smart, beautiful…” And after Marlowe deflect a bit, “and modest? Well, quite the triple threat then,” Godfrey comments brightly as he slowly follows her progress, not turning when she loops behind him, only waiting for her to emerge on the other side. “It’s a pleasure to meet the both of you, truely. I was worried that everyone here would be rather dull.” He motions at the slowly dispersing lookie-loos with a wiggle of fingers, “Most of them just kind of ignored me, until the two of you made just grand entrances.”

The question draws his attention to the bag at his feet, “It’s a bit deceptive, I know, but I believe I’m here to stay for a bit. Potentially… permanently.” He glances up at the two woman and Godfrey smiles easily. “Rest of my things were supposed to be delivered to my room.” Supposed to have been, whether it was is left to be seen. “I’ve been tasked to deal with the likes of… Raytech? Is that the name of the little start up tryin’ to play with the big boys?” Clearly, he’s been starting to check out the businesses he’s suppose to work with.

"Oh, I could definitely hurt you," Monica says, although her tone says she's joking. She is joking, it just also happens to be true. "But you're safe. For now." She grins, as if not being safe might be the fun part.

"Don't let these people fool you. They know how to party. You'll see it." There's no doubt in that, especially with the holidays coming in fast. When he mentions Raytech, Monica's smile turns more genuine and she leans a hip against the piano. "Richard is a good friend of mine. He's got good ideas, but needs support. Yamagato and Raytech seem to have a pretty good give and take." She looks over at Marlowe, since she's been the facilitator of that recently. And also, it's a gentle pass of the baton, so Monica doesn't have to add anything more about her personal connection.

Potentially permanently? Marlowe's carefully groomed brows lift as she looks back at the newcomer. A smile, this one thoughtful though teetering on mischief, spreads over her lips. "Yeah, don't tease Moni too much. I've seen what she can do - the PR department is no joke." Crossing back over to Monica, she leans lightly against said robotic arm in gesture of supportive bond and claim of friendship to its current user. "And, Foggy will kick your butt." Who's Foggy? She doesn't explain. He'll find out sooner or later.

A mention of RayTech truly shifts the smile on Marlowe's lips towards mischief, and there might be a sparkle in her eyes for the mention of Richard Ray. "I'm sure Mr. Wells here will be more than willing to offer support for future joint ventures," muses the engineer. "Richard's a good man. Quite the vision on that one." Her breath hitches a moment as she stifles a more salacious comment.

"Anyway! Thank you for the wonderful performance," she redirects, tugging out an unwanted wrinkle on her shirt. "Once you're settled in, should you feel up to it, stop by for some drinks." Her step back includes the lightest tug of Monica's arm, intending on taking her with to resume their return to one or the other's luxury suite in the floors above.

“Well, then I shan’t say another bad word about Raytech, until one..or both of you lovely ladies can introduce me,” Godfrey looks at both women with brows raised. “And by that look,” he motions to their faces with a finger, “I must to I say I am intrigued to meet this man.”

When it seems they are going to be on their way, the man picks up his coat and pulls it on. “To be honest, I should be thanking you. You have brightened what was looking like a rather bland day.” Fingers make quick work of the suit jacket buttons, while offering them a toothy smile. “And it was delightful to meet you both and I will certainly take you up on joining you at some point.”

He gives a tug at his sleeves and looks at his suitcase. “Or if you just want to chat or and excuse to drag me out… I’m in apartment 206.” There is a twinge of uncertainty so he pulls out a piece of paper to check. “Yep. 206 Glad I wrote that down.”

Tucking the paper away and grabbing his suitcase, he offers them both a bright smile and a flourished bow, “Till the next time we meet, lovelies, and I do hope it’s soon.”

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