Michael Green
Michael Green
Portrayed By Wes Brown
Sex Male
Status Non-Evolved
Age 25
Date of Birth July 17, 1984
Occupation Adam Monroe's Right Hand Man
Family None
Significant Other(s) None worth noting.
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Michael Green is Adam's right hand man. He serves many functions; driver, yes man, enforcer, bodyguard and general handy man. He has military training, so should be considered capable in areas of combat, but is not an action hero himself. Also, he's kinda cute.

Character History:

Michael Green was born in Red Hook in 1984. His parents died soon after this in a completely mundane car accident While he wasn't the worst kid, he was involved in a lot of petty crime. He barely made it through high school, mostly because of the nagging of his grandmother who died soon thereafter, leaving Michael alone in the world.

Michael joined the marines and served for two years. He was honorably discharged and returned to New York City where he worked to make ends meet by petty crime. He made no serious name for himself, but he had combat training and was known to be loyal and tight lipped. It was this reputation that brought him to the attention of Adam Monroe.

Adam Monroe recruited Michael along with several other men, but Michael soon became his favorite and most trusted henchman. Now loyal to Adam and his cause, he serves the man the best he can.

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