Greenwich Fight Filmed
Date July 21, 2010
Relevant Logs White Knight vs. The Ex Part 1

Various news outlets have been showing the same edited and jumbled together footage of a series of cellphone videos involving a man dressed in all white, and another man who appeared to be super strong and nearly invulnerable.

Witnesses say that before the first bit of footage starts, the uncostumed man attempted to approach two women.

The first video starts with the man in white kicking in the middle of striking a pose, a Viewitful Joe kick for anyone familiar with the game, and he yells in a modulated voice "Henshin a go-go, Baby!"

A brief piece of audio added from another video says, "Funny, I don't give two damns what happens, as long as I get my Elaine back" "You don't own women"

The video quickly cuts to another of the uncostumed man dodging, then another of him rocketing into the man in white's torso.

There's a lot of shaky footage of them going into the sky briefly, then suddenly one of the uncostumed man throwing the other into a billboard.

There's more disjointed audio that follows over video where it doesn't quite fit, "Elaine belongs to me. You know nothing of the relationship we had!" Maybe further explanation is needed?" "I will not fight you with all these people around to get hurt, the cops will be here soon, I just have to beat you fast enough for them to be able to take you away. Or worse, FRONTLINE might come, then what will you do? You're not getting out of this!"

"And I'm not gonna have some hero-wannabe act all high and mighty and deny me what's rightfully mine. Now piss off before I break you and everyone here in two." "I won't let you lay one damned finger on anyone here!"

One video is on James staring up at the roof, then the sound of glass hitting the ground is heard before there's a large poof of smoke, and it cuts to a video of the man in white wildly hitting the other with a metallic pole before getting gut punched into the sky.

This is the most popular cut of the video, though other cuts have been shown. It's made it to YouTube, and cops are saying that a chess piece, a white knight, was found around the cracked smoke capsule.

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