Greetings From Nepal


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Scene Title Greetings From Nepal
Synopsis Hiro calls Kimiko from across the world, and asks her to meet him in Japan. He also charges her with a task, and has become Superman. Whoosh!
Date April 13, 2009

The Four Seasons Hotel

Kimiko is currently in her suite, because really, town house living? No thank you. Still, she checks it every day, and dislikes the waiting. She's reviewing a report emailed to her by her administrative assistant in Japan when the phone rings. "Mosh moshi." she answers absently.

It's been some days after Hiro went to handle the storm the castle with all his terrorist buddies. He's been excruciatingly out of touch. That might make his voice on the other end of a phone call rather shocking, particularly since it's coming through so grainy and with a lot of background noise. «"Kimi-chan. I am in Nepal."» Straight and to the point.

Kimiko blinks, which of course he cannot here. "Why are you in Nepal?" she demands. "Especially since you do not have to be."

Okay, so she's in English. Hiro switches too. "Because I was stuck here by Nathan Petrelli. He has my powers now." There's a momentary crash in the background, followed by animal bellowing noises. "I can't teleport anymore."

"…the President of the United States has your powers." Kimiko repeats slowly. "And you cannot teleport anymore. Where in Nepal are you, do you know?"

"I do…not know." replies Hiro, hesitating.

In Nepal, he looks around. The phone is in a bar and the barkeep, a leather-faced old man, is staring at him with stony skepticism. The bar is an open-air place and across a poorly paved street some men are haggling over baskets of some kind of grain. They've got animals. A beat up old Toyota pickup trundles past.

"It's a small village somewhere. I'm going to Japan. Can you meet me in Japan?" As if he'll have no trouble getting there himself.

"Hai." she agrees. "Where do you wish to meet?" The family home occurs to her, but it may not be where Hiro had in mind.

"I don't care, Kimi-chan. At our home is fine. Just, I have to get there." beat. "Also, I can fly." Flying Hiro, with a sword.

"You would have to, I imagine. It's a long way." Kimiko doesn't get it.

"No!" answers Hiro impatiently, making a hand gesture that Kimiko cannot see but the barkeep next to him can. "Like Superman. Whoosh!" It's said so seriously.

"…oh." says Kimiko faintly. She's not sure if that's worse than time traveling and stopping time or not. "That's how you're going to get to Japan?"

There's a sigh. "Yeah. I have the sword with me. And somehow I will have to get through China." Not that Hiro's worried about the country itself, but that it's so huge.

Kimiko can't help a sudden, faint smile. "I hope you can fly very fast. I will be on the next available flight to Tokyo. I will see you soon."

"Also Kimi-chan, please do me a favor. I need you to get in touch with Doctor Catherine Chesterfield. Tell her I am alive and what's happening. She knows about me and she's a friend, and she is part of the group that went with me." Obviously to the prison. And obviously Hiro's being at least somewhat vague because one can never be sure of phones in this era. "I have spent the past few days learning how to use these new powers. It's not as simple as I thought." A tone implies that Hiro's had some embarassing turns.

"Do you have any contact information for her other than her name?" Kimiko inquires.

"Uhm…" a moment passes as Hiro does something and then recites a phone number to her. "Call and when she answers, tell her you are my sister. It will get her to listen. She's very careful about who she talks to, and also she remembers everything perfectly, all the time. It's her ability. So be careful what you want her to know. But she's a good person and I trust her."

Kimiko taps it into her computer, which then mails it to her phone. Technology rocks! "Very well. I will search her out and speak to you soon. Be careful."

Hiro sounds a little more relieved, if harried. "Thank you, sister. I will. I will try to call again if I can but it will be hard. The phone I have with me doesn't work in Asia."

"I'm sure you will find some way to reach me. I will see you soon." With that, unless Hiro has more to add, she signs off.


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