Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital
Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital
Owner New Jersey State Mental Health Board
Hours of Operation 24/7
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Psychiatric Help

Stark and grim in appearance, the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital is evocative of cinematic examples of asylums. This building's Victorian architecture, dour gray facade and sprawling campus seems all too hauntingly perfect for a place of such sadness and tragedy as a home for the mentally unstable.

Nearly closed in 2006, the Greystone facility was reopened out of a demand for functional psychiatric hospitals following the nuclear explosion at Midtown. A new deluge of patients suffering from a wide range of mental ailments began to find admittance to the Greystone facilities, where Evolved and Non-Evolved alike have found treatment for their distress.

It is estimated that the Greystone facility has some 340 new residents as of 2006 whom have been checked in with psychiatric needs stemming from the revelation of the Evolved and the destruction of Midtown. There is no telling how many people contained behind the facility's stone walls actually belong there, and how many truly do hear voices in their heads…

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