Grief's a Slippery Bastard


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Scene Title Grief's a Slippery Bastard
Synopsis Melissa receives a late night phone call, and has to deliver bad news.
Date August 27, 2010

Via Phone

With the phone call coming as late as it does, it might be expected that it would take a minute for Melissa to answer. Not so, at least not this time. It's picked up, and there's a moment of rustling before the phone is lifted to Mel's ear, and a tired, slightly rough voice says, quite simply, "Hello?"

Busy as a bee, work and play all day ending with a date still means very little time for personal business, so the sassy hair-stylist leaves off his normal affected tone mostly because he's tired as he sighs softly in relief. "Hey Melissa sweet heart, it's Raquelle…did I wake you? I'm sorry honey, today's been a whirlwind." The voice apologetic and soft, tinged with his usual brotherly concern.

"No…you didn't wake me. Haven't been able to sleep. What's up?" Melissa asks, before there's the sound of her taking a drag off a cigarette and inhaling. In the distance, there's the muted sounds of cars and the nearby water of the harbor.

"Mmm…well I needed to check with you with something. No sleeping though? Are you okay honey? Need me to get something for you my mom and my aunts would always send me out to buy packets of Ramen and pints of peach sorbet so don't be afraid to ask for anything even if they have wings." Raquelle drawls softly, moving around and jostling the phone, swearing softly in Japanese before yelping, and there's a THUD of him falling over but he gets back up. "Melissa? Baby you still there?" Insert panting here.

There's a bit of a wince at the thud, and a soft sigh, but Melissa responds readily enough to the question. "Yeah, I'm here. What happened? And no, not alright, but I'll…" Get over it? Be alright? Neither option seems to work because she finishes with, "I'll live."

"…I got my ankle stuck in my tho-it doesn't matter honey, I'm just a clumsy biatch." Raquelle chuckles softly, taking a deep breath and then falling quiet for a moment. "What's wrong then? Living doesn't necessarily mean you're alive and using the term alright sure isn't filling me with happy go nuts she's okay feelins sweetie."

There's a long pause, long enough that he might start to wonder if Melissa hung up. "You remember Kendall, right? I brought him to the salon to get his hair cut? Cute little geek who's like my kid brother?" she asks softly.

He's patient, not giving up hope until he hears a click. No click? Still hopeful. He breathes a sigh of relief though, muttering in another language in classic Raquelle style. "Yeees! I was hoping he'd come in today, I had a surprise for him, I was going to teach him how to use a flat iron on a wig head…so I got a little worried seeing as I didn't /see/ him or anything and was wondering if everything was okay or if he got caught u-" Something catches his attention though as he cuts himself off. "Honey why you asking me questions about somebody you know I know?"

Oh god, a surprise. Kendall using a flat iron. It causes Melissa's voice to catch softly. "Raquelle…there was…" A disaster? An attack? "an accident. Kendall…" Another pause while she takes a few deep breaths to keep herself under control. "He's gone, Raquelle," she whispers into the phone.

Silence is a complicated thing. The sound of somebody breathing, sucking on those two front teeth in a thoughtful matter…there's a silence that's filled with sound if one listens for it, but the phone can only communication so much. There's the soft whispers of 'ie..' as he listens to the chance in the voice and the words he knows aren't going to lead anywhere nice. Accident is where the phone is jostled and the whisper just leads to the phone being taken away from his ear as he swears, something along the lines of 'Are you shitting me?' and some other things and then more silence. The voice is quiet when it does speak again, Raquelle working on containing his emotions best as possible. "…I'm so sorry hon…are you alone? Do you need me to come over? How the fuc-I…heh, bad shit's supposed to happen to folks like /me/ honey, not people like…" He takes a deep breath. "Goddamn shitbricking…I swear to God…I'm so sorry. I…yeah."

"No…no, you don't need to come over. Not right now. Maybe tomorrow. Right now though…no," Melissa murmurs, his reaction just making it a bit harder to keep her own emotions under control. "But thank you. I just…it just happened yesterday, so I'm having a hard time adjusting."

Raquelle ahhs softly, falling silent once more. "…Okay, tomorrow. I'll be there um. If this curfew didn't suck so badly I'd be there tonight, just go hold you. Give you something…tangible to hold on to, seeing as…grief's pretty much a slippery little bastard that likes bitch slapping you with the reality of what you've lost." He exhales softly. "Yesterday? A-anything um, well of course not if I could know you'd probably tell me how it happened I um. Well I can help you I think…" Raquelle hesitates. "Deal with the adjusting more…well better! I um. Wow honey, I'm usually really good with words but he was just a baby heh, he was going to learn how to flat iron." Then he quickly adds. "I'm probably not helping just, anything I can do…let me know."

"No…no, you're helping. It helps to know that other people liked him. And to know that I have friends who would come over to help me," Melissa disagrees. "And…no. Yeah, tomorrow is fine. Tomorrow is great. I adore my roommates, but they're…not great with the holding and comforting thing, and I could use it."

"Oh don't ever doubt that…he was a sweetie, you are a sweetie. I…don't know how not to care really well so do know I do care when I care and I care deeply." Raquelle murmurs softly. "Then we're on for tomorrow then, what's your favorite ice cream anyways?"

"I'm not really digging on food right now." But she might be tomorrow, so Melissa gives in an answers, "Anything with caramel or chocolate, I suppose. And…thank you, Raquelle."

"You shouldn't eat right now anyways, you'd probably throw it up just…drink plenty." Raquelle chuckles softly. "You are welcome hon…I'll let you go now then I suppose, just…anytime you need to call or want to call, please do. I'll be here, okay? Get some rest if you can."

There's a laugh at that, albeit a short, humorless laugh. "Oh, I am. But I guess you don't mean Jose or Jack," Melissa says. "And yeah, I'll do my best to sleep. I'll see you tomorrow, Raquelle."

"Oh honey, I'll bring you something better to drink…lordy, Jose and Jack? They don't have stamina, oy mami…" Raquelle purrs before sighing softly. "Tomorrow, and be safe." He takes a deep breath and makes a kissy sound before gently ending the call.

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