Grooming The Student


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Scene Title Grooming the Student
Synopsis Yana treats Magnes to an evening of cultural refinement to thank him for his efforts in her latest crisis. The car ride over leads to many discussions and a little more personal info unfolds.
Date January 23, 2011

Yana's vehicle

In light of the incident the other day, seeing as how she didn't die, or get severely injured, which was in part thanks to Magnes catching her, Yana decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to get him groomed a little. As something of a reward, she invited him out on an evening. Something she choose so he could perhaps see the types of things she enjoys attending. However, this was an all day thing, believe it or not. First things first, his attire. She couldn't have him showing up in the civilian clothes that he is so fond of wearing, so she simply had him fitted for a good and proper suit for the evening, Armani, much like her attendant wears. She treats it as if she does this kind of thing all the time, like it is simply another day in the life for her.

Once clothes are taken care of, she instructs him to meet her at her place in a few hours, dressed of course, and they would be taking her car. This would be his chance to display what he has learned, since the party.

As usual, Magnes asks to be buzzed up when he arrives on time, not a minute too late or too early. He's wearing the suit properly, and doesn't do anything presumptuous such as buy a bunch of flowers, or even a gift at all, he simply shows up on time, walks to her apartment door, and knocks three times. "It's Magnes." is all he says, waiting for a response.

He is let in by the attendant, who informs him that Yana will be with him in a moment, and he can wait there in the foyer. The atmosphere of her place is dim, which means she intends to step out for the evening. After a few minutes, she arrives, affixing a sparkling diamond necklace around her neck, looking particularly stunning in the dark colored dress she wears this evening. It is one of those gowns that you certainly wouldn't find on the rack, it was tailored for her. She is the perfect contrast of dark and glittering jewelry, her hand reaching up to check the fasten of her hanging earring. "Well, I see that the suit turned out to be a pretty good investment. You almost look quite unlike yourself, Magnes. Perhaps you would consider dressing the part more often. It would speak well for your character." she crosses the room over towards him, offering just a small hint of a smile.

She retrieves her other accessories from the table: her purse, keys, a bracelet that she snaps on, and then finally her coat. "I am guessing you heard of the epidemic of the H5N10 virus, in Connecticut?"

"I heard. Did you have something in mind?" Magnes asks as he offers his arm for her to take, having stood and waited for her the entire time. "I understand that you're not supposed to wear ties before 5PM." he adds with a light snicker, waiting to see if she's ready to head out, nodding to the door.

His snicker and the joke are a bit out of place, and the hopes that he was making improvement are sorta dashed a little as Yana lightly sighs. Though she doesn't quite let it ruin the evening. She continues her preparations while she speaks, "That is preposterous." she remarks to his comment. "If that were the case, how would you explain a formal attire business office?" Her tones aren't exactly warm and pleasant, but that is the norm for her. "In any case, I do have something in mind, in fact. I need to obtain a sample.. of both the virus and the vaccine that they are distributing. And by the way, I suggest that you don't take their vaccine. Give me some time to develop one of my own, which I can guarantee to be effective." She is ready to go, and makes her way for the door with him, "I plan to deal with this strain, ontop of getting to know it quite closely. I have a feeling that once I get to know the virus inside and out, it will help with the research."

"The guy who wrote the book that you gave me said it." Magnes points out as he opens the door for her, waiting for her to leave before following right after. "I can probably get the vaccine from my father when I go to see him, I don't know about the virus. But when I show him your proposal, some resources should come out of it." He presses the button for the elevator, staring down at her. "So, are you alright since yesterday? I was surprised you wanted to do anything today."

"Ah." she comments, lifting her brows, "Well considering the curfew, I believe exceptions to the rule can be made." Which translates to her not really wanting to be corrected about it. "The virus will probably make its way here soon. I am just a little impatient, wanting to get to it before that happens. If it comes to New York, I would hate to be unprepared, and have to rush to develop the vaccine." Aside from that, she is pretty ecstatic that she has the chance to get her hands on it.

She moves out into the hallway with him, awaiting him to press the elevator button, where she sighs, having to wait on the thing as usual. "Oh yes, I'm fine. I'm perhaps a little sore and bruised, but otherwise alright. Thank you." Her lips press together and she bring her eyes to narrow, "However, I seem to keep running into these types of dramatic scenarios more often than not."

"I'll see what I can do about the virus, I just had to get some things in order, like hosting a birthday party for a close friend of mine." Magnes motions for her to step on to the elevator, stepping on after and hitting the first floor button. "I used to feel the same way about dramatic situations, it's just how New York life is now. But I'd have never let anything happen to you yesterday, I had a few plans, I just had to think carefully and buy time."

She is reminded of her situation the other day, and it causes the woman's face to look less than pleasant. It was a moment of humiliation for her to have been dangled in the air like that. "I feel somehow cheated." she mentions to Magnes, as she stands in the center of the elevator, waiting for her floor to arrive. She is gazing ahead at the space in front of her as she speaks, "The man was killed, which I suppose is all fine and dandy, but I feel as if I deserved to act out some form of retribution for the humiliation that I suffered. Imagine.. pulling me into his little personal problems. The very thought." It is pretty clear how she feels about the situation. She cares nothing for the strife the man was going through, she is more concerned with what he did to her.

"I'm sure no one thought any less of you, it wasn't your fault." Magnes doesn't mention anything like feeling sorry for the man, somehow he thinks that would be unacceptable in this particular situation. He's exiting the elevator after her again, and they're finally on their way out the door and to the car. "I know I can't change what happened, but is there anything I can do to make you feel better about yesterday?"

She actually doesn't seem too bothered about it. It was quite an experience, seeing has how close she was to dying. Yet her mind will not allow her to accept just how close of a shave it was. She recovers from stress quite well. The perpetrator is dead, so there is nothing else to be done. He paid for it with his life. The only thing that Yana is sore about is that she didn't get to have too much of a hand in it.
There is still that distance in her voice as she steps off of the elevator. The woman who has all that she wants right now, is either not picking up on what Magnes is getting at, or keeping a wall there with only enough for him to look through, not climb over. "I'm fine. Small thing to a giant, really. I'm starting to get used to it. Tell me, Magnes. Have you ever been to the opera?"

"I haven't. I mean I've seen brief things on television, but I've never had the whole opera experience." Magnes stops at the car, looking around, not sure if he should wait for the driver to open the door or not. "It sounds like a relaxing way to spend the evening."

It is the driver's job to open the door, and he is already awaiting the both of them, coming around to hold it for them. "Ah, you are in for a treat, as it certainly is. They are performing Carmen tonight, my favorite in fact. Something that very few people have privilege to know. I often take time out of my week to see it whenever it is play." she ducks down into the car, used to this action by now, watching her head as she takes her seat. "Just my way of saying thank you, for your efforts yesterday."

"I'm familiar with Carmen, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it in person." Magnes steps into the car after her, trying to keep up his posture as he watches her for subtle social cues. "This 'thank you' is appreciated. It's no secret that I enjoy spending time with you. I always learn something new."

"Yes," Yana remarks while she adjusts her affects. She straightens out her dress and her coat while retaining her 'rich' expression. That expression that looks like it is a cross between bored and important, even if boredom isn't the case. "Well, at the rate you are going, you'll will wind up proving the things your father said to you quite wrong. I have never met your father, so I don't know exactly what kind of man he is. Though I imagine he cannot argue with results. I have a feeling that when he hears that you assisted in combating this new strain of the H5N10, he will at least have to consider looking at you in a new light." The door closed behind the two, and the vehicle is on it's way.

"Since all of the talks we've had, I am less concerned with pleasing my father, but I admit there's still a bit of me that'd love to prove something to him." Magnes watches all of those little things she does, lightly moving his hand to her shoulder for a brief touch, then takes it back. "We've been talking about business a lot, but I'd rather learn more about you. What are some things about Carmen that appeal to you so much?"

"Good. You should hold onto that feeling." she says, speaking about his desire to prove something to his father. "If you come from a family structure similar to mine, proving yourself is the only thing the man will respect. My father loves me in his own way, though he demands a certain display of worldly usefulness, if he is to acknowledge your presence in any way." A trait that must have rubbed off on her.

She is of course a little awkward when it comes to touching, at least when she isn't the one to initiate it. She just moves her eyes to his hand when he reaches to touch her shoulder, and there is a degree of tension that arises under the contact. Other than that, she remains calm. "Carmen? It is rather moving, in my opinion. The right amount of tragedy, mixed with romance. The elements of taboo.. I kind of relate it to how things started with my husband. I wasn't exactly single when he courted me. The young man I was seeing at the time was almost as successful as my husband. And Gregori chased after me when he knew I was spoken for. He was incorrigible. I often thought I might end up quite like Carmen, in the end. But Gregori won the race." And paid for it with his life.

"Your husband sounds like me, that is, me if I had any idea what I was doing. Clearly it worked for him, but persisting usually bites me in the foot." Magnes is listening though, nodding at the more interesting parts of the story. "I can't imagine what kind of man could warm your heart, he's the kind of person I wish I could meet."

"Mm." Yana's lips purse together at the bittersweet taste that the memory brings, "He was impressive." she speaks of him with a renowned effort, her eyes gazing off into the space of memories. "Tall, strong, very commanding and regal." she slowly shakes her head, "I don't think he made a single mistake in his whole life. He was genius, so much so that it only further made him intimidating and forceful in presence. His hands.. The hands of a surgeon, that ruined me for anyone else. He would touch my cheek, and it would be so detailed and perfect. I doubt I will ever encounter anyone that compares. In many ways, I attribute him to my father. Though, eventually things come to pass." Her brows twist towards each other, "At the time, my ability wasn't refined enough to combat the West Nile virus in his system. I never want to feel that helpless again." The truth being so much more twisted than her fabrication.

"You don't have to, Doctor Blite. Things are different now, you do have control. And, yes, there will always be unfortunate things that you can't control, but… a woman like you is a gift to the world, it would be sad if you gave up forever." Magnes sounds quite sincere as he says these things, but in the end, slowly shakes his head. "But I can't fully understand what you've gone through, so please don't take my thoughts as overstepping any boundary."

"No, it's alright." Yana tells him, affording him a small semblance of a smile. It is more of a polite gesture more than anything else, to accompany her words. "I don't take offense. The simple truth is that currently, I have far too many things that I buried that need to remain guarded at the moment. The secrets I keep do not afford me the luxury of having affairs of the heart. Yes, I can play the part well enough, and should I require the need to appear to have a love life, that is what the hired escorts are for. Publicity if anything at all. The appearance is enough to get me by for the time being." the fingers of one hand rub together. Her thumb circling her index finger and middle fingertips, as if there were a substance between them. The particles of a virus are idly toyed with, like a mother playing with her children.

After a second, she breaks the connection, making a flowing flip gesture with those two fingers along with a shrug of her slender shoulders. "Otherwise, I have rather high expectations. I doubt I'll entertain anything less than perfection."

"I think that if I can accept the secrets you've told me so far, other men could. Then again, I had a predisposition to generally thinking favorable thinks about you even before I knew your secrets, so I'm not exactly a control example." Magnes' eyes scan the back of the car, as if looking for something, stopping after a few moments and not really letting on what he was just doing. "I've never really encountered a woman like you, other than Bella. And by like you, I mean, like, high class, refined. I honestly had no idea it was a quality I was attracted to, and I can't for the life of me figure out why I like it."

"I am quite a miser with my secrets. Not a single member of my family knows of the true nature of my ability. Not even my father." And she mentioned how high in regard she holds him. Yana turns to look back towards the tinted window of the limo's front carriage, "The man up there," she points, "Driving the vehicle. I share my secrets with him. Christopher is an impartial factor. When I met him, he was infected with HIV. Upon clearing his body of the virus, I made a rather loyal attendant. We have our talks sometimes during morning coffee. I'm pretty comfortable with how our relationship exists. Professional, with just the right amount of personal, and only during the off hours."

She doesn't really take notice that he is looking for something, "As for why you like women like that? I'm not quite sure, but I am certain you will figure it out. "

"You lead an interesting life with your ability. I'm just a low budget Superman, but you can actually save people in large sweeping meaningful ways. I'm glad you at least have that with your driver. In the end, there's no one person that I can tell absolutely everything to, no one who would want to know. I've seen…" Magnes shakes his head, turning his gaze away from her, shifting into an oddly serious mood for a moment. "Ah, sorry, I shouldn't let my mind wander like that. I hope I haven't made you uncomfortable."

She doesn't make a frown at him or anything. Her expression set in neutral, so at least she doesn't seem to be uncomfortable as he suggests. "It's excusable. Unlike the last time, it is interesting to know, rather than seeming like a gesture to get someone to feel sorry for you. You may or may not find that one person you can tell everything to. But, the thing is Magnes, you are still young, you still have time to expand, with much of your life ahead of you. And your ability could have greater applications than you realize. Have you ever considered the practical uses for your power, rather than the grand scale heroic things?" brows lift, eyes looking across at him, "My ability, yes.. Great potential to do both harm or great help in the world. Though I run the risk of having to keep it very secret. I doubt that I would be permitted to remain free if the government knew the nature of my ability, and if it were publicly known, I would never get a moment's peace. What with this and that person seeking me out to cure the, of this or that virus. There really aren't and practical uses for my power. So I suppose in that way, I am a bit envious of you."

"The thing about my secrets is just that, well, I'm afraid of telling someone things about the world that they shouldn't know, things that could make it hard for them to sleep at night. It's not so much a matter of trust, as, well, I'm not sure…" Magnes looks down at his hands, then offers it over to her, nodding to it. "I've never really considered many practical applications of my ability. There is an aspect of my ability that not many people know about… in fact there might only be one or two people who know. Since you told me your secret, maybe I could show you mine? It's nothing like flying or even moving, though it might feel a little disorienting, if I have your permission?"

"That's fair." Yana nods slowly, "It is commendable that you wish to save people from their own fears. I cannot say that I would possess the same heart that you want to show. But again, we both come from different places. I'm not saying your way is wrong by any means." A hand rises, pushing her fingers across her forehead, where a wisp or two of hair tickles. Her eyes shift down to look at his hand when it is offered. Still neutral about the face. "Alright." she allows, reaching out to take his hand. It is a touching she doesn't have much of a problem with, as he asked for permission.

"I just believe I have a responsibility to make sure that people live their lives normally." Magnes lightly holds her hand, then, suddenly, without them moving at all, it feels a lot like they're upside down, like the entire car has turned upside down and they're on the ceiling. But in the end, nothing has actually changed. "I've never been sure what this is, but I can shift perspective without actually moving. I can make it so you have no sense of up or down either, but I'd rather not do that to you, it's too disorienting for most people."

What he does actually succeeds in disorienting her. The woman having to close her eyes tightly to maintain some stability, even though she is sitting down. She swears for the moment that the vehicle is out of place and startles a little, "Oh!" she blinks and fights the urge to cover her face. "I see.." she looks out the window to ensure that everything is as it should be, "That is a rather interesting aspect of your ability. I believe it might have something to do with equilibrium and possibly the inner ear. It could be something to look into."

"I've never really given much thought to how it works, but it makes it easier for me to fly or stand on a ceiling. It feels just like standing on the ground." Magnes places his remaining hand on top of her's, smiling as he carefully shifts her perspective back to normal, then gently releases her. "Most aspects of my ability have some story behind how I learned them. I've always wondered if other people are like that. You said you didn't always have as much control of your ability, right? Is it academic, or some other factor? If you don't mind me asking, of course…"

There was a time when Yana didn't have much control over her ability. But that was back when she first manifested, far before she met her husband, and he had his.. 'accident'. "Hm." she considers, setting her hand back in her lap, "I'd say yes, it was academic. I would attribute it to speaking a language to a group of people. Initially, I have very base knowledge of the dialect, so communication was rough. Though as I learned more, and got an understanding, I became fluent, and things just started falling into place. I have actually unlocked the unknown secrets about viruses." the woman gives a light smirk, "You would be surprised about their true nature."

"It'd be nice to talk to gravity, but my ability makes no sense. I'm not the greatest at physics, despite my upbringing. Gravity is a fundamental interaction, actually manipulating it should be impossible. I mean, gravitation is due to the curvature of spacetime, so would that mean I'm actually manipulating spacetime? Sometimes the implications of my ability scares me." Magnes admits, staring down at his hands, gravity itself certainly not a visible thing, despite the strangeness of having his ability enhanced. "A bit off topic, but suddenly I feel much more comfortable."

"Just as it should be impossible for me to be able to communicate mentally with viruses. There are parts of all abilities that just don't quite make much sense. Viruses are transferred through specific vectors. Mucous membranes, sexual contact, etc. It makes no sense that I can alter those vectors to a simple touch, or that I can hold a virus indefinitely in my body without it affecting me." A nod from the woman, understanding where he is coming from on some level, though the same aspects she speaks of are the ones that keep her interested. "You could very well achieve control over spacetime. To what degree, I don't know. Though it sounds as if your ability is pretty specific. Ultimately, my ability is a form of biological control. But I have no reign over bacteria or even parasites which could also fall under that category."

"Well, that's a part of why we do what we do, right? One day we'll know the nature of our abilities, and eventually the impossible won't seem like such." Magnes pulls a napkin from his pocket, beginning to lightly float it above his hand. "After the show, would you like to know what weightlessness feels like? I don't mean flying, we could do it in our apartment."

She searches herself like a text book, her eyes squinting to narrow a bit and she flips through the mental Yana instruction manual. Just doublechecking to see if there is any sliver of the young girl she used to be. Her search turns up unfruitful, but she did at least try, which is something. "Weightlessness. Probably not for myself, although Keagan perhaps would get more of a thrill. However, your ability does rouse some interesting concepts in my mind. Mostly in the lab.." there is a beat between her words, "Well.. not hooked up to tubes or anything like that. But practical uses, like I spoke of earlier."

She is a workaholic, always thinking about work in almost every action. It is a sickness, some would call it. It is also a rather good defense mechanism. Keeping her from letting those pesky emotions from interjecting anywhere. "Yes, actually." Yana comments, "I'm wondering just how detailed you can get with your ability. You could make the ultimate centerfugue. And more than just an extra pair of hands. With your ability, you could further lessen the probability of mistakes."

"Well, with repeated practice I can do a lot of things. I think you're actually on to something there… we could always do some tests and practice until we get it right?" Magnes is looking down at his suit again, straightening things. "And I'll have to pay you back for this."

A hand lifts and waves through the air, "Oh, nonsense." she comments, "It was nothing to get the suit for you. You were in need of a little adjustment in your wardrobe, an addition of something more formal, and I simply provided it. I am rarely the type to have someone in my pocket. It just isn't within the scope of my personality." If it were blackmail, that would be another story. Yana turns her gaze to look out of the window beside her. "Mm. I do wonder just what evolved developments I could fashion on the viral level. Imagine, an amplification virus, perhaps?" a small smile on her lips, almost bordering sinister. "The possibilities are endless."

"I know it sounds silly, but for a woman I'd like nothing more than to impress, I guess I just feel obligated not to let you spend large amounts of money on me." Magnes' eyes are on her whens he starts speaking of amplification, shaking his head. "I've been amplified by both an Evolved person's ability, and by a drug I hear isn't really available anymore for some reason. The drug had strange side effects, like after the large amplification, it suddenly wore off and made my ability less effective than normal."

"It is just something that I do." She tells him a bit dismissively, "Not very often, but on occasion. It was more like an investment than just a whimsical gift. You know that I have certain standards, expectations, and one of the stipulations for permitting a public view into my leisurely activities was that you were dressed appropriately. I might recommend that you also wear this when you go to speak to your father. It will add the purpose if you are dressed better than he." Trying to convince that her actions actually had more general purposes than personal. "But yes, I suppose that is the way when it comes to drugs. They leave side effects. Viruses are another story. Their directives and effects are rather specific. The likes of which I can rewrite a little. If I can figure out how they effect Evolved abilities, perhaps I can devise how to affect them in more ways than just having them shut off."

"Just remember that an amplified ability means a loss of control. I had to practice with mine for a while before I had any control of it amplified. My ability used to be strictly touch, but amplifying it would allow me to affect things from a distance. It was like… opening an entirely new door of existence." Magnes is looking down at his suit again, a small smile growing. "Am I like… in the position of one of your escorts right now?" He sounds almost hopeful in asking the question.

Yana gives her head a slow shake, "Mm. Immediate amplification would cause that problem. However, viruses aren't immediate things. Hypothetically if I were to infect you with the flu right now, I could speed up the process, but it would still take a bit for it to effect you. Even with diseases such as Herpes, they can be slow, and symptoms can subside for a while. The answer of course would be to make the amplification gradual, until it reaches a peek point and stops. That way, it isn't a big uncontrolled flare or strain on your body." It sounds as if she has thought of these things in pretty great detail, perhaps often.

She gives him a look, considering his question for a few moments, "Manner of speaking, I suppose. I'm not paying you to be perfect, however. But you do take up the visage of the person escorting to a social function. It normally doesn't speak well to show up to the opera alone, unless you are royalty."

"I've kind of wanted to take the place of your escorts for a while. I mean, I know it's just taking you to places and pretending to be your date, but there's something about being good enough by your standards that you'd want to regularly call me for parties and such." Magnes taps his fingers together lightly in his lap, his gaze squarely focused on the seat in front of him now. "I mean, I wouldn't mind if you called me for that or anything…"

"I think you would do better to not aim for that position. The escorts that I have? I see them as mere objects, accessories to be worn. I know it sounds bad for me to admit that I hardly view them as people. But that is what helps me to get through the evening." Yana peers at him, "I would hope that you would desire to at least have me view you as someone, rather than something."

"That's true… but I'd still like to go to events with you, it has to be more interesting than going with men you view as objects, right?" Magnes looks himself over, then up to her for an answer. "I think it's perfectly logical to have something of substance for free, than paying for something with no substance."

Yana thinks about the question for a few moments, "I don't know. It is, in a way, like going by myself, without actually being myself." Her slender shoulders shrug, "I do often enjoy the quiet seclusion when I go to the theater. Most of the escorts I hire don't try to make moves on me. I'm pretty particular in my selection of them. Not to speak unless spoken to? And when I am at a function, such as a party, it is best if they just stand around and look pretty. Dinners are really the only events that I so much as crave more interaction."

"I don't think I've made any moves on you, I apologize if I gave that impression." Magnes offers an apologetic smile, briefly looking out of the window as they seem to get closer to the theater. "It's not as if I can't follow a few simple rules, I like to think I have that advantage over most pets."

"You're not a pet, Magnes. I don't normally have those. I made an exception and got the dog for Keagan's sake. However, even Max will be put through the proper schooling and obedience training. So I suppose, if I did have pets as you so put it, they would be put to the same treatment." These are things that most wouldn't really outwardly admit, but she is at least comfortable enough to admit her darker side. "Some of the things you've done so far could be considered maneuvers toward me. Perhaps minor, but still. I am rather used to it."

"In the beginning. And even now I can't deny the fact that I'm very attracted to you, but you made it clear that you have no interest in me. If you developed one, I'd go for it, but I know that there's no magic key to it, which is why I won't make a hamfisted attempt at making a move on you." Magnes explains this a bit more sincerely than the explanation he gave a while ago. This time he seems to actually mean what he says, instead of simply playing to her sympathies. "You're an amazing woman and I admire you, but I'd rather make sure our friendship is intact than make it awkward by continuing an unwanted pursuit."

Yana gives a nod of her head to him. "I can respect that. And it is something that I can also allow myself to feel flattered over, given your improvement since we reacquainted, and the display of maturity you seem to be showing. Which is also one of the reasons I agreed to bring you along this evening. There are some things that you can make happen, and then there are some things that you can only sit and see if they will happen. The maturity to realize and accept that is something to be proud of." she nods to him. For her to admit her flattery is more than she has previously offered.

Magnes can't help but turn his head away for a minute to look through the window, trying to hide the bit of flushing in his cheeks. When he feels he's regained his composure, he turns back to her and the car seems to be slowing down. "I think we're here. Do we wait for the driver to open the doors again? I'm still getting used to some of the etiquette involved in this, so I hope the questions don't bother you too much."

As much as she has shut herself off emotionally, becoming something of a robot to the warm and fuzzy, even Yana cannot escape the small sliver of a moment where she feels a sense of pride, the same pride that a teacher might feel when a student is showing progress. It is only there for a split second, before she is back to her normal self. At his confusion on etiquette, Yana just nods her head, "Yes, it is his job to come and hold the door. You exit first." Is all the assistance she will offer. He will have to figure out the next steps for himself. "You'll do fine." she assures him, reaching to adjust her effects once more in preparation to leave the car. So far, no incident. These are the types of evenings prefers.

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