Growing Up Is Such Barbarous Business


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Scene Title Growing Up Is Such Barbarous Business
Synopsis Elisabeth and Alec steal a little more time for something fun.
Date March 2, 2009

Elisabeth's Apartment

Of all things, ballroom dancing. Sure, it had to be done at 6:00 instead of 8:00, but Elisabeth's been working enough nights, weekends, and crazy-long days to be able to slip out of work to make a date now and again. She'd thought she was just meeting him for dinner, but it turned out to be a lot more fun. "I feel guilty taking an evening off to go dancing," she admits to him with a smile around a glass of white wine. She's reclining on the couch, feet propped up on it and crossed at the ankles, wearing a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt that she yanked out of a drawer when they got back. In spite of the kissing part of the evening, she hasn't pushed him straight into the bed — enjoying his company as much as she appreciates the sex. But today she's a hair sore; last night's activities left a slew of bruises from tumbling around the small boat. One of them peeks out beneath the T-shirt's edge, but it didn't stop her from dancing — actually, that probably helped them by stretching out some of the muscles affected and keeping her mobile and limber. "I'm abusing my captain's order to take it easy today, I'm pretty sure. Then again… he also said 'find a way to relax some', so…. " She grins at Alec.

Alec grins a bit and sets his own glass of wine aside as she talks, and lifts her feet so that he can sit beneath them. They're replaced in his lap, "Well, I'm sure we can find something to help you relax. Ambien maybe?" he teases as his fingers curl around her foot, massaging away the ache of the night in lazy gentle strokes.

Elisabeth's feet arch in his hands; she's ticklish. But she grins, settling down — they do hurt some. Her calves are going to feel it tomorrow too. "It's been *years* since I danced," she admits with a laugh. "I'd forgotten how much fun it could be. When I was in high school, you know how gawky high school boys can be anyway, I was in this showcase for the students of the dance school I went to. My parents sort of hung with the hoi polloi, so state dinners and embassy dinners and such weren't out of the realm of things we did. That's how I got started. But anyway… my junior year of high school, this recital we did went *so* wrong. The guy I was dancing with stepped on the trailing edge of my costume's skirt when he dipped me low in a waltz. When I pulled out of the move and stepped away, the entire thing ripped from hem to armpit up the side seam. That was the last time I danced anywhere — I was too embarrassed." She chuckles. "I may have to rethink that idea."

Alec nods his agreement, "Absolutely. I agree. You should have your clothing ripped off on a more regular basis." he pauses, "Wait. That wasn't the part of the story you were talking about, was it?" he gives her a wicked grin filled with mock sheepishness. "I learned to dance from classes I took. Needed a PE credit and I wasn't good enough to risk myself at basketball. Besides, chicks dig the guy that can dance."

Laughing at him softly, Elisabeth waggles her brows. "Now, if you want to go about ripping off my clothes, I'm not going to stop you. I like that idea immensely," she admits. She leans her head back on the couch. "The things that come after are great exercise and perfect for relaxation."

Alec laughs again and continues to massage her acheing feet, tickles or no. "You know, it's occured to me that we could benefit from a night in a hotel, one of those ones with the giant massive tubs that seat like five? On of those could be enjoyable." he sighs, "I like bathes." he admits "With bubbles. Gotta have bubbles."

Elisabeth sips her wine and studies him with a grin. "You realize that every time you open your mouth, you sound like every woman's wet dream of a husband, right? I'm still trying to decide why you haven't been snatched up yet and removed from the dating pool," she comments. "Have to admit, I'm not a bubble bath girl so much." She shrugs easily, making no move to pull her feet away from him. Now that she's past the ticklish part, it feels nice. "I love a nice, hot, LONG shower, but sitting in a tub with a buncha soap? Eh. Now a hot tub? That's not so bad."

Alec chuckles a bit, "That's only because you've not shared one with me." he grins impishly, "I wager I could change your mind." he ponders the rest of her words for a moment and considers, "It is likely because I am not good at making connections or growing attached to people. Product of my environment I suppose. I like company, but I can't stand to be around the same person frequently for an extended period of time. Three, four times a week, is about my limit. After that, given a few weeks, they begin to invade my space and I push them away. Sure, I'm a wonderful lay, an amusing companion, but I'm not sure I'll ever be true relationship material. Sort of sad really, but honest. Mostly honest. I'm not a wonderful lay. I'm spectacular." he makes a face at her.

She shakes with laughter now. Elisabeth can't help it. "Well, I believe I've already informed you that you're up there at a 9 on the date meter — if you hadn't been damn good the last time you were here, you wouldn't be here now," she says with a smirk. "I don't have time to hang out with me who don't satisfy me. And since I'm not a bit interested in anything more than a friendship with benefits, seems to me things'll work out just fine for however long they work out." She wiggles her toes in his lap and grins. "Of course, how'm I supposed to tell if you're spectacular if you're going to stay on your own end of the couch this time? You could be a one-shot wonder, you know."

Alec nods his head, "True. Or, I could be a diabolical torturer intent on driving you to the brink of madness with the memories of the many many … MANY things we did and how I am no longer offering them to you." he sage nods, "That sounds like me a little. Sadistic and wicked and all around not nice." says the man massaging feet who just went dancing.

Elisabeth chuckles. "I have a rich enough fantasy life that I can manage to keep myself from feeling *too* deprived. Having a partner is far more fun, but hey… it's not actually a requirement." She has this perfectly innocent expression on her face that is belied by the wicked glint in her eyes.

Alec nods his head, "Now I understand why you like showers. Explains the detachable shower head I saw in there this morning."

An casual shrug from a woman clearly at ease with herself. "Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do when she's got an itch and no one to help scratch it." Elisabeth sips her wine. "So tell me something… if you're all about the love 'em and dump 'em game, how come you're working so hard with me?"

Alec chuckles, "Because if it's not worth putting in effort, then it's not worth enjoying. Anything that comes easy, isn't worth having. Besides, I like to dance, to cook, old movies, and fucking like rabbits. Now, when you try to drag me to a ballet or an opera, you'll see the 'dump em' side of me a bit more quickly."

Elisabeth ahs, enlightenment and amusement warring for dominance in her expression as the laughs. "I'm not a big fan of ballet — The Nutcracker's nice to see on the holidays, though. I've been to the opera once in a while — there are a couple I don't mind a bit. Musical theatre, though? I'm all about musical theatre." She pauses, her smile easing to a vaguely sad one that she hides behind a sip of wine. "And I do beg to differ … some things that come easy are definitely worth having. Again and again." She gives him innocent, shuttered eyes. "After all, meeting you was as easy as asking if I could sit at your table. I'd say that so far? You're definitely worth having."

Alec grins a bit and eyes her, "Oh the cleverness of you." he quips lightly, quoting from one of his favorite books without thinking about it. It's a mistake he'll kick himself for later, "Well it's good to know I meet your high standard of quality. Still, I'm not sure you've seen enough of me to make that call. What say you and I retire to the bedroom," he slips out from under her feet and with a graceful move finishes this 'slip' be being beside her, kneeling on the floor next to the couch, "so that you can better judge my worth?" he asks as he scoops her up in his arms and stands, cradling her against his chest firmly.

Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, the wine glass carefully kept from spilling the remainder of her drink, Elisabeth laughs softly. She's always loved Peter Pan. "That would be an awfully big adventure indeed," she replies, and while he does the tough work like walking to the bedroom, she nibbles on his ear.

"Oh the cleverness of you!" and "Growing up is such barbarous business" for those who do not know is from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie; the Liz's comment about the "awfully big adventure" is a (obviously) paraphrase of Peter's "To die will be an awfully big adventure." Just wanted to cover the bases.

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