Grown Ups


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Scene Title Grown Ups
Synopsis Brian and Sam take a detour on the way home.
Date February 14, 2011


Sweat drops from his brow.

Digging one toe of his boot into the side of a rock, Brian pushes himself up to clamber over the side of the eroded bank. Black gloves press against the soft dirt of the small mound. Raising up and over the boot raises to conquer the new elevation of the higher position. Clipping against the edge of the small bank, the boot ends up dragging a sloppy track mark into the mud, causing the young man to stumble forward slightly. His other boot flings forward to stabilize himself, smashing into a mix of ice and dirt.


The murmur is low and reverent. Much like the night that surrounds them. The moon dimly illuminates the light layers of snow that patch the rolling hills below them. Dotting the scenery the white flakes reflect golden hues of the moon. The gentle rushing of the New River Gorge sounding out far down into the distance. Besides the rushing water and the occasional stir in the foliage that surrounds them, they are mostly blanketed in silence. Pivoting in the soft ground, Brian's black glove extends to the step below them. Beyond their small ascension the hill flattens out into a cliff-face, looming over the New River Gorge over fifty feet below. Grasping her hand, she is pulled up beside him, the two standing on the small pseudo path, overlooking the cliff.

One side a cliff, the other side a large rise of sandstone, Brian presses his back against the cliffside wall to trapise on the small amount of path that exists. His other hand gently interlinking with Samara's, his free hand tracing the sandstone cliffside. "Ice." He murmurs gently, chin indicating where exactly he speaks.

West Virginia's sky is remarkably clear tonight, allowing Brian and Samara to undertake their night hike without much obstacle. Besides the actual physical obstacles. After they had departed from the safehouse, Brian felt it necessary to take a few stops before returning to the city. A vacation they would never otherwise be able to take. Hand clinging tightly to Samara's hand as he sidesteps, he smiles gently as he looks over to her. "Is it weird that I feel a little safer out with the bears than I do in a civilized street in New York? Like I don't feel trigger happy for the first time ever." Despite the mere inches that lie between him and a little slip-death, Winters does not seem to be frightened.

Sam's hand tightens around Brian's. There's an edge of a smile as her chin turns up to face him, but he only gets a glance. The view is regarded reverently as those hazel eyes examine the world around flitting from Brian to the edge of the cliff. But her motions are stilted. Just a little. She'd been impervious for years. Untouchable in every way. Now? Someone's handprint is burned into her arm. It's a wake up call to her own humanity and the preciousness of life.

Her nose wrinkles a little as her grip tightens further. "It's beautiful," she says quietly, her voice a low murmur exhaled rather than truly spoken with the warmth of her breath. Her eyebrows escalate high on her forehead as she edges a little further, her boots sliding a little along the ice, but catching before anything truly treacherous happens. There's a risk taker in her that remains strong.

With an edging of mischief in her eye she issues him a small smile, "It's because this isn't really real. This is where people get to escape from the world while New York is altogether different. It's like the epitome of being watched all of the time. Everything is regulated… there's just no space to breathe."

When they finally the round the corner of the sheer cliffside, the two find themselves on some ground made of firmer stuff. The path widening out some to allow them to walk shoulder to shoulder without fear of doing a billion cartwheels into the river. Pausing in their small stroll, Brian goes to place his shoulder against the cliff wall. Bringing up one boot, Brian cranes his neck to eye his boot over his back. "I think I stepped in something-poop." He gives a little frown, going to kick at a rock below him repeatedly. Finally satisfied he looks back to the woman at his side.

Hand dropping to retake hers, his lips curl up slightly. "You're beautiful." Brian leans in to peck a kiss at her cheek. And then a little laugh is let out. "That is probably the first time anyone has ever called West Virginia an escape from reality or like… a dream." He chuckles a little bit more. "That shows you how truly fucked our world is. Virginia is a dreamland." Pulling her to his side, his gait continues onto a more normal pace. "How's your owies?" Winters asks quietly, glancing over at her. "If it hurts too much, we can stop."

But as they press on, the path widens out more. Trees growing more frequenty as the path becomes more visible. Soon practically engulfed by woods on either side, the only thing that contrasts the quiet tones of the night is a flicker of scarlet in the distance. Vaguely resembling a flame.

"I don't know, I think it's peaceful," Sam shrugs slightly while she shuffles carefully along the path edging closely beside him, and making the rookie mistake of looking down. Oddly she's not afraid of heights. Another one of those things she'd become impervious to. "How is this not a dream? I mean.. look around! I think I would've liked it before things went sour. It just reminds me of being a kid." Her eyes narrow a little, "Like when we'd go camping as a family. It was fun.. even with Addie's complaining. Not that we came here." That would've been quite the drive.

Her cheeks flush at the compliment, a too-natural reaction that she secretly hopes never fades. There are some things a girl doesn't necessarily want to get used to, like feeling special. "I'm okay," she smiles softly although the tension in her jaw may say otherwise. "It doesn't really hurt and I know this is going to sound petty and vain, but I don't want it to scar— like I've been touched by some alien— "

The colour in the distance is met with a curious quirk of her eyebrows. "Hey." She actually stops in her tracks. Her neck cranes (as she wishes she were taller) to see the glow in the distance. "What is that? It's too orangey to just be the moon's reflection— "

"Okay yeah it is but.. Virginia." Brian feels like he has to reiterate. "Yuck." As they step along the pathway, his thumb climbs out to push her fingers back so that he can untangle his hand. Arm slinging over, his hand slips along Samara's waist before sliding into her backpocket. "If Amid didn't kill him, I would." Brian murmurs quietly, pulling her into him as if to ensure her safety even more. "I'm sorry baby. I.. You don't ever have to do anything like that ever again, okay? And I won't let it scar. Nothing like this will ever happen again." Winters whispers into her ear.

But as the crimson flicker in the distance becomes apparent, Brian tilts his head some. Furrowing his brows he pauses as well. Hand retreating from her pocket. "I didn't.. I didn't bring a gun." He frowns lightly. Staring as if to discern what the source of the odd coloration in their path is. "Maybe you should look." Says the man who just promised her safety forever.

"I'm okay," Sam reiterates as she shrugs again. Her smile becomes a little easier as she's tugged into him. With a quiet mmm she shakes her head a little. "I want to help, and I think I did good overall, even if… I haven't gotten a burn in ages. I should be faster or something." Her lips hitch up on one side, a little lopsided as she leans into him a little further.

The smile disappears though at the suggestion. Her lips part of object, but she could phase out if she needed to. It worked last time, kind of. It got her out of a bind when she needed it. She looks over her shoulder at him wordless as her eyes narrow slightly. Concern guides her steps as she quite literally dissipates into a million little pieces, gearing up for whatever may be down the path.

Hanging back, Brian gives a concerned look. Tucking his hands into his pockets he shuffles back. Turning his back to her and walking back the way they came he smirks a little. Reaching inside his jacket, he pulls it back some to glance at the holster and gun there. Of course he brought his gun. Come on, Sam. But the trick seems to have worked, and Samara is slinking in phase form towards the odd color past the trees.

As she nears the flame doesn't appear to be as massive as it had originally appeared far away. Though it does seem to be numerous. In a small clearing of the trees, several small flames flicker behind a barricade of bush and tree. Though what exactly the light is remains unclear until Samara forges through into the clearing.

And as soon as she does a light strum from a guitar rings out, and then another note. Strum STRUM strum. And when she steps into the small clearing she will first see Brian. Dressed in a sleek suit, the guitar hangs over his stomach. Fingers holding the neck of the instrument. Backlit by several flames, the man takes a step aside.

In the middle of the small clearing is a small table adorned with a white sheet. A chair on either side of it. A plate and wineglass on opposite sides of the table. Several candles line the table, as well as a lantern hanging from a low branch nearby. Another strum.

"I'll stop the world and melt with you. You almost got melted and I feel bad about it, all the time~"

With a small gasp, Samara's body becomes very quickly corporeal again— wholly there and completely surprised. Those slow paced steps— sneaks, really— stop altogether as her hazel eyes find the suited Brian. A smile tugs at her features as her hands find their way into her jean pockets. Her cheeks redden as she steps towards the guitar wielding Brian. Toes flex and an arm extends as she fights to find her tippy toes to plant a soft kiss on his lips, gentle mostly to avoid damaging the guitar or ruining her balance in any way.

The kiss is broken moments later, "This is amazing! When did you— how.." the oddity of someone being two places at once still impresses her. "I feel really underdressed— you look so handsome! " her fingers reach up to trace his lapel. "How long have you been planning this?" she drops to her heels and turns her head to the table.

"But the scar didn't go through and through, you won't get melted any time!"

Brian takes a single step away with a light teasing smile, pursuing his song for a moment while avoiding most contact from Samara. Though he does allow her to kiss him briefly. Lips curling around, not exactly returning it, but definitely appreciative. Taking a step back the strumming is continued for a moment before he finally stops. Tilting his head, "A lot of fucking work." He murmurs, going to slide the guitar strap off around his neck. Taking a step to the side, he goes to lay it against the trunk of the nearby tree. He then goes to pull back Samara's chair. Once she's seated he pushes forward before going to take his own seat.

Immediately behind his shoulder is the river and the sloping hills of West Virginia. His chair literally a foot away from the cliff. Bringing two items up, he goes to set one on his plate and one on hers. The fine china is now adorned with a plainly wrapped Cliff Bar. He then reaches under the table again. Bringing up grape juice which looks like wine. "Just a little while." He smiles gently, going to pour her glass first. "Do you know how hard it is to get a table up on a hiking trail? I hope you appreciate all this." He grins lightly, as he pours her glass. And then his own. "Sorry for the food.. I didn't want us to cramp on actual good food.. So.." He motions to the cliff bar.

Sami's smile grows at the chair is tugged out for her, but at the Cliff Bar, she actually smirks. Her fingers trail over the edge of the packaging while her eyebrows quirk upwards, "Yeah… I'd rather not fall down the cliff from a cramp of doom and then it would be a fall of doom caused by the cramp of doom and I would end up in a million little pieces— unless… do you think I could phase fast enough to not go kerpslat? That's what happened when the Human Torch tried to throw me. I think I would've come out black and blue if I hadn't phased through the floor. Which wasn't even on purpose." She shrugs. "Practice makes perfect."

There's a broader grin at the grape juice, particularly at the pretty bottle. "We should toast to something. Being alive, drinking grape juice— " her lips twitch to one side as she tries to come up with an appropriate toast, "To not falling off the cliff!" She raises her glass in the air to clink with his.

"This is amazing! I can't believe you did this! Seriously, I have no idea how you set it all up even with this like alter ego multiplicity thing." She nods as the wine is brought to her lips.

"I wouldn't want any of those doom things." Brian murmurs gently. Pushing over her wine glass of grape juice he smiles gently over at her. Raising his own glass he clinks her lightly before setting it back down. "I.." He pauses, smiling sadly. "I was an idiot. When I propposed to you.. Well I mean. It's what I wanted but…" He looks down for a moment. "I asked you, and I meant it. You said yes and you meant it. So I'm not going to ask you again, because it already happened. And we never called off our engagement. So…" He bites down on his bottom lip for a moment. "I just want you to have a better story, okay? So.. I want you to be able to combine that night with this night. So.. I got you a new ring. And when we walk down this cliff, I'm going to slip a ring on your finger but.. This. This is our romantic meeting that we were supposed to have."

And it seems like right about there Brian decides that part is over. Taking a sip of his juice, he sets it back down. "Koshka misses you." He reaches across the table and goes to grab her Cliff Bar. Opening it for her, he dumps it back down on Samara's plate. Though the recent heaviness has him looking a little nervous. Bringing up one finger to trace at his forehead briefly, he looks across the candlelit table at her. "We got to practice more.. And.. You're pregnant now. So.. no more fighting anyways. Shit we need to see a doctor."

Concern edges Sam's features as Brian's expression changes, but the explanation softens her eyes, lips, and cheeks again. "You are wonderful." Her eyes reflect the brilliance of the candle light as eerie shadows are cast through flickering candlelight on her face. "Thank you, I.. I'm just…" there's another twitch of a smile as her head shakes, "I love you. Thank you." Her eyes turn downward as she reaches across the table to squeeze his hand. "What happened with— " everything. "— I'm sorry. I know I need to be less stubborn." She cringes slightly. "And I need to listen better. I swear Noah thought I was incompetent for awhile…"

Sam sips her juice again and then smiles brightly, "Really? I miss her too. I mean, in between crazy adventure stuff I miss her too. It'll be good to be back… " Her lips press together tightly at the other stuff, "I can still practice kind of. For awhile." She shrugs slightly, "And isn't it more important I look out for myself now that I am pregnant? You never know if circumstances will dictate it. I can sneak in places other people can't." Rather subconsciously, her hand trails down to her stomach as she frowns a little, "I realize.. and this is completely awkward and silly, but… Dad is a doctor. And towards the end I could theoretically live with them… I mean, I'd rather not go that route because…" her face contorts slightly at the weird factor, "But…"

His lips twist into an odd feature to the side. Flattening his lips out, he peers at her across the table. "He should be able to get you to see a baby doctor kind of easy…" He tilts his head back, scooting back in his chair some. "But I mean…" Winters mouth shuts close rapidly. "But.. You shouldn't be in those kind of situations if you're pregnant Sam." He tilts his head to the side. "Like ffighting probably isn't a good idea while you have a little person clinging to your ribcage."

Delivering a shallow shrug, he goes to take a bite from his cliffbar. "Why would you live with them? I could take care of you.. Like.. I don't know. Maybe we could stay close to Chicago.. and you could be close to them.. But still with me." His hand lays out on the table, his brows furrowing some. "I don't want to be away from you."

With a quiet sigh, Sam nods slightly, somewhat resigned. "I.. know.. but it's not like I meant to be there. Like I did but.. I didn't, right? I was going to stay in the hotel where I was away from it all, but if Amid.. if things had happened differently I could've been in a lot more danger, right? Or.. maybe I would've disappeared again." Again her hand moves to her stomach.

"I.. " her lips twitch into a small smile. "I don't want to be away from you either. I'm just… " her mouth closes tightly while her head tilts to mirror his. "I know it's silly, but I'm worried. I mean, it's months away and I'm already worrying." She shrugs. "And I hoped.. I mean, I always intended.. I want you to stay with me. This is our little one. I don't know how anything will turn out but he.. she.. is ours." Again her lips quirk up into a smile. "So.. " she nibbles on her cliff bar. "I'll try to avoid situations where I need to fight. And I really am okay. Just a couple of burns, nothing really damaging.."

Hand wandering up to take her hand away from the cliffbar. Pulling her hand close, his other hand goes up to slide against her hand gently. And when his hand comes away, there is a new ring. Diamond glittering quietly in the candlelight, it is obviously more expensive than the last one. It almost had to be, at least to satiate Brian's guilt. Pretending like it didn't even happen, however he continues with the conversation.

"I think this is something acceptable to worry about a few months away." His eyes go slightly wide. "Like seriously. We're going to birth another person." His eyes touched with that nervousness and fear again, he seems to have a little trouble looking at her for a while. "I'll always stay with you, baby. Of course." He manages to meet her gaze for a moment, mustering a semi nervous smile.

The ring is met with a brighter smile and eyes that sparkle brighter than the diamond. Her lips part to express her generally easy to find enthusiasm, but her mouth closes moments later as she catches his expression. Sami's head tilts to the side as she watches him carefully, while her eyebrows knit together with concern. "What's going on? Are you.. are you okay?" Her expression contorts further as the concern grows exponentially. "Just… the same stuff as before, or…? Are you okay?"

"Just. Thinking of a baby is scary." He murmurs quietly. "And it's I don't know.. I'm just a mixed bottle of emotions, okay?" He lets out a light grin. Waving a dismissive hand. "I mean.. I.." Looking down at his plate he sighs quietly. "What if he has like five arms or she hates me or has a penis hanging from her head." His shoulders hunch some, his head resting against the chair behind him. Placing his cliffbar down he takes a long moment.

"I'm just scared Sameye. I'm scared of fucking this up.. Like. I'm kind of an idiot. I know we all try to fight that, and I'm like passionate or something so that balances it out, but I tend to do stupid shit." He takes a large gulp of grape juice. "What if like I'm trying to be a hero or something and I accidentally tase our baby? I don't fucking know. This is scary shit!" He is getting a little loud in sharp contrast to the reverent night, which has him glancing around. His nerves slowly being fought off by a goofy smile. "I'm sorry. We should be saying romantic things… You're cute."

"I know.. I'm scared too. I'm nervous that I will suck at this whole mom thing and this isn't at all the timing I'd thought to have a kid, you know?" There's something reassuring about shared fear. Carefully she slides out from her chair and slides towards him. A hand raises to caress his cheek. "And carrying this little jelly bean inside me for the next few months— sooooo scary. Like I don't know what I should or shouldn't do. Or whether we'll know if something is wrong. Or… what if something just goes wrong? Like plain as day wrong? What happens if I disappear again?" Her concerns centre around different issues.

Her nose wrinkles, but her smile remains, "And you're a good parent already. You take care of several very happy kids. I'm sure Koshka is equally happy. You haven't tased one of them yet…" beat "Have you?" Her lips tighten into a small smile, "And it's scary. This is fucking scary. But. Kind of exciting? Maybe? Right?" try as she might to hide it that hopeful quality of her words and expression spills over.

"I don't think I've tased any off the kids yet." Winters says quietly as Samara approaches him. Scooting back in his chair, Brian reaches up to take her hand. Pulling her into his lap slowly. Going to place his chin on her shoulder. "Things can't go wrong." He frowns deeply. "We can't let things go wrong. And you can't disappear again." Winters says dully. "We just can't. We're responsible for a tiny us."

"They're all orphans. They are all kids who've been ffucked up by other parents. I get to be the cool guy who makes up for those stupid people.. or dead people." He gives a little shrug. "But now.. Now we're going to be those stupid dead people. We're the ones to ffuck things up. And we can't fuck up our baby." A light sigh, as he presses his head against hers.

"We have to be grown up."

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