Guard Duty


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Scene Title Guard Duty
Synopsis Elisabeth and Monica work to keep the Mortlocks safe and sound in case of a second run at the boy.
Date November 28, 1994

Mortlock Ranch

Considering the danger that they've all found themselves in and the huge crack across the landscape itself, Elisabeth figures the 13-year-old Jaiden Mortlock and his mother Charlene are handling the situation as well as can be expected. "We need to get the hell out of here. No telling when they'll come back," she murmurs.

At which point, Charlene pretty much pointed out there is nowhere else to go out here in the back of friggin' beyond. So the group trooped back toward the homestead with Elisabeth listening intently to the landscape and Monica taking point. Back at the house, she is cautious about the situation but the place is empty. She tells Monica quietly, "Check it out." And once that's accomplished, the small group takes over the kitchen once more. Charlene needs some minor medical aid from the crash — Liz herself keeps silent on the bruise that's going to blossom across her chest in just hours — and she says quietly, "They're going to come at us again, I'm pretty certain."

Or if they're not Hiro Nakamura will show up and remove all memory of this incident from both of the Mortlocks. So….

It's only after doing a check around the house that Monica comes back in to join the others in the kitchen. She's got a few scrapes herself, but she's mostly just fine. "Don't worry, though. If they do, they won't get what they're coming for." She looks pretty certain of that, and hoping her confidence helps the Mortlocks feel confident.

Fourteen year old Wee Jaiden stands near the kitchen door, slouching a bit in a chair, the door itself wide open to let the breeze move through the house, wicking away the heat as best it can, considering it's nice and warm and moist from blowing from the sea toward a desert. Cotton curtains blow slightly, and Jaiden, bare footed and dirty from playing around in the bush all day, gives the two strange women a curious gaze as he turns his attention from one to the other, back and forth, without saying much.

It's definately Jaiden - Hiro plopped them in the right spot - the eyes match fairly well and the dimples that are probably more familiar to Elisabeth can easily be seen if Jaiden smiles.

He hasn't had much of a reason to, though…after all, the ute got crashed in a hole and mom's looking rather put out. He looks concerned, and as he gets to his feet to pad over to the sink, he looks to the three women. "Anyone 'sides me want a bit of water? I don't know what's going on, but it makes a bloke thirsty."

Charlene looks up at her son after Elisabeth is through patching her up, her voice still scratchy from being choked. "I'll be makin' a call t' warn his father," she says abruptly to the two women. There's a look between all of them — Elisabeth's had little time to reassure Mrs. Mortlock, but …. well, a little sonic manipulation doesn't hurt anyone in the whole 'you can trust me, I'm going to keep people from getting to your son' arena. The blonde nods to Charlene, then moves to sit at the table, her backpack close to hand and the pistol hidden in the back of her jeans still. Jaiden Mortlock is a freakin' young teenager who has yet to manifest the power he will wield later in life. Liz is going with the story she gave Charlene initially.

"Jaiden, your mum tells us you spend a lot of time out on the property roaming. The people who came here today…. they think you've seen something they've been up to. Have you seen anything strange going on? People you don't know," besides herself and Monica, "near your property or anything?"

"Anything out of the ordinary at all. Doesn't have to be as crazy as spontaneous sinkholes." Although, who knows! Monica gives the boy a bit of a smile, though, "I'll take some water, thanks." For some reason, it's an amusing request to her, if the way that smile tilts crooked is any measure.

"Um…." Jaiden's olive-green eyes flick from Mom to the women and back again. "Nothin' more odd than usual. A few of the local aboriginies were having one of their get-togethers and invited me along." He grins, those dimples appearing. "That was fun, actually. Other than that, nothing really…I mean, just the usual rain, dust devils, and heat." He bobs his head slightly. "Sorry. But thanks for keepin' me safe from whoever those people were. Must have taken' 'em days to dig that pit trap for the ute…."

Always with the simplest explanation. Elisabeth smiles, glancing at Monica as she does. "Yeah… that or they just took advantage of a natural sinkhole, maybe, and just covered it good," she comments easily. At this point, it's simply a matter of keeping an eye out and making sure Jaiden remains safe. "If something happens, do you have a place in the countryside you can hole up and stay a couple days — maybe with the aborigines?" she asks. Because you never know if the kid might have to fend for himself whilst we kill terrorists out here.

Dust devils. A frown comes to Monica's face there, but she nods to Liz' suggestion. "Somewhere maybe they wouldn't expect you to go. It might be good to… think spontaneously for the next few days. It'd probably be good for the whole family to go." Considering they already came after his mom and all.

"Unless you feel like roughing it, no, there's really not anwhere to go but the sheep station where Dad is. Or camping, but the Aboriginies probably wouldn't like mom too much." He hangs his head slightly. "They kind of have to be prompted to even let me hang out, and I only did that 'cause I proved m'self to 'em."

"Mmm," Elisabeth says quietly. Let's hope he doesn't have to go roughing it. She's not oblivious to the dust devil question. But hopefully we've dealt with that person. It's the one that is teleporting about at random that bothers her. And the one who tried to choke Charlene. "tell you what," Elisabeth tells Jaiden. "we're planning on sticking around for a while, and we don't want to be extra work on your mother. Think we could help her out by starting dinner so she doesn't have to worry about it?" Let's keep him busy and in the house.

And while Liz works on keeping Jaiden occupied, Monica leans over to add, "I'll run some patrols outside. If anything shows up, I'll give a holler." She gives the boy a friendly pat on the shoulder, "Your mom, she's had a rough day. she could use the help." And with a plan in motion, the mimic slips out the door to play watch dog.

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