Guiding Light Baptist Church
Former Owner Senior Pastor George Ashby
Former Employees Pastor Joseph Sumter
Former Hours of Operation Daily, from 9 AM through to 7 PM
Current Status Destroyed
People Came Here For… Prayer and worship; counseling; guidance towards charities.

The Guiding Light Baptist church is simply no more. Where once a church, with its arching glass windows and concrete cross fixed to the edge of the pointed roof once stood, now there is naught but crumbling stone, blackened wood and the stick of soot that clings to the air. Curving stone steps lead up from the pavement to an open archway where charred black doors have collapsed off of their hinges. Stained glass windows that shattered from immense heat are now gaping and open, charred black around the edges. Across the doorway yellow crime scene tape wards off visitors, and portions of the sidewalk are likewise cordoned off to avoid pedestrians getting too close to the unstable structure.

All that remains now, of the once illustrious building, is the concrete cross that lays crooked in the middle of the floor through that gaping doorway, cracked and broken into two pieces, laid skewed across a pair of burned pews that struggle to shoulder the weight of its burden.

Major IC Events

  • Located in Greenwich, this church was once a place of worship called the St. Paul's Lutheran Church. It was abandoned in late 2007 when the senior pastor decided to leave the city, following the tragic events of 2006.
  • Remaining closed for several months, the building was reopened as a base for a non-profit charity organization for the homeless.
  • November 2008 saw the closing of the building once more when fundings ran dry. Within the same month, the building was sold to prominent members of the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • March 2009 saw the organization of an established SBC ministry.
  • On the 23rd, May 2009, it was discovered that the church was vandalised by alleged members of _humanis-first in reaction to the Guiding Light's pro-Evolved beliefs. It was cleaned up by members of the community the same day.
  • On the 26th, September 2009, the church saw its final moments when it was burned to the ground as the backdrop to a lynching. These were the machinations of _humanis-first.


  • As of May 23, 2009, the main worship area was bugged by a member of _humanis-first, towards the front most pew and the back. As of August 3, 2009, the bugs have been swept clean thanks to associates of Ferrymen. During that time, any information spoken in this room was available to be listened in on and filed away by this sect of HF.
  • As of September 9, 2009, opening hours have been sporadic, despite the signage. Time devoted to overseeing the church between services has been shortened due to one of the pastors being reportedly out of town. Services continue as normal, however.
  • As of September 26, 2009, the church was destroyed in a fire and is currently taped off to the public.
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