Gummi Geishas


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Scene Title Gummi Geishas
Synopsis Cardinal recieves an international phone call to ask for Fruit Loops.
Date May 12, 2009

6am - Tokyo, Japan

Ring Ring Ring.

The phone rings for a few moments, and then it's picked up. Perhaps disappointingly, Cardinal actually sounds mostly awake when he does indeed answer it. He also sounds bemused. "…hello?"

There's a 'far off' mutter of, "Jesus fuck this thing sparkles like Hello Kitty's intestines and smells like a fucking stripper named Strawberry Fields." A pause, some rattling, and sneeze follows, then she says, more up close and into the phone, "Hi!" Way. Too. Alert. "I just tried this new tea. It's great. Where the FUCK are the fruit loops?"

"…Pearl?" There's a pause. "…did you just call me in Japan to ask where the Fruit Loops are?"

"Hello, focus." Pearl replies, cos yeah, that's her voice! "I didn't eat them, and fatass doesn't know I had any, and your breath smelled fruity when you were talking in your sleep. So where are they, huh?"

"I think…" Cardinal pauses again. He sounds like he's staring at the phone. "…why were you smelling my breath when I was sleeping?"

"God, you can be such a goddamn queen sometimes." Oh, New York. What have you unleashed upon the world? There's a slight creak of one end of the couch as she adjusts her position on it, throwing herself into the corner to slouch. "I wasn't. I was trying to figure out what you were saying when I took your wallet, so I leaned in."

"A likely story." A faint sniff of breath, "You know I don't carry a wallet when I'm at your place, I'm not stupid you know. So what was I saying, anyway? Anyway, I think they're in the top cabinet, behind the liquor."

"Well you had somebody's wallet, or… it was sort of between the cushions. Maybe it was Whalita's boyfriend's." Pearl can almost be heard shrugging. "Anyway, there was only two dollars in it. Not enough for a latte. Behind the what? Are you crazy? She could have found them!"

"No way," replies Richard firmly, "She'd have to haul her fat ass up on a chair to reach that cabinet." There's a faint 'whumph' of a body hitting a bed, followed by a bemused, "Maybe it was the naked guy's."

It's the asscrack of dawn in Japan, or somewhere thereabouts, and yet Pearl is after the fruit loops. It's definitely not breakfast time. "Ew. It better not be the naked guy's. I touched it." There's the crack of a bottle opening. Water. "You been shot at yet?"

"Nah. If things go right, I shouldn't," he admits, "In and out, that's the way I do it." A lingering moment pauses, "Shut up."

Pearl snorts and there's more creaking as she moves around on the couch, presumably getting more comfortable. There's the muffled sound of some snickering, but she moves right along. "Good to know." Mostly. She mostly moves along. "I hope your crime buddies can't hear you."

Cardinal makes a sound of negation, shifting a bit with a faint creak of bed-springs. "I was just getting ready for bed," he admits, "You caught me coming out've the shower."

He shouldn't have said that. "Oh, so you're all wet and naked?" Pearl's grin is ever so obvious over the phone line.

"Of course not." Three, two, one… "I dried myself off," he adds.

"Oh, so just the naked." Pearl hms and nods, though it's not visible, of course, "I can work with that." Work what with that? She never really flirts in person. Must be an excuse to run up the Gordita's charges.

It's actually kind of weird. Usually, he flirts, she cuts him down. Repeat. This is the way that things work in the world of Cardinal and Pearl. So he chuckles quietly, "Oh, can you…? Do tell, oh Roommate of the Immense One."

"What, never been used and discarded by a tattoed chick before? I mean you gave me your ex girlfriend's phone number. You think if I ask her, she'll tell me all your tricks in bed?" Pearl snicker-snorts. You know, it's possible she's high.

"You talk a good game," Richard replies with a smirk that's audible in his voice, "But I haven't ever so much as heard you talk dirty, Miles. Either you're fuckin' high as a kite, or you really do miss me."

"You're no fucking fun." Pearl kicks the coffee table out of the way and gets to her feet with the squeak of the couch. She drags a chair into the kitchen, thumps around a little, and climbs onto it. Shortly, there's the rattle crinkle of the fruit loop bag. "I'm a doer not a talker. Besides, I still have batteries that work." Crunch, crunch, crunch. "Bring me some gummi geishas or something, will you?"

"Uh huh. So you just remember you said that if I come home and wander into your shower," Richard threatens casually, adding, "And you can ask Liz anything you want. You know…" The sheets rustle a bit, "…you were supposed to wait a month."

"Blah blah stupid instructions blah. You didn't expect me to, so I had no damn obligation." She shoves another handful of fruit loops into her mouth, so the next bit is a little distorted. "You wander into my shower, you hope I'm too stoned to go for a knife. Hurry up and do your job. I'm bored."

"Prude," he accuses, his voice amused, lighter than when he answered the phone, "Oh, I know, you just want me to come back so you can get that new place, that it?"

"YES. Jesus. Is that a goddamn crime? You try living here all the time. It's like grand central meets Babies R Us." Pearl drops onto the couch again, squeak, squeak. "Shut up and go suck sushi off some naked chick's thighs."

"Aw," taunts Cardinal, "But I'd rather suck sushi off your naked thighs, Pearl. And then continue upwards, but, that's neither here nor there…"

There's a long pause. She almost chokes on some crunchy cereal before she replies, "Stop thinking about my thighs, you get into Japan for five minutes and you turn into a thigh sushi sucking pervert. If your tongue ever goes anywhere near my thighs, you better not fuckin be thinking about food!" There's quiet, then a sort of whistling of wind, some traffic noise, and then the phone cuts off. Gosh, it's almost like she threw it out an open window. Across the world, a Hello Kitty charm is ground to dust under the tire of a passing low rider.

"Huh." The phone's lifted to where Cardinal can see the display, brows knitting together lightly. "Guess I hit a nerve."

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