Gun Hill
Gun Hill
Owner The Ferry through Lynette Rowan
Current Status Open
People Come Here For… Sanctuary

Gun Hill is named after Gun Hill Road, the street that the five story tenement resides on. A bright red brick exterior separates it from the surrounding buildings, making it difficult to miss even though the complexes on either side of it are similarly coloured with fresh coats of paint in yellow and blue donated to their proprietors by an urban renewal project devoted to eliminating graffiti from the Bronx's residential zones in an attempt to raise property value and reestablish the borough as a desirable place to live.

Inside, the building shows more obvious signs of wear than the rusty fire escape affixed to its front, including old hardwood floors so scuffed that no amount of wax or polish can return them to their original luster, and faded wallpaper in neutral shades of cream with a strange mottled texture. Instead of an elevator, the tenement's upper floors can be reached by taking a stairwell with numbered flights and roof access via a heavy metal door that sticks more often than not.


  • Unknown to most, Gun Hill is a Ferry-owned property currently under the care of Lynette Rowan, one of the network's safehouse operators. She's assisted by Tobias Benton-Ward.
  • While it started out being open to the public, now Gun Hill is a Ferry-Only safehouse for high risk and highly compromised cases.
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