Gunman Opens Fire at Presidential Debate

MANHATTAN - A man belonging to the same anti-Evolved organization responsible for the shootings at the Brooklyn Public Library earlier this month opened fire on Democratic candidate Allen Rickham during the final presidential debate last night, then fired repeatedly at two secret service agents who responded, critically wounding them. One of the agents returned fire, killing the suspect, whom the police later identified as Michael Austin, 34, of Brooklyn. The agents, Robert Mairot, 35, and Cassandra Carter, 42, were in critical but stable condition at St. Luke's Hospital last night. Also in stable condition was Senator Nathan Petrelli, who jumped in front of Senator Rickham to shield him from the gunfire, sustaining injuries in the process.

A spokesperson of the Petrelli campaign said Friday morning that the incident would not impede the Senator's bid for presidency and that he will be voting at the polls on Election Day, this November 4th.

Senator Rickham and Republican candidate Senator Andrew Mitchell were unharmed but unavailable for comment.

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