Guns R Us


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Scene Title Guns R Us
Synopsis Dutch calls Cassidy over to his place so that he can lend her a Carbine for protection and tells her he's headed to Staten to get to Mortimer first.
Date May 12, 2009

Dutch's Place

Its late in the morning, and despite his lack of sleep Dutch was hard at work. Flipping his sleep schedule, he'd worry about sleep come afternoon before making the run over to the island. There wasn't caffeine involved, at least not yet anyway. The meticulous construction of his ghillie had occupied his mind, working with colored twine and jute as he tied each strand individually before picking the ends apart to fray it out. It took days to construct a full ghillie suit, not few scant hours the odd blind took him to create. This was no small undertaking indeed, and he still had his rifles to dial in.

His apartment wasn't really that tough to find, the only joint on the ground floor of his particular building and with a trio of bikes parked in the hall its certainly distinctive. In the false little alcove beyond his door sat the R80GS, a picked apart R100GSPD and of course right next to the door his characteristic HP2 in proper HPN livery. There was a buzz in, but a trio of kids walking their BMX's made entry into the building itself pretty easy, especially for a detective if she should feel so inclined.

It had been a long day and a longer night, so when the phone had rung on Cassidy's desk, it made her jump. He partner had stepped away to deal with whatever he had going, so she took that moment to slip out, pausing only to tell the Desk Sargent that she was slipping out for some early lunch. She was risking her partner's wrath, but she also wasn't going to hide like a scared little girl.

Finding the apartment was easy enough and she was looking at it a bit apprehensive. She wasn't sure about going to his apartment, but he wanted to talk. Taking a deep breath she hurried to follow in the kids giving them a friendly smile and a nod in thank you. She eyes the bikes with a touch of amusement, before lifting her hand to knock softly.

"Minute.."came a voice, Dutch's voice from the inside. Sure enough, a few moments later theres the clack of tumbling locks before the door swings open. "Oh hey, Detective."Dutch blinked, wearing a beat up pair of BDU trousers and a beat up BMW T-shirt. "Come on in, let me get you like some coffee or something."

The apartment is a fairly spacious two bedroom affair, its hardwood floors had seen far better days but Dutch was comfortable enough barefoot. The decoration was minimalist, save for a big leather couch and a mass of picture frames which adorn the walls. Photos of Dutch and other snipers, other bikers, newspaper clippings, academy graduation photos. In the living room, directly forward his gear had been arrayed. The ghillie and a large tackle box used to build it set next to each other on the floor. Rifles out of their cases, handguns laid plainly in line. Ammo boxes stacked, everything neat and organized so he could be sure nothing would be left behind.

"I was gonna come find you after I finished, I heard about Mort and all. I know the department doesn't issue detectives carbines for personal use, and uhm you want coffee or tea or?"Dutch paused, leaning round the corner to peer curiously at Cassidy.

Cassidy gives him a small smile when the door swings open. "Agent." She returns politely. She had dressed down that day. Nothing businesslike. Her long sleeved green buttons shirt, dark jeans and a pair of Keds. Her typical trench coat hanging loosing around her. "Actually, coffee would be great. I… am not sleeping as good." It's hard to sleep when you keep expecting someone to break in. She walks slowly along the wall of pictures, peering at each curiously. "Yeah, Mort.. " She says blandly as she peers closely at this pictures or that. When he leans around the corner, Cassidy has turned to eye the gear. "Looks like you are keeping busy." She takes a deep breath and let's it out slowly. "I'm sure you heard that I ended up dropping your name in my conversation with Mortimer and that he's out to kill you now?" She asks glancing over her shoulder at him.

Dutch shrugs "cant be helped, its not a big deal." The coffee isnt long in coming, of course. He sets a mug full on the little bar and sets a thing of sugar and creamer to either side. "Why do you think I'm going after him? I'll put the bikes inside, rock his world and its just as simple as that. I do have something for you though, You ought to have something a little more than a pistol at your disposal considering recent events. Are you qualified with the M4, or just the shotgun?"

"I still feel bad, it was an impulse thing to say on my part." Cassidy trails off a bit and then adds her tone still emotionless and bland. "Not that I was thinking clearly beyond the fact I wanted him out." She runs her hands over the guillie, letting her fingers comb through the strips on it. "So you plan to take him out first?" She asks glancing at him with a humorless smile. His question gets a curious look, letting her hand drop away, turns to him. "Well, I've shot the M4, but qualified on it. No. Just the shotgun for the PD."

Theres a nod, as Dutch slips from the kitchen and into the hall. "well, until we get Mort you should hang onto this. "He ducks into the spare bedroom for a moment, before emerging with a carbine. Dull green, with a one piece cav-arms lower, a YHM smooth hand guard, flip up backup sights, a tri-power optic and a flashlight at the end of the hand guard this is a carbine built for deep explorations into the back country. He cycles the action a few times to ensure its empty, before offering the lightweight carbine over. "Its semi automatic, civilian and all. You can give it back when we fix this mess, but until then we cant afford for Mort to get at you again."

It's hard to tell what Cassidy is thinking as she eyes the carbine as Dutch handles it, and even takes it when it's offered. She hefts it a bit and presses her lips together. "Not sure this would have made a difference Dutch." She looks up at him, her face showing some of the exhaustion of hardly any sleep and the stress of it all. "I mean.. He had one of those SMG's pointed at me as soon came around the corner. " It's obvious that she realizes that all he had to do was pull the trigger and they wouldn't be having this conversation.

"So you walk softer, look further ahead and shoot him at distance. Unless he's passed out and pinned under a truck, I don't plan on going anywhere near him."Dutch shakes his head, slipping back into the kitchen for some sobe. "Its different when the bad guy takes it personally. He started a fight, we were professionals he wasn't. So, loosen up and arm yourself."

"I guess." Cassidy murmurs looking at the carbine again. "Though… he wasn't there cause of the message or the guns. Not directly. One of his guys brought a picture of who found the body." She turns it this way and that, taking time to study it, looking up again. "Said he had to meet the most beautiful woman.." She looks a bit disgusted by the thought. "Man is a fucking psycho for sure. Needs glasses for sure." That last said softly to herself. She looks suddenly uncertain, moving so that she can see Dutch in the kitchen. "So when are you leaving?"

Dutch shrugs "Doesn't matter why he was there, but its up to you why he leaves." He fwumps right back down at his ghillie, teasing at the netting a little before he goes right back to work. "I'll zip out've here in a couple hours, find him. Dont know what I'll do then, I'd like to arrest him but I may not get the chance. I'm going to consider him to be armed and likely carrying explosives, after that trick with number four. So if its shoot or let him go, I'm not letting him go."

After a moment silently thinking about what he says, Cassidy asks suddenly. "You gotta case for this monster?" Glancing down at the weapon in her hands. "People tend to get a bit jump if you blatantly carry something like this around." Glances back up at him, the smile she gives him a bit more like herself.

Dutch nods "Yeah, uhh. Holdon."He leans back, grunting a touch as he plucks a plain black rectangular case from behind the sofa. "There, before you get out've here we'll get you some ammo and magazines. You should take this opportunity to qualify, get some range time in. Prolly do you good ya know, cuz Mort is a terrible shot."

Shifting the weapon to hold in one hand, so that she can reach for the case. She pauses in taking it, and looks beyond it to Dutch. Giving him a smile she says honestly. "Thanks for the loan. " The case is set down so that she can place the carbine in it, gently. "Yeah, I promise I'll get qualified and get the practice in. Probably be a good stress relief for me." She shuts the lid slowly on it. "And try not to get killed."

Dutch smirks "oh don't worry about that, if its your day its your day. Just make sure you take the other fucker with you when you go and don't make it easy. Just be cautious, might want to stay at Coren's for awhile just to make it tougher for Mortimer to get at you. He'll be less likely to start shit if your not alone."

Glancing at him to give him a less then thrilled look, Cassidy states. "Coren already thought of that, believe me. Wouldn't let me say no." The case snaps shut and she set's it on it's edge. "He's still royally pissed you..'drug me into to all this.'" Her fingers lift to make quotation marks in the air as she said it. "I'd steer clear of him for awhile."

Dutch shakes his head, setting down his jute for a minute. "your good people, if I was your partner I'd be pissed too. That said, why don't we get you supplied and out've here before he misses you. Thats a fight I'd rather avoid altogether if its all the same to you."and back up with a crackle pop of his knuckles, before heading back yonder down the hall and into the spare bedroom. "I don't have any loose 5.56 laying around, so you'll need to supply that yourself."

The room is pretty predictable perhaps. Theres a barstool next to a tall bench, with a rifled action in a bench. In neat steel racks lay bolt actions, ARs, shotguns, a lot of really old stuff you could call collector's pieces. Handguns lay in a mesh cabinet, all fifteen or twenty of them. Theres a reloading bench, and there in a corner a pair of tall bright red ammo cabinets. "Lets get you enough to get into a firefight so"he plucks nine, well used AR mags from a big pile of them and offers the mags on over. They're already loaded, and on the baseplate in dull gray paint theres "TAP 77gr" to denote what they're actually loaded with.

Pulling out her notebook, Cassidy follows, writing and softly repeating back. "5.56." She glances up when she reaches the room and then stares. Giving a small whistle she leans into the room a bit more to look around. "Wow. This is… impressive." She doesn't hide the look of awe as she moves to examine some of the collector's pieces. "Well, I know who to come too if I'm ever needing a gun question answered."

Dutch sets the mags down instead, before moving to unlock the rack. "I collect sniper rifles, Mosin, Lee Enfield there, have two 1903 springfields here, a finnish Mosin, an enforcer, Winchester 70s, rem 700s, few savages."Dutch pulls a G-43 from the rack, and offers it over to Cassidy. "Gewehr forty three, not a great sniper rifle but pretty high tech for world war too. The Germans didn't have a very strong hunting culture, so they kept building competition rifles and giving them to troops. Here, you can hold it."

"Well, considering you yourself are a sniper it stands to reason, you'd collect them." Taking the rifle like she's handling something delicate Cassidy grins at Dutch. "You sound like a kid offering to let someone touch his favorite toy." Running a hand slowly over the wood stock of the rifle, feeling the imperfections under the pads of her fingers, the dings and dents of wear, she says. "What is it about things from our past that make you want to stop and appreciate them." She gives him a sheepish smile and finally offers it back. "It's beautiful. I always like the look of those wood stocks." Once she has it she moves to pick up the mags he offered before. "I should get out of the way and back like you said before he starts wondering."

"They're very rare in America, the Nazis didn't build many of them at all to begin with."Dutch accepts the weapon back, stroking the charging handle to clear the weapon before setting it back on the rack. "I was very lucky to find one, I haven't seen one for sale since."and then the locks go back on. "But yeah, get some range time. If you like it, we'll figure out building you a brand new one to suit you. I'll see you another time though, keep yourself safe alright?"

Cassidy gathers, up everything, juggling it around a bit til she's got it figured out. "Yeah, I'll keep myself safe." She gives him a pointed look and says. "You just keep yourself alive, Dutch." She'd hate to see him get killed, as she'd partially blame herself for it. Opening the door and stepping out she pauses, glancing back in to give him a big grin. "Thank again. Your a good guy, no matter what my partner says" She lifts the stuff in her arms again for emphasis on what she's talking about. Starting to take a step she adds as an after thought. "You take out Mortimer and survive doing so, I'll buy you a some rounds at Old Lucy's." And with that she heads back for her car.

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