H5n10 Threat Worsens

Associated Press
April 26, 2010

While most news agencies around the United States are focusing on the disastrous blizzard hammering America's east coast, coverage of the fatal H5N10 outbreak in New York and surrounding states has nearly ceased. Today the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released infection statistics for the continental United States for the H5N10 virus, and the results are worrying.

According to the latest analysis of H5N10 infection cases, the epicenter of outbreak centered around New York State has not been abated with the halt of traffic up and down the east coast. Instances of H5N10 infection in Virginia, Delaware, and as far south as Florida have been reported in the last month.

This update from the CDC has prompted the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) to consider the potential eventuality of mandatory quarantine and inoculation to the H5N10 virus nationwide. This massive undertaking could cost American taxpayers billions, though the relatively low population density of SLC-Expressive individuals across the US is favorable to the potential operation.

Quarantine facilities across the United States could be operational as soon as May in some states and no later than November nation-wide. Responses to the announcement of potential forced quarantine has sparked protest across the country and heated debate across the airwaves. CDC public health internal relations director Edward Passimo stated that "the CDCs intention with these quarantines is only to isolate and contain the possible spread of infection, segregating infected SLC-Expressive individuals from non-infected."

Much of the source of debate comes from the discussion of forcible Registration and the Department of Evolved Affairs intention to introduce a comprehensive revision to the Evolved registry that will require all US citizens to test for the expression of the Suresh Linkage Complex.

With most everyone's mind on the weather disaster crippling the east coast, however, it looks as though the fires of pro-registration and anti-registration will have more time yet to burn.

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