H5n10 Virus Depowers Evolved

March 3, 2010
New York Times Headline Article


In a notice from the CDC issued early this morning, the first recorded case of a "depowering" of an H5N10 victim. According to the CDC's bulletin, a 25 year old white male patient admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital on Monday suffering from severe flu-like symptoms explained to physicians that he was no longer able to manipulate the amplification of sound-waves, revealing to doctors that he has been living as an unregistered evolved for the past two years since the passing of the Linderman Act.

Researchers at the CDC have reported other unconfirmed cases of sporadic posthuman ability loss in infected Evolved over the last week. Evolved residents of New York City are recommended to avoid large public gathering places and make use proper sanitation and hygiene and consider purchasing a paper mask to help prevent the spread of and reception of infectious airborne particles. Avoid individuals who seem sick unless absolutely necessary and, the CDC urges, if you are evolved and feel the onset of flu-like symptoms to stay home and do not go to work.

New York City Mayor Sylvia Lockheart has called for an emergency meeting of state and local officials to consider the possible need for an emergency quarantine procedures for those infected with the H5N10 virus.

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