¿Ha visto usted a mi hombre?



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Scene Title ¿Ha visto usted a mis hombres?
Synopsis Abby find success in locating Flint by following the trail of 'miracles' that seem to have popped up in his vicinity.
Date December 31, 3009

Old Lucy's - Main Bar

It took two days. Two days with Raquelle and then one of the bartenders who spoke spanish and probably a good couple hours on the phone. She didn't know that Teo knew where Deckard had hidden himself. She's started out as close as they could comparing the map he left with one on google. Pick a town and call. Ask about any strange miracles. She followed rumors and hit a few dead ends that turned out not to be flint. By day two and after an hour, she was starting to get despondant that she wasn't going to find him. Cups of coffee on the counter, laptop up and a notepad filled with numbers, arrows, scratched out numbers and a trail of red dots on the map that flint left as they kept up their search.

"¿Dos desiertos Impiden, qué desea usted?"

It wasn't the warmest of welcomes over the phone set to speaker so Abby could hear and Brenda didn't bother translating yet.

"¿Hola, Quién hablo yo con?"

"Luz" Duh. "¿Qué desea usted?"

"Luz. Llamamos de Nueva York, en Estados Unidos. Tratamos de encontrar alguien. Ha habido alguna cosa extraña últimamente, cualquiera que fue curada como si por un milagro, o sano de repente cuando ellos han estado enfermas durante mucho tiempo" We're calling from New York, in the United states. We're trying to find someone. Have there been any strange things lately, anyone who was healed as if by a miracle, or healthy suddenly when they have been sick for a long time. Brenda looks to Abby while expecting the same answer. No. Nothing.

"Quizá" Maybe.

Maybe? Abby's eyes widen when Brenda passes on the word. She has to clasps her hands and glue her ass to the bar seat so that she doesn't lean forward and yelling into the phone.

"¿Por qué quiere usted saber?" Why do you want to know?. The woman on the phone is cautious, careful. It's not often that they get this kind of a phonecall, especially one where it's translated into English for a third party.

"Oh thank the good lord above" Abby leans closer to the phone as Brenda fires off a spate of Spanish that she knows by rote now. "¿Hace el quizá viene de un hombre quién es un pequeños más de seis pies, y él son ligeramente desaliñadas, a veces miradas cuelgan realmente perro y a un caballero más viejo? Probablemente lleve un traje de chaqueta y llámese Deckard o Mike" Does the maybe come from a man who's a little over six feet, and he's slightly scruffy, sometimes looks really hang dog and an older gentleman? Probably wears a suit and goes by the name of Deckard or Mike.

Please. PLEASE let this be a hit and not some other religious individual who is talking about somme picture of jesus on the wall bleeding tears of blood.

"Quizá" Maybe. There it is again. Abigail holds her breath as the phone crackles across the line and the woman on the other end keeps talking. "¿Por qué quiere usted saber de él? ¿Está en un apuro él?" Why do you want to know about him? Is he in trouble?

"No! No, he's not in trouble' Abigail blurts out, forgetting that the odds of her being understood are slim. Maybe. Brenda just rolls out her eyes. "Ningún problema. El se escapó de su amiga. Ella es preocupada muy por él y quiere asegurarse de que él está bien. No fue se consigue matado o algo. ¿Está él allí? " No trouble. He ran away from his girlfriend. She's very worried about him and wants to make sure that he is okay. Didn't go get himself killed or something. Is he there? Slender fingers grip the bar, staring at the phone. God. People are so paranoid. That thought soon flits away quickly when she remembers most of who she's been dealing with of late.

"Sí." Even Abby knows that that means yes. Thank you dear Jesus for the second time.

"¿Hay otro caballero con él? ¿Un sacerdote por casualidad? Joseph" Is there another gentleman with him? A priest by any chance?Joseph. Abby was already plotting how to get down there and running through her available people to bring with her. Teo was out, phoenix would need him. Francois maybe? If he wanted. If he didn't choose to remain out in the world at large. It needed to at least be someone who could speak Spanish.

"Yo no sé. Escuche, esto es una barra, no una línea de información. Nosotros sólo hemos oído de este chavo que está a solas y realizar milagros. Usted desea más, usted tiene que bajarse y encontrarlo usted mismo que significa bajándose aquí." I don't know. Listen, this is a bar, not a information line. We've only heard of this guy being by himself and performing miracles. You want more, you are going to have to come down and find him yourself which means coming down here. There's a click from the other end of the line and the lady it seems, has met her limit in talking to crazy white chicks.

Abby reaches over to press the end button and look at the phone with lips pressed into a thin line. Brenda just reaches over, squeezing her boss's shoulder. "Hey. You found him and know where he is. There's half the battle boss lady" She points out. "Come on. Lets go see a movie eh? You could use some cheering up"

"I could use a great deal else Brenda. Like a bunch of people home safe" But she'd just wait on word to be heard instead or people to show up.

Or you know. A flood.

And where was Joseph if he wasn't with Flint?

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