Mrs. Estrid Hadley
Estrid Hadley
Portrayed By Lois Smith
Sex Female
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Healing
Age 70
Date of Birth April 13, 1949
Date of Death
Occupation Bakery Owner: Piece of Cake Bakery
Significant Other(s)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Mrs. Hadley is a healer. It's a fairly open secret amoung the Evolved, though she's the sort of healer you only go to when you really really can't wait for a normal timeframe to pass. The price is somewhat steep, albeit temporarily so. So far, she's healed anyone who's come to her, regardless of affiliation.

Cookies, pies, cakes and other assorted pastry goods are available at a far more reasonable price.

Character History:

Once upon a time, Estrid Hadley and her husband Jimmy lived in Oklahoma. When they were 50, they moved to NYC at the urging of their foster-son, Marco. Jimmy died of a heart attack a dozen years later, and Marco was caught in the bomb. Estrid bought the bakery where she had been working, and discovered her healing powers roughly a year later.

The first use of Estrid's power healed a young man who then scurried off to the Ferrymen for protection from the mob of non-Evolved out to get him. Though he promised not to tell… well. Someone showed up on her doorstep again. And again.

Cardinal and Isabelle were Mr. and Mrs. Hadley's foster-children once upon a time. Neither stuck around for too terribly long.

Evolved Human Ability:

Estrid's healing abilities are not all-encompassing. She cannot help regrow limbs lost entirely, or work at all with non-living tissue. It only works through touch of skin-to-skin between her and the injured person. Within those boundaries, she is capable of healing damage to living-tissue, including reversing things like cancer, tumors, etc. This doesn't work on herself, and it is a 0/1 situation. She doesn't get to pick what gets healed: it's everything or nothing.

Due to the mechanics of the healing, it only works on other Evolved, not normal humans.

As a 'scientific' process, the healing is not directly affecting the body of the injured person. Rather, she is accessing their own power and turning it towards healing themself, however unconsciously. This means that the normal use of their power is suppressed for a time, dependent on how serious the injury is. All of it is turned instead towards the healing process.

The healing itself takes approximately 10 minutes of concentration to complete, with skin-contact necessary throughout. In that 10 minutes, all of the wounds are healed. The power suppression (on the patient's part) and the weariness (on Estrid's part) lasts for minutes (scrapes) to a few hours (broken bones) to a week (lethal injuries or terminal illnesses); this is the patient's power used in a big push in that 10 minutes and requiring time to recover afterwards.



Memorable Quotes:

  • TBA

Potential RP Hooks:

  • Were you an orphan? Possibly one who was fostered by Estrid and her husband, either out in Oklahoma, or in NYC?
  • Are you an Evolved who may have come to Estrid for healing once upon a time?
  • Do you like pastries? Estrid's bakery has been in New York City for a very, very long time — the previous owner left after the bomb, and she took it over. Have you been visiting for as long as you can remember?
  • Estrid picks up strays like other people pick up lint. If you'd like to simply have known her for a while, it's entirely possible.
  • Would you like to work in a bakery? Estrid is an old lady and could probably use the help.
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