Hail Mary



Scene Title Hail Mary
Synopsis When you can't get in touch with someone, there's always leaving a voicemail.
Date August 10, 2019

Laudani-Epstein Townhome, Sheepshead Bay, NYC Safe Zone

"Gillian— It's Emily."

"Hey, I hope you get this in time. I don't know where you are, or if there's any chance of that, but—"

Pressing her hand to her forehead, she looks out over the lightening skies. Bare feet shift on the floorboard beneath the window.

"It worked. The dream thing worked. I saw her, and you need to be careful where you're going. She's safe, relatively speaking. She's under the impression that she didn't get kidnapped, even though everything she described sounds like kidnapping to me. Some fucking guy promised to tell her about where she came from and literally teleported her out of New York and told her she wasn't allowed to talk to any of her friends or family." It's impossible to keep frustration from her voice as she explains, "She was worried about endangering any of us by doing it. That this Zhao would somehow know, so—"

Emily trails off for a moment, searching the horizon for guidance. "The inklady was right, though. She is further west. She's in California — in Praxia. She found at least some of the answers she was looking for. She…"

"She found her biological dad. It's Adam Monroe, and he's looking into why she was experimented on, because that's— apparently a fucking thing that happened to her. And I don't…"

"Gillian, I'm not sure what to do here. I'm worried for her, and now I'm worried for you, too. Please, be careful. And if you do get this message, call me back and tell me whether or not I should tell SESA what I found out. I'm afraid if they were able to spirit her all the way across the country at the drop of a hat once, they'll do it again in a heartbeat. I don't want to ruin any chance you have of getting to her— so just … let me know what you think is best."

Her gaze drops before her eyes close, struggling with something unsaid and whether or not it should stay that way. Her other arm folding across her stomach, she decides to give voice to it after all. "Listen, the other thing is the way she was talking, she— I don't know if she's ready to come home. She was adamant she's not in danger and I don't believe that for a second, but she thinks she's going to find something out there that she won't find here."

"She's stubborn. You know that better than anyone, probably. But I think you're also the only one that can make her see whatever they have to offer is a pittance compared to having a real family. To having you."

"I hope you get through to her, Gillian," Emily murmurs, the fold of her arm tightening. It's only reluctantly she opens her eyes to face the new day dawning, and the complicated realization that's been brought to light with it. "Good luck. Hope to hear from you soon."

And with that, she brings her phone away from her ear, ending the voicemail with a tap.

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