Hair Sample


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Scene Title Hair Sample
Synopsis A quick meeting at the Zoo, gets what Ryans need to start a paternity test to see if Keira is his kid.
Date October 01, 2010

Central Park - Zoo

Surprisingly, Benjamin Ryans hadn't forgotten how to send a text message in this down time since he worked at the Company. So he was able to send his possible spawn a message asking her to meet him at a specific location. He brought his youngest confirmed offspring with him, mainly — and he won't admit it — for moral support.

Ryans stands much like a military man, hands clasped behind his back as he watches the Polar bears laze about in their enclosure. "It's hard to believe that only a few months ago, those bears were getting into trouble through out the city." His hawkish blue eyed gaze is shaded under the bill of a ball cap. One that goes with the blue flannel shirt and red tee he's wearing, along with blue jeans. He looks nothing like the agent he once was. "I heard the male made a mess of Mr. Linderman's resturant in his new hotel."

There is tipping down of his brows as Benjamin glances at his watch, before turning his back on the polar bear enclosure. "Where is she?" He grumbles softly, much like the geriatric polar bear does just behind him.

Delia isn't watching the bears, she's got her back turned to them and is tossing crumbs of bread to the pidgeons. Most people call them sky rats, but for some odd reason, their incessant cooing calms the redhead more than reading a medical journal. In this regard, she's been doing quite a lot of pigeon feeding, much to the dismay of everyone who likes to sit up on the roof of Gun Hill.

"I think I was already staying at the hospital when that happened," his youngest emits quietly. The endless winter wasn't a very good time for her, understandably. It's one of the times she wishes to put far far behind her, like the bomb. "So… uhm… do you like your new apartment?" It's not a very odd question coming from the girl, if it wasn't for her ability and her boyfriend, she would probably be knocking on his door every night.

Eying the paths toward the bear habitat, Delia swallows audibly and licks her lips. "I met her when Jaiden took me to karaoke, she's… uhm… different." It's really one of the nicest things she could say about the other woman, given the fact that she's Amadeus' girlfriend.

Keira dressed decently today. At least, as decently as she can dress— considering the tattoos that cover nearly every part of her body. It's a simple outfit that adorns her body today, a white sun dress that goes just past her knees, lined in blue, with flowers and grass along the bottom. Over her shoulders is a grey shrug. It does nothing to prevent the tattoos adorning her arms from being seen, nor does it prevent those viewing her from seeing her chest piece (complete with actual piercings in the skull's eyes!). On her feet, a pair of simple black heels, which add a good four inches to her height.

She at least put effort into trying to look nice for the man she believes to be her father.

Her heels click on the pavement as she makes her way toward te polar bear enclosure, running five minutes late. It took her a little bit to work up the nerve to get out of her vehicle and make the walk to the Polar Bear enclosure to see her father. A half-smoked cigarette rests between her lips, her pace a bit slow as she watches the animals. However, once Benjamin and Delia come into view, her pace increases, the cigarette flipped to the pavement and ground under her heel as she makes her way toward them.

She looks…nervous. "Um…hi."

Eyes fall on Keira, but it's hard to know what he's even thinking. His face is completely devoid of much in the way of emotions. Well, except for the press of his lips together at her state of dress, or maybe it's all the tattoos he can see. His head turns a bit, to glance to his redheaded child, before addressing the other girl.

"I've made arrangements to get a paternity test." Ryans states bluntly, letting his gaze find the tattooed woman again. "As I stated before, I do not believe you're mine and as such I think the only way for us to know for sure is to do the test." His eyes narrow at Keira as he asks. "Would you be willing do give over some hair samples for it?"

The contrast between the two young women is like night and day. Even though Delia is only dressed in simple jeans and a t-shirt with a hoodie tossed over it, she doesn't receive the stares that Keira gets from strangers passing by. An expression of pity forms over the redhead's face as she sees a mother of a young child ushering it to the opposite side of the path, well away from the tattooed woman. Not that she can blame the woman at all, Keira does look a little frightening.

Even with the added four inches, Delia still stands a few inches taller than the blonde. Aside from the fiery red curls that hang loose down to the middle of her back, she looks like a more feminine version of Benjamin. The same neutral expression on her face, the same hawkish blue eyes, and the same set to her jaw when he speaks about having to perform the test.

Keira comes to a stop near Ryans, moving to lean against the fence. She's quiet for a long moment, blue eyes switching between the man she assumes to be her father, and the redhead she believes to be her half-sister. She adjusts her dress slightly, frowning.

Then, one hand reaches down, raising her dress ever-so-slightly to reveal a strap around her leg, containing a knife. This is deftly pulled out, and with a swift motion and the glint of steel in the daylight, the large knife is quickly pulled out while she grabs a strand of hair with her other hand, quickly cutting it with the sharp steel.

Just as quickly, the knife is returned to its sheath, and Keira is holding out a lock of hair, more than enough for a few paternity tests. "Here."

She doesn't seem to care that people are giving her a very wide berth. She wants to get the test over with, too. To be sure. "I still think you're my dad." She frowns up at Ryans. "I mean, I don't know how my mom would get a picture of you otherwise…"

Disapproval is all over that mans face at Keira's actions, but Ryans holds his tongue, tho a glance goes around for security. He's suddenly uncomfortable about being there out in the open. Turning back to this wayward child his eyes for to the lock of hair.

"I don't…" Ben starts, but starts glancing at Delia, to make sure he's right. She's the one of them going to medical school, but he's pretty sure that isn't the kind of sample they are looking for.

Pinching the bridge of her nose with one hand, Delia lets loose a long sigh as she shakes her head. "No… that is not going to work." Though her tone of voice is quiet and soft, her tone is a little short.

Even though Keira's got a knife, Delia doesn't seem too frightened. Simply because of the fact that her father is there with her. So she walks over to the small blonde and lifts a hand to her head, yanking out a few hairs. "We need the roots, they don't test the hair itself, they test the little root at the end."

Yanking the tattooed woman's hair out is immensely satisfying to the youngest Ryans but when she turns toward her father, she reaches up to her own head with her free hand and yanks out a few of her own hairs. The difference in color and texture alone is enough that their hair won't get mixed up, but still, she places them in separate ziploc baggies and hands them to her father.

Keira flinches slightly as Delia yanks at her hair, gritting her teeth and clenching her fists at her side. It is with great restraint that she prevents herself from hitting the woman; instead, she grabs hold of her dress and squeeezes that, her eyes spewing the curses that her mouth won't say right now. Once that's over and done with, she watches as Delia bags up the hair samples, before turning back to watch Ryans.

"What if it comes back positive?" She raises her eyebrows.

"Then —" Ryans takes the two baggies and neatly starts to roll them, eyes darting over to the tattooed girl. "Then we'll deal with it and we'll talk about whatever you feel you need to know." The samples are tucked into his pocket, his own to be added later. "And if it's negative, then we'll deal with that too."

He has no idea how to handle it if it's not, honestly, but… "Cause I have no idea how your mother got that photo. It could have been anywhere." Ryans' brows furrow. "I have a brother that use you live near where you did… if this comes back negative, I'll give him a call… tho' we haven't' talked since I got married."

As keeper of the last remaining mementos of the Ryans family, Delia glances up at her father with a rather surprised expression. "Uncle Brick?" There's a little bit of an upcurl to the redhead's top lip, just on one side as she gazes over at Keira, studying her closely. "I … Yeah, I could totally see it." The last photos that she saw of her uncle were faded shots from a very long time ago. She can't even remember meeting the man, though it was when she was barely walking.

After Mary died, things between the girls and his parents sort of fell to the wayside as they tried to put their lives back together. It's only been within the last couple of years that Delia's opened up to her grandmother again, her grandfather doesn't remember who she is. As the tall redhead turns toward the bears, she pulls the crumbs out of her pockets and begins scattering more around their feet. The flock of birds flutters in and settles around them.

Keira's brows raise at Ryans' explanations of what could come to pass. She nods slowly, after a long moment, turning her gaze toward the ground, and the birds that feed on the crumbs Delia's thrown out.

"I just want to find out." She raises her eyes to the two. "You love her. I never had anyone t'love me." She's been doing a lot of thinking about this moment. "My mom told me on a regular basis that I was a mistake. She hit me, too, for any reason she could think of. When she ran out of her drugs, when I made too much noise, when something wasn't just the way she wanted, and she never even told me what she wanted." She frowns. "I had an aunt, but they weren't any better."

Blue eyes turn toward the ground. "I ain't after no child support. I can get my own money, I been doin' just fine on my own since I was a teen. I just…I dunno, I want someone that cares about me for once."

Her cheeks flushed, she turns back toward the enterance. "If that's all…"

There is a soft sigh at the girls words, brows furrowing, but Ryans doesn't say much for a long moment. Maybe what he says sound cold, but only Huruma would be able to feel the guilt and uncertainty he's feeling. So while he wants to say, 'I'm sorry your life wasn't all that great', what actually passes his lips is, "I'll get these samples out and let you know when I have the results."

Better he be cold, especially since he's about to do something really dangerous, then get her hopes up by saying the wrong words. Mary would balk at what he's doing, but Ryans isn't his deceased wife and not exactly father of the year.

There's a grim set to Delia's lips as she dumps the rest of the crumbs on the ground and crumples the breadbag into her hand. She doesn't look at Keira while she's talking about her mother's failings, or the fact that she's never had anything or anyone to call her own. As if Delia didn't feel sorry enough for her already, "I'm sorry." The words Ben didn't say, "Sorry that your life wasn't so great… but you don't have to wreck it and yourself because someone else is a screw up." The two eyes on the skull on the chest tattoo are eyed for a second before the redhead's blue eyes meet hers.

Raising a finger to scratch at her right temple, the student squishes her lips to the side and lowers her eyes to the ground again. "I know you think you want to be… a part of our family… but it's not cupcakes and daisies. You'll still feel all alone." Because that's how Delia felt for so long after Ben's better half was taken away.

Keira pauses, her face screwing up into a decidedly angry expression. She's silent for a time, her back to the pair. Then, her fists clench at her sides. Delia's words aren't heard over the roar of boiling blood in the woman's ears. "To hell with you. I try to fuckin' open up to you because I might be fuckin' related to you, might be your daughter…and all you got t'say is that you'll let me know what happens? You can't even fuckin' try to be sympathetic when it might even be your fuckin' fault I had such a shitty life?!" She whirls around, flinging…a nearly empty box of cigarettes at his head. Harmless, really.

Then, the sharp rap of those nearly-platform quality heels of hers can be heard, as she storms away from Ryans, toward the enterance. Over her shoulder, she shouts, "Fuckin' call me when you get the fuckin' results, you fuckin' asshole!"

And that outburst from the woman has drawn stares from passers by.

There is only the barest flinch as the box hits him and he lets it fall, Ryans watches the girl storm away with calculating and narrowed eyes. He doesn't chase or say anything, just watches. When Keira is well away, his shoulders relax visibly and he lets out a sigh, features falling into a sadder look, with concern furrowing his brows. "Pretty sure she will not be happy with the results…" Then he too starts to walk, intent on getting back to Gun Hill before security shows up.

Delia stoops to pick up the cigarettes and stares at them for a while before slipping them into her pocket. She hasn't taken up smoking, yet, but she heard it might be cheaper than buying food. Pivoting on one heel, she turns to trudge after her father. Her shoulders are hunched and her head hung quite low as she eyes the ground in front of her looking for change. "Probably not…" she answers her father quietly.

One glance over her shoulder sees the blonde paintjob disappearing from view. Then Delia lets loose a long sigh and resumes the long walk back to Gun Hill. "So… Dad… What if something does come up? Not you… but… You really think Uncle Brick would be any better?" She's actually starting to feel sorry for the other woman, if it weren't for the temper tantrums and the icky piercings, she might even try to be friendly.

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