Half Blind


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Scene Title Half Blind
Synopsis Brian has a plan. For once, Veronica agrees.
Date March 12, 2011

The Octagon Veronica's Apartment

Saturday morning dawns clear and brisk, perfect weather for walking. If she were healthier, it'd be a five-mile run that takes Veronica out of doors but instead it's a mere two-mile walk. She'd left Brian in bed with a soft kiss, and a promise to return, pulling the rumpled covers back over his still sleepy form before slipping out.

A box of warm and fresh pastries in one hand and two cups of coffee in a cupholder in the other, she has to juggle these with keys as she unlocks the door, one furtive glance over her shoulder to make sure no one is in the hallway to see inside, before stepping in. The food and coffee is brought to the coffee table, keys dropped with a soft jangle onto a magazine and Veronica stretches to rub her sore neck and shoulder. It will be quite a while before it doesn't hurt anymore — the chilly air outside, if no longer wintry, isn't helping today.

As the door started to make a fuss about being opened, Brian had sprung from the couch to tuck his body behind it. No use in being out in the open should someone be gawking behind Veronica or worse forcibly following her. For outside appearances, it just seemed like she left the TV on. But when she walks in, Brian keeps himself hidden. A light mischievous smile spreading up his lips. In a crouch he sprawls around the back of the couch, keeping low and out of sight. His movements only taken when a sound like the jangling of keys can cover them. Only once she has made a full pass by the coffee table does Brian pop out from behind the couch behind her. Approaching rapidly. Lips are placed tenderly against the soreness on her neck, hands going to rest on her waist from behind.

He wears only a pair of basketball shorts that she picked him up. Just like it used to be. The kiss is pulled from her neck and he presses his lips again against her jaw line, holding her against him. "I've been thinking."

A few days ago, the surprise would have had her springing back or hurling him in a hapkido throw, but just a few days has relaxed those nerves of hers while inside with him. For the first time in months, she feels safe. It's temporary — it has to be temporary, but that thought is held at bay for as long as she can push it away in denial of the inevitable. For now, she can enjoy the warmth and peace he brings to her.

Outdoors, of course, she's alert and wary, every shadow scrutinized, every stranger's face studied.

Her lips curve upward at the kiss, and she rests her head back against his.

"A dangerous pastime," she quips, tipping her head despite the pain caused by the severe angle, to brush his cheek with her lips.

Pulling on her waist to keep her close to him, his head lowers into the warmth of her lips. His chin then dipping to kiss again softly at where the neck meets the shoulder. "I can turn myself in to your Institute. Tell them I would like to take up employment. I can bullshit a reason. They could use someone like me. And.." Brian goes to twist her hips so that she's facing him, his forehead going forward to clunk against hers.

"We can be together." He smiles gently. "Like.. For real."

Her lips part, dark eyes widening with surprise. Her brows draw together and she brings a hand up to touch his face gently. "They have telepaths… people who could know you're lying," she whispers. "They… unless they negate me, they can't do that with me. It's why I thought I could pass without it being too dangerous."

It's not that it'd be hard to negate her of course — not with Harve Brennan on the rolls. She tries to avoid him as much as possible, of course, and especially if any of the known telepaths are around.

"It'd be dangerous," she whispers. "They might not hire you. They might put you away. I've seen… they keep them like vegetables, Brian."

Her dark eyes search his, and she frowns at her hesitation. A month ago, it would have been 'absolutely not' but a month ago, she didn't feel as utterly alone. There was still Goodman at her side. Goodman, who almost killed her. Goodman, who is back to being dead.

"I'm trained against telepaths. And besides that.. I'm not lying. I want to work for the Institute." Brian tilts his head some at her. "They need people, right? I'm a trained agent. I can do it. Fine." His hands slide back on her waist as his head droops forward. Cheek leaning into her touch. "I love you, Vee. And I'm not going to let this stand in between us. The Institute didn't kill my parents. And if you can work for them.."

A gentle kiss is pressed against her lips. "I can do anything to be with you, Vee. Put the telepaths and the tests in front of me. We'll get around them." His hand goes to find hers to deliver a single gentle squeeze. "We could be together. Out in the open. Like we've always wanted. Wouldn't you risk a little to have that? I for fucking sure, would."

Her lips tremble until she pulls them together in a thin line, and a shuddering breath is taken. Is it any more dangerous than the life he's been living? Is it possible to pull it off? The questions go unasked as she simply stares up at him for a long moment before closing her eyes and resting it on his shoulder.

"I want to say yes," she whispers. They once had agreed they didn't need to tell each other everything — for their own safety, for their own sanity. "I want that, yes, but what if they take you away? You don't have your ability right now — you don't know if the others of you are all right. What if you're the only one, and they take you away? I can't stand to think of that." She swallows and reaches to smooth his hair back from his face. "Even when we've been apart… just knowing that you were out there somewhere… it helped. As hard as it was… it helped."

"There's more of me. And I'm sure they're all looking for you." As she rests his head against his shoulder, one hand climbs up to tangle its way into her hair. "We can do this." He assures her, charming smile and eyes a glow in full Convincing mode. Pulling her head into his shoulder, and keeping it there the other hand goes to trace up and down her back gently. "And how good will life be when we're working together again? When we can be out in public together? When we can.." His hand traces over her hand, sliding down the expanse of her fingers.

"I want this Vee. I want you. I don't want to have to hide. And if you're going to make me leave because it's too dangerous to be around? I'll risk everything. You're all I have, baby." Another kiss is planted. "Please."

She swallows, letting him hold her before she steps back. "There'll be scrutiny," she murmurs. "The last things I'd done before getting hurt — and getting hurt, too — they're going to be watching me more carefully. They may be doubting my motives. Everything I'm working for — it might be undone already, and I don't want to bring you down with me, because you came in right at the wrong time."

She curls her fingers around his, moving to the couch and pulling him down to sit with her. "If you're going to do this," Veronica breathes out, facing him and curling one foot beneath herself, "you have two choices. I can catch you up to speed so you can make an informed opinion, or you can go in blind, well, half-blind, safer in case they try to mindread you."

Dark eyes study his. "If we're going to do it… I don't want you to be a pawn like the Company made you last time."

"Half blind. You can catch me up after I'm already working for them. Safer that way. If I don't know things, they can't read me. That coupled with my training on telepathy? I should be good." Allowing her to pull him to the couch, he smiles mischievously. One leg drapes off the couch while the other weaves to rest in between her side and the couch comfortably. "I'm not going to be anyone's pawn, Veronica." He explains gently, tenderly. "I'm going to be your night." One hand glides up to rub gently at her sore neck.

"I do have a question about your injury though. Hypothetically do you think it would hurt were you say, jostled forward and backward rapidly. Or bounced upwards and downwards at just as rapid a pace?" A mischievous smile lilts up his features as he tilts his head at her boyishly.

"Half blind it is," she murmurs, leaning forward to kiss him, dark lashes fanning his cheeks. The rest gets a slight snicker, and a shake of her head. "You are incorrigible."

Still, Veronica rises, holding a hand out to him and then moving toward the hallway to the bedroom. There's a couple of days left of this pretend playing house they're doing, with no risks and no dangers within these walls (or so she can pretend — at least she knows Goodman won't flare into existence in a burst of purple light). And she plans to make the most of them.

"We'll have to test them both," she says with a smirk.

Coffee, pastries, Company and Institute are forgotten.

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