Hamilton Heights Apartments
Owner Rent Manhattan Inc.
Current Status Apartments Available
People Come Here For… Middle to low income housing

A large red-bricked apartment building, cosied up cramped next to ones just like it. The foyer of Hamilton Heights is a cramped, interstitial space that displays two silver elevators (the left of which seems to be constantly out of order), and the oft-used staircase that winds up the six floors of this West Harlem apartment building. The ground is black and white checkered tile, almost charmingly camp and dated, but kept clean and neat. Though the foyer is not manned by personel, there is a minimal security setup that displays the foyer around the clock.

The rooms themselves vary between single bedroomed accommodations, and two bedrooms, depending on what you are willing to pay rent for. South-side, those on the upper levels receive a not so flattering view of Midtown beyond Central Park. The rooftop is accessible, if generally pretty bare and desolate save for the stray cigarette butt as an indicator of signs of life.

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