Han Solo For The Win


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Scene Title Han Solo For The Win
Synopsis Cassidy and Liz have a royal girls' night.
Date August 7, 2009

Elisabeth's Apartment

This night was planned for. On her way home from work, Elisabeth stopped off to pick up tortilla chips, salsa, and even some gourmet Brownies of Doom from Piece of Cake. They are Evil <tm>. In addition, she picked up steak quesadillas and the makings for margaritas, of which she made three pitcherfuls to stick in the freezer. When Cassidy arrived, a pitcher was waiting for them with munchies. Pillows on the floor in front of the coffee table and television. Stereo was playing with CDs of random female pop artists.

By the time the women have gotten through dinner and are on to the chips and well into the second pitcher of margaritas, relaxation has finally set in. "It has literally been the single most ridiculous year in my life ever. In the past six months," Elisabeth says on chuckle, "I have gone from being a high school teacher back to being a cop — which is what I always wanted to do and was doing BEFORE the Bomb anyway — to being … I don't even know what *I'd* call me. A rebel? Sounds all kinds of Star Wars-y, right? But I finally sort of found myself again. I'd been missing a long time," she says with a sage nod.

"So… what, you're like Princess Leia? She always seemed kinda… bitchy to me." Cassidy comments, laying on her stomach on the floor, a pillow tucked against her chest, an elbow rest on the floor with her head in her hand. Her bare feet swing lazily above her, making her look more like a teenage girl then the detective she is. "Ooooh!" She perks up a bit, with a big grin. "I know.. Padme.. That's who you are.. And Library Cutie… He does by the way.. have a grrrreat ass.." she actually giggles as she say that and takes a sip of her current Margarita, "He's is soooo Anakin before he got all Darth Vader."

"I however have always been a cop. Always be a cop… I hope. Though this thing with Coren.. Duuuude. It is so… I dunno. I get incite into the male brain. I mean.. How great is that?" She hops up on her knees and leans towards Liz like she's telling this big secret. "I have noticed.. At least with Coren.. He does not think of sex all the time. Myth busted!" She grabs a chip and takes a bite, acting all proud that she busted that little misnomer. There is a sudden frown and she sways a bit as she goes thoughtful. "Maybe it's cause he's old…"

Elisabeth laughs out loud, slouched back against the couch with feet sprawled just enough to keep her knees in the air. "He does have a seriously great ass. And he's … damn, woman. And He whines a lot less than Anakin. And I'd rather be Leia than Padme — she gave up at the end. She gave up and left two defenseless babies of a man she defied EVERYTHING to have alone in the world. That was just too wrong for words. Bad writing," she scolds the air, taking a sip of her margarita. "You would never believe me if I told you how Library Cutie and I first hooked up."

She watches Cassidy get to her knees and her blue eyes go wide. "He thinks about sex, stupid," she informs the redhead on a giggle. "He's just better about not thinking it where you can SEE than you are! He's old enough to have CONTROL."

"Okay.. You got a point there.. Okay.. Leia isn't so bad when you put it that way.. Okay.. Library Cutie can be Han Solo." She turns to sit next to Liz, with a soft oof as she drops back against the couch. "Yeah.. I can see Han Solo. I always thought Harrison Ford was sexy. I'm jealous!" The redheaded detective declares.

Picking up her drink, she shakes her head at Liz's observation, "You would think no matter how much control I'd catch something by no…" She purses her lips together.. "Nope! Nothing.. Nada.." She leans her shoulder against the blond's, she gives her friend a look of wide eyed innocence. "I am like… Not unattractive right? I mean. I'm not like some plain Jane right? I mean there has got to be a reason he didn't have those thoughts when he had me in his bed. It makes no sense!" She raises her hands up in frustration, forgetting she's got her drink in her hand. It sloshes, but doesn't spill.

Now that she's got Star Wars on the brain this matter, Elisabeth's got the giggles in a huge way. She's got mental images of people she knows in certain roles… like Helena as Mon Mothma, maybe? And Kat Marks definitely has to be one of the Sith. And Teo as Lando Calrissian…. yeah! And Cat Chesterfield's Admiral Ackbar! That makes her howl with laughter. "You'd have to be Padme cuz you fell in love with VADER! And Coren'd be … like young ObiWan … or Yoda! Felix'd have to be Luke Skywalker," she's laughing insanely by now, tears running down her face. "Even though I did sleep with him and all, he's still the hangdog 'why's this always happen to me' type even though his OWN ACTIONS are what ultimately get his ass kicked alla time!" She considers. "I could totally see Richard as Han Solo," she adds on a cheeky grin. "You know, cuz the whole end-scene of Jedi? Leia gettin' shot and havin' the gun ready to go, and that's when he finally tells her he loves her? Oh hell yeah. I can so see that." She's clearly had too much to drink as she finishes off the last of her margarita and shoves herself upward to go find their third pitcher — somewhere in here, the second one vanished!

As she brings it back to top off Cassidy's glass with slushy, very alcoholic margarita, she thinks about Cassidy's words. "You are not unattractive," she asserts. "I'd totally do you," she assures the redhead in mock seriousness as she sits back down. "If I swung that way, of course. But I mean… it makes sense if he's keeping his distance with you. Cuz I mean…" She sips her fresh margarita. "Let's put it this way: If he had just been schtupping a wanted felon, like you and I have been, and you knew it… how would you act?"

"Hey! You pretty much called Padme a loser, no way! Course.. Young Obi-Was was rather hot. He cared about Padme. I bet deep down she had a thing for him… Okay.. I'll give you Padme.. but she totally can't be a loser." Cassidy brightens as her glass is suddenly filled again, she almost didn't notice. She giggles at Liz. "Feeling is mutual, Girl." She gives her a wink. "If I swung that way." She adds as well. "And what's with that? Two hot women sitting around an apartment getting drunk when we should be out with hot guys?! There is something very very…." she pauses and adds, "very.. fucked up. Not that I don't love your company.. just saying."

"You mean he's staying away cause of Mortimer?" Cassidy sounds like she can't believe that. But she takes it under consideration as she takes a few sips of her drink. Good thing Coren is far out of the city, cause memories of her time with the crazy man flow through her head, including certain activities. "Well.. considering he mentally witnessed me having sex with Mortimer… I could see that. But… Ooooh, Liz. Mortimer might be crazy..but… Mmm. Men that crazy should not be that good looking or that good in bed." She holds a finger in the air and says a bit loudly. "It's a crime and conspiracy I tell you!" Her hand drops into her lap and she look at Harrison, eyes narrowed and thoughtful. "You know what I wonder sometimes.. What it would be like with Coren. You know.. cause of the…" Her hand waves at her head as she takes another drink. "That would be really REALLY weird."

Elisabeth gives Cassidy a truly commisserating expression. "Seriously, girl… seriously fucked up." She plops comfortably back into her slouch on the floor, her back curved so that her chin hits her chest and her knees upraised. It really does look like a freakin' slumber party in here, cuz Liz is wearing a pair of slouchy old sweatpants and an old NYPD T-shirt with her bare feet. No makeup, no hair combing. Serious girl time.

"I'm telling you, Cassidy, I think Coren's …. a little off if he's NOT thinking about sex with his cute partner at least sometimes. I mean… Christ, the man cooks for you! But… hell, what do I know? I'm one of those people that has a bunch of friends with benefits and nobody I really date. Richard and I don't date — he shows up when he has time or sometimes I invite him, and…. it's feeling a little weird and affeectionate even when we're not having sex. He crashes here sometimes. He even has a key. But I don't know as I've had a real date since … " Well… Alec, she guesses. And that's just a fucking sad commentary on her life — that the best date she's had in over a year was with a guy who pretty much lied to her at every turn. *sigh* "I can't even imagine having sex with a guy who can feel what I feel. That would just be too fuckin' weird for words," she agrees.

Wiggling, Cassidy works herself into a similar slump, though the detective is in her clothes from work. Tugging her shirt back down from where it rides up, she frowns a bit. "Mortimer was the first guy in a really long time." She giggles and rolls her eyes. "I'm starting to think I jumped the first thing that looked at me." Her cheeks color a bit. "First date in a long time — Like years! — was my stalker. I woke up to find him in my livingroom. A wonderful romantic dinner set up. It was really creepy and really… sweet." She wrinkles her nose as she continues, "but really real dates. I haven't had one of those in years."

"And I won't date. I'd traumatize Coren for life if I tried to get to know another guy." Cassidy laughs. "He won't let me live down Mortimer either.. Especially the sex." She is reduced to giggles, "Oh god.. I can't imagine what it would be like to suddenly get flashes of Coren with another woman." She frowns a bit, suddenly, "Course… he better not.. Cause seriously, now it would be just cruel." She sighs a bit. "I got it bad don't I?" She downs the rest o her glass and reaches for the pitcher. At least she's not concentrating on the dead area in her brain where her partner should be. "This is why a woman should not.. not sleep with guys and stuff. You get too easily twisted up in a guy."

Elisabeth pffffffffffffffffts. "Not usually," she replies ascerbicly. "Not me, anyway. I have this little black book of guy friends who used to call me or I'd call them, and we'd go out, scratch an itch, and go back on about our lives. It's all I really want from a guy, you know? I mean… look at this job. Even if I was looking for forever, the divorce rate among cops is sky-high. Weird hours, weirder days — especially nowadays. Nah… a nice energetic romp and some companionship… a friend. That's really all I ever asked for. Managed to stay friends with most of the lovers I've had since college, too. With a few exceptions." She turns her head to face Cassidy with a cheeky grin. "You definitely got it bad if you don't want him having sex with someone else. See…. that's the part that most people don't get. It's not about who someone's having sex with. The sex can be fabulous, but if you're not friends first… it's just sex. Orgasms don't make you fall for someone — not really. Eventually you see past all the biology and if there's nothing there to start with, it fizzles."

Cassidy has to pull her head back a bit to focus on Liz, her eyes squinting a bit. "I imagine if I had really cute guys to have sex with… I'd probably be that way too. But it's really hard to think of other guys.. with a guy in my head already." She glances at the TV and the sappy romantic comedy there, but she doesn't look at it. " I mean. Coren's like old enough to be my dad.. but damn.. The man can cook.. and.. even better.. He's British." She gives Liz a goofy grin and a knowing look. "Can't say accents on guys are not hot. And then he's just.. a really great guy." She peers at Liz and smirks. "Your lucky.. You really are. All those guys!" Hold up a hand and pressing he drink close to her chest. "I will forever more be totally and completely jealous of you! Especially if half the guys are as smoking as that Library Cutie!"

It hasn't hit Liz that somewhere in there she stopped calling him that. Her head's a little fuzzy from two pitchers+ of margaritas. "Well…. I'd have to admit that most of them are not quite as good looking. Almost." She grins at Cassidy. Conrad, Alec, Norton, Felix… they're all good-looking men in their own ways. "But each of them has this indefinable something that just … makes it work. Couple of them have cooked for me, Felix has been my sort of de facto partner off and on for a while now, so there's that sense of… connection, you know? And let me tell you something, totally between us," she confides in a low murmur. "For a man who's usually far more into men than women? He sure as hell knows what he's about in the bed." And she giggles, smothering it quickly. "He'd kill me if he heard me say that to anyone." She shrugs and then takes a long swallow of her margarita, commenting quietly, "Don't be jealous of me, though. Cuz you know what?" She looks at Cassidy again. "I'm actually jealous of Felix. See… he's got this person that he's in love with, and they're finally making a go of it. Which is why he and I aren't even occasionally having a romp anymore."

Cassidy stares at Elisabeth for a long moment and then she breaks down into giggles. "Felix? Seriously?!" Sipping her drink, she looks thoughtful. "I guess. Everyone wants to fall in love. But still.. I'm jealous. And I'd be jealous of anyone that's in love." The redheaded detective shrugs her shoulders. "I got attached to a guy thanks to a flawed ability. Course…" Her tone a bit sheepish, "Not seeming so bad…. But I think if it wasn't there, I wouldn't be stressing out over how the man feels about me."

She drops her head on Liz's shoulder. "Just.. don't tell anyone any of that stuff.. I mean I know you won't.. But still. Last thing I need is Coren knowing that." Course he gets back.. he might learn about it.. Or know something was up.

There's a grimace there. "Well… I can't decide if I'd rather be in your shoes or mine…. you're stressing out cuz you can TELL what the man's feeling. I'm stressing out cuz all I know for sure is that mine likes what he's getting in bed…. and that he thinks of me as a good friend." Elisabeth rests her head on top of Cassidy's, her blonde hair falling to mingle with the red strands. "When the hell did that stop being QUITE enough?" she grumbles. "Again, not that I want to give up my romps or tie him down, mind." She pauses and murmurs, "It sounds stupid, but he's one of the only people I think I haven't hurt lately. Even when he gets pissed off at me, …. like when I arrested his other lover, and she got sent to Mutant Gitmo? He was pissed to high hell and he still came when I needed him." Back when Alec was spying on her and she was scared to death. "That was even before we were together on a sorta regular basis — we fucked on a rooftop the first time." She grins. "It was great. And then it kinda went to hell cuz of the arrest thing… and now we're here. I'm not sure how all that happened!"

"Well… We ain't getting any younger." Cassidy points out rather happily. "I mean.. at some point your gonna wanna settle down some and have like one guy. My mom.. never married another guy after my dad. That's dedication I tell you. I wish I could find someone that I'd love that much."

Her head comes up suddenly, thumping their heads together.. "Ow.. sorry.. But a ROOF?!?! Oh my god. I can't imagine! Never been that adventurous.. Not… that I've had much sex in my life.. But still.. Damn girl that is totally awsome." A fingers comes up and she shakes it at Liz. "I dunno about you.. but a guy that will still screw you after arresting his other girlfriend.. That says something. He's gotta be into you!"

Elisabeth's head jerks back when Cassidy's comes up to thunk her in the nose. "OW!" she giggles, her margarita luckily not spilling only because it's mostly empty. "Geezus, Cass!" With the back of her hand, Liz wiggles her nose around a bit, laughing. "Who the hell knows what that guy thinks? I'm not his girlfriend. All I can tell you is that he's got a great ass and I like his company. A lot. Enough to actually give him a key, and there's only ever been one other friend who GOT a key from me and I'm not sleeping with him anymore! The rest? Bah…. not like I'm gonna up and settle down with a picket fence and kids at this point. Got a friend who traveled to the future and told me I actually would have a kid in a couple of years — talk about a shocker — but …. with the Pinehearst blast, we basically torched that future. So… " She grins, reaching for the pitcher to refill Cassidy's and her own glass. "A roof. Seriously. It was totally fuckin' awesome."

"Never say never." Cassidy points out as she tries to hold her glass steady, it takes a lot of concentration. "Man.. Coren is gonna be pissed when he comes home tomorrow. I am totally drunk. And he missed the fun." She drains a good portion before adding, "And never say you won't have kids.. cause my mom said that."

"Key.. I have a key to Coren's place.. and he has one to mine. Seem like anymore I spend a lot of time at his place." She giggles, covering her mouth with her hand. "And I mean a lot… What would the precinct think of that? I know there are a lot of rumors going on about us. I don't go home half the time.. I go to Coren's place. I'm just not screwing the guy."

Elisabeth pours very carefully. They're coming to the end of the third pitcher. How the hell did THAT happen? Good thing there's one more in the freezer, right? Then she pfffffffffffffffffts again. "Let 'em talk, Cassidy. Seriously. That place is like HIGH SCHOOL all over again. They talk about all kinds of bullshit. Ignore 'em. They used to say I was sleeping with Harvard. Good lookin' man — good cop, good MAN — do NOT get me wrong, but no. Not even close." She grins wickedly. "And if you and Coren ever do, they wouldn't know it cuz of the way you two act anyway. So what the fuck ever, right?" She holds up her glass, "Got a toast. Cuz …. well, you know… if Coren's missing out on the fun, it's his own fault for not actually letting you know what he feels, right? Here it is — heard it in college, seems appropriate now." The margarita glass is raised. "Here's to the men that we love… and here's to the men who love us. But the men that we love aren't the men who love us… so fuck all those men, here's to us."

Liz giggles as her margarita glass does spill a little this time. "And Han Solo for the win. Really."

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