Hana's Our Man


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Scene Title Hana's Our Man
Synopsis Evidence points Agent Sawyer at Hana Gitelman. She heads to the boss to ask for his take on things.
Date October 28, 2009

Fort Hero Len's Office

After receiving a call from the Forensics lab that the analyses for the Pratt murder, Veronica finds herself staring at a screen of a computer monitor. The screen currently lists the potential matches to the partial DNA evidence collected at the scene — prioritized by plausibility based on a number of factors.

The database came up with no less than twelve potential matches, but all but the first four are impossibilities. Veronica works on confirming which of the four are non-hits. After a few phone calls, she finds that Number Four is in a coma in Nashville after a motorcycle accident. Number three moved to Jamaica to open a bar three years ago. Number One is currently in prison, confirmed by a phone call to the warden.

Which leaves Lucky Number Three.

Veronica prints out the sheet and heads to Len's office, knocking on his half-open door.

Denton is on the phone when she knocks on the door. He's been scouring his contacts for any sort of lead on Teo Laudini, but so far the guy is like a ghost. He waves Veronica in and motions to the well used chair that sits in front of his desk.

"Okay. Look, if you hear anything. I don't care how insignificant, I want a phone call. You're my guy on this so don't let me down." Len clicks off the call and sets his phone down and offers a smile. "Whatcha got?" he asks, figuring she wouldn't be coming to see him for love advice.

Not that he would have any to give if she had.

Love advice she could probably use, more than most — Agent Sawyer fails pretty epically in such matters, but she's also not the kind to ask for help. That and there's the matter of who she is romantically involved with, which would make things even more awkward.

Veronica hands the folder to Len. "These are the possible matches to the DNA found at the Pratt house… long brown hair, an incomplete DNA bit. Looks like Number Two's our man, but it's higher clearance than I've got. Hana Gitelman."

There's a whistle that escapes Len's lips. He remembers that one when they were dealing with a possessed Mallory Allistair. "If she's involved, we could have a problem. There's some stuff in the database, but there's also a reference to hardcopy stuff. Considering she's a technopath, it's probably a wise move. If you think any of it has bearing on what you're investigating, I recommend going to Archives and asking for her paper file."

"She has a major beef with our organization, so this isn't all that surprising. Honestly, she's been rather dormant since the Allistair incident. The only motive I can think of here is revenge." He's just speculating at this point, but they're probably worth checking out.

Veronica frowns a little at that. With her own doubts toward the company pinging to the surface now and then, the fact a former agent, according to the small bit of her file open to Sawyer's mere level 3 eyes, was plotting against the Company and murdering its founders is a bit disconcerting. "The surviving founders have security detail on them, I hope. Sounds like there's a line to kill them longer than the lines at Disneyland," she says with a shake of her head. "I know they know about Monroe, and should be on the alert. I didn't think this was a Monroe murder, but it seems pretty coincidental, it happening just after the others."

Len nods as he drums his fingers on his desk for a few moments. "There's a connection. We just don't know what that connection is. It could purely be circumstantial, but I'll be damned if both Monroe and Gitelman have decided to target the founders at the same time.. I just can't fathom that is just a coincidence." He glances across the desk towards Sawyer, shaking his head. "Is there any trace whatever of Gitelman at the scenes where we know Monroe has been?"

Veronica makes a note on her folder. "Not that I know of, but I'll have forensics go back through the evidence we have, and go back to my contacts at the various PDs to see if they found anything that matches up. She's a former agent — was she Isotoped?" Again, the file is restricted, so Veronica doesn't have the details.

"I doubt you'll be able to track her, but you could take a peek. It's possible, but unlikely. If she's as good as I think she is, she's found a way to disable the isotope." Len leans back in his chair. "But it's worth a shot in the dark. I might be able to rouse her as I have an idea of who might be able to get in touch with her. What else do you have?"

"Not a lot until I read the file. If she's a technopath, I wonder… there were those scrambled cameras back in the neurosurgeon's case. We didn't confirm, but suspected that was Monroe. It could be her instead, I suppose," she says, picking up the file with the one paltry piece of paper in it and stacking it on the table. "Any ideas for the next step, if I can't find her via Isotope?"

"I'll make a couple of phone calls. See if I can dig anything up. Unfortunately, with her it's going to be pure luck if we find her, I've a feeling." Len glances at his watch. "I have to get going, but I'll call you if I get any information on her. Is there anything else?"

"I'm used to it." The pure luck thing. Tyler Case. Adam Monroe. These are the kinds of cases Sawyer gets. "Just call down and let Archives know to give me access, and that's it for now, boss. Thanks." She offers a weary smile and stands to head down to Archives.

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