Handing Over Magnes' Leash


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Scene Title Handing Over Magnes' Leash
Synopsis Minea comes by Carrie's office to ask her to watch Magnes while she's gone to deal with family business.
Date June 17, 2009

Primatech Research - Carrie's Office

Minea was wandering through the halls. Not really wandering She had a destination in mind. The thoughts about the plan today weren't tumbling through her head as the Company does have random telepaths in their rank and it would suck if everything went to pot through the slipping of one piece of information. No, Minea's looking for Carrie's office. Magnes, it seems, had gotten friendly with the other Agent and Minea was making preparations for long term leaving. Only no one else knew that.

Her office door stands wedged open, the sound of typing and the occasional mouse click can be heard. Inside, Carrie sits at her desk looking all the world bored as she works on documenting everything she learned from Dutch about Mortimer. The other desk occupying the room stands empty proof that she was now partnerless. When the door opens, Carrie is quick to click the document as well as presses the laptop's lid closed and turns towards the visitor. The Company, always keeping secrets from each other for absolutely years.

"Hey, Castillo" She doens't mind that the laptops being closed. Minea's used to just darkening the screen. "Got a favor to ask you, got a moment" Leaning into the room, hand on the lintel and head poking into the office.

"Sure." Carrie motions her to sit either at the desk chair or the couch that seemed to be Grim's favorite place when they worked. "Take a load off and ask away. Always willing to help out, I'm not doing a ton right now anyhow. Just typical reports." Her chair creaks lazily as she leans back in it to cross her legs, hand resting in her lap.

Couch! She's not Grim, but she's comfortable with the couch. "I got a family emergency coming up, I guess my mom's going in for a biopsy and my brothers can't get time off work and given how flexible things tend to be around here. I got Lawrence working on the hood case, he's fine, but I have magnes. Do you think that you could take him for the week. I got his schedule typed up for you if you will, and he's fairly independent. Just someone needs to keep an eye on him. He can still stay at my place, he's got the keys"

Nodding her head slowly Carrie gives a little smirk. "Magnes? He's a good enough kid. Sure why not. Like I said, I don't have a whole heck of a lot going on right at the moment." No partner to make her want to tear her hair out, a simple intel gathering mission and a whole lot of waiting around. "So watching him shouldn't be a problem."

"Thanks. It'll be one less thing to worry about Castillo. You're a godsend"Back up from the couch Minea moves. "He shoudl be good, his shits all at my place. Just make sure he gets there and doesn't deviate, he can take care of himself. If somethings wrong, just go to Len. Len will help you. I should be back soon" Her hand is offered out to the other woman.

Climbing to her feet as Minea does, Carrie takes the offered hand. "Will do. I'm sure he'll be fine. He's a bit goofy from what I've seem, but compared to Grim.. I'm sure he's an angel." Grinning, she gives the other woman's hand a squeeze before letting it go. "Have a safe trip and good luck with your mother's biopsy. Those are never fun, my mom has had that before." She moves to drop back into her chair and get back to work.

“Take care Castillo. Sorry 'bout your partner" But just like that, Minea's heading through the door and off to do some last minute things before she poofs.

For real..

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