Hangar 3
Owner United States Military
Employees Colonel Leon Heller
Hours of Operation 24/7
Current Status Operational
People Come Here For… FRONTLINE-OS

Situated on the north end of Miller Airfield, Hangar 3 is one of the repurposed aircraft hangars on the airfield's premises. This particular hangar has been converted into a military outpost and serves as the headquarters for the civillian security team FRONTLINE-OS.

From the outside, Hangar 3 is an isolated structure located directly on the main airstrip, a single-story aircraft hangar converted from hangar bay doors to a vertical-opening cargo door. The interior of the hangar has been divided with portable cubicle-style office partitions creating a division of space between a communications center and a barracks area where members of the OS team reside.

Connecting to the hangar is a three story concrete-block tower that contains administrative offices and kitchen facilities. All in all it is an extremely Spartan facility with minimal creature comforts, resembling a military outpost more than anything else.


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