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Scene Title Hanginaround
Synopsis Three friends spend the day doing just that, but not until after Magnes talks Quinn and Sable into doing something neither of them likely expected to.
Date June 4, 2010

Gun Hill, Magnes' Apartment

A good portion of Magnes' things have been moved from Dorchester by now, there's only a few things left. But right now the Gun Hill apartment is full of posters, comic bookshelves, and an HD television in the two bedrooms plus the living room. Excessive, but…

Right now he's standing in front of the living room television, with Quinn and Sable sitting on the couch. He's in his Riddler costume again, bowler hat, bowtie, cane and all. "Come on, I made an updated version of the Catwoman costume for you and everything!" He drops it into Sable's lap, and then looks over the Quinn. "And you'd fit right into the Poison Ivy outfit! We could play Gotham Sirens!"

It's with thumb and forefinger, the precise digit configuration of doubt, that Sable lifts the outfit from her lap and peruses it with undisguised skepticism. Her eyes move up to Magnes, back to the costume, up to Magnes again, then back to the costume. This could go on for a while, were it not for the third factor.

Sable glance at Quinn. She will say nothing until she sees what it is Quinn is being asked to put on.

Every passing day, Quinn questioned exactly what she'd gotten herself into - humourously of course. Half of what Magnes had been talking about had gone right over her head since she didn’t know really anything about comics, but she was at least trying to humour him. This, however, might be a bit far outside of her grasp.

“Poison Ivy? The one from that Batman movie?” She quirks an eyebrow, looking at the costume, if it could even be called that. Holding it up, she frowns. Magnes was already dressed pretty ridiculously, and Quinn wasn’t sure she wanted to join him in that. “I’m… not so sure about this.” She smirks, glancing at Magnes. “I kinda expect you to just stand there and gawp at the two of us once we get ‘em on.”

"Hey, if I wanted to gawk, I'd have just made the costumes for Elaine, then I could at least take them off after gawking gets boring." Magnes suddenly points his cane at Quinn, rather dramatically. "Riddle me this! Will I have time to gawk if we're sitting around watching a movie, and comment completely in character? Besides, everything's better than the movies."

Sable is so thoroughly out of her personal league here. She doesn't even make a comment about herself gawking, or some similar gilded witticism. Her mouth hangs open slight, as if maybe, if she waits long enough, the proper words will just sort of… fall out. This tactic doesn't work, so she's forced to move her jaw, and actually produce language.

"Good t' gets used to costumes f'r the stage show," is what Sable finally manages, bringing the whole issue back into an enframing she understands, "But this," she shakes the Catwoman getup, "Wuddn't precisely what I had in mind f'r m'self. Ain't there somethin' a little less… leather? I ain't sayin' I'd never wear it. It just strikes me as a uniform f'r a different sorta job."

“You sound daft.” She points a finger like a gun at Magnes, still grinning. Returning her attention to the outfit, eyes narrowed, she holds it up and sighs. “We can switch if you’d rather, ya’ know.” She looks over to Sable, holding up the Poison Ivy costume and shaking it tauntingly.

"I did make one costume for you as a joke, because you're short and grumpy." Magnes takes the Catwoman costume, then heads into the extra room, since Sable's got her own apartment now. He stays in there for a moment, then comes out with another costume on a hanger, dropping that into her lap. A bright yellow and blue Wolverine costume. "Wolverine."

Sable might object to the totally unarguable comment on her stature, but grumpiness apparently gets translated as a compliment. She smirks and sits up to peer after Magnes, interested in what his sense of humor might generate. When the new costume arrives, she lifts it up before her. She drops it enough to get a look at Magnes, "Y'mean the guy with the, like, knife fingers?" What she hasn't sifted from culture at large, she's learned from living with Magnes, "Arright. Arright. This is mebbe more fuckin' acceptable." Of course, she'll be the odd one out, the Marvel amongst DCs. Her eyes cut over to Quinn and she flashes a grin, "Aw no, I ain't gonna get between you 'n' that little number." There's the comment she was supposed to make. Just running a little late.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” She sits up a bit, examining the costume that’s been given to Sable – she recognizes the name from movies, of course, but the costume isn’t what she remembers. “I think I like that leather more, personally.” She winks at Sable, hands folding over the costume in her lap. “What the ‘ell.” She sighs, and stands up, costume in hand. “If you promise to stop pointin’ that silly cane at me, I’ll put it on.” She wasn’t entirely comfortable with this, but Sable did make a good point of getting used to outfits and costumes, should they need them for performances.

Plus, if she got it over with now, she hopefully wouldn’t have to worry about it in the future.

Magnes lowers the cane, then moves to take a seat on the other end of the couch. "You can both go change in my room." He's not entirely sure how lesbian etiquette works, but he's apparently looking as if he expects Sable to follow Quinn so they can both change. "And yes, the guy with the knife fingers."

Sable snickers at Quinn's condition. The cane is rather silly. Poor Magnes - he's outnumbered. But then again, they both did agree to put these things on. Sable folds her hands behind her head and leans back. "Wouldn't mind havin' that in a pinch." Schnick! "Ladies first," Sable says, nodding to Quinn. Sable isn't beyond monopolizing on the confusion that non-normative desires produces in gender etiquette, but evidently she's choosing to be chivalrous rather than sleazy this time. "'nless you need a hand, like, zippin' it up or whatever." Okay, mostly chivalrous.

“I might. I have no idea how this thing works…” She trails off, grimacing for a moment before she turns to the door, slinging it over her shoulder. “This room, then?” She points to the one she’d seen Magnes go in and out of before – but rather than waiting for confirmation, she simply steps in, an obvious look of reluctance on her face. “You owe me right much for this, Magnes.” There’s a teasing quality in her voice as she peers back out the door, pointing first at him, and then after a moment drifting to Sable. “Maybe you too.” She disappears back inside, shuffling only heard within.

"Don't worry, I'll need a favor one day." Magnes sits back on the couch, straightening his hat as he waits for Quinn to finish. "Why didn't you go with her and change?"

"Gal deserves privacy from pryin' eyes," Sable says, like of course she'd be respectful of Quinn's personal space.

That said, as Quinn lingers in the room, Sable peers up over at the door and calls out, "Y'sure y' don't need a hand, hon?" Just… checking.

"Oh yeah, I guess you would, um, like seeing her and all." Magnes isn't even sure how to put it, he just awkwardly clears his throat and straightens his hat again.

It's Sable's turn to point at Magnes with a finger-gun. "Y'damn right."

“I… is this supposed to be all leafy like this?” Confusion is evident in her voice, and after a moment, she pokes her head back out of the room. It was probably good she couldn’t hear everything being said, but she had heard Sable’s offer of help. “I think I got it, but something’s all knackered up in the back and I can’t get it.” She disappears back into the room, though a thud and a curse – something about the footwear she now adorned – ring out. “Wait… no… I think I got it.”

"Knackered up…" Magnes repeats, swallowing as he stares at his room door. "Now I am kind of curious… I mean I wasn't thinking anything weird when I picked out the costumes, but now I kind of am."

Sable scoots out so she swing a kick at Magnes' leg. "Goddamnit! Impure thoughts 'r' my fuckin' forte!"

A moment later the door to Magnes’ room creaks back open, and out steps Quinn, decked all out in the Poison Ivy costume, her cheeks almost as red as her hair. “Please tell me I’ll never ‘ave to wear anything like this on stage.” She walks back over to the couch and plops down on the far end from Magnes. Looking down at herself, she grins. “I don’t imagine I’ve looked much better, though.”

"You make a great Poison Ivy!" Magnes says with wide eyes, quickly motioning her over so she can take her seat. "You should come to the convention when I take Elaine. She's gonna be Batgirl, Stephanie Brown Batgirl."

Sable allows herself one long look, taking full advantage, before shielding her eyes theatrically. "Tempt me not, devil in the desert!" is her exclamation, as she falls back onto the couch, limbs splaying, "This ain't the least bit cool. Show some consideration f'r my weaknesses!" She peeks out from behind her arm, squinting at Magnes through one eye, "Elaine too? Y'r just lovin' this, aintcha?"

“Stephanie who? Convention?” She had no idea what exactly Magnes was talking about, but… she had to admit, she might consider going where it was with him if it meant both getting to see him act silly in a costume, and if Elaine was going to be dressed up like she was. At Sable's reaction, however, she brings up a wide grin. “I could put on a coat, if you’d rather,” she says with a chuckle. “Go on, now, I’m not bein’ the only girl here playin' dress up.” She motions Sable to the room where she changed, trying to push her up with the other.

"That's still a really good costume…" Magnes' jaw is practically hanging open, but he shakes his head, then looks to Sable. "Hey, yeah! Go get dressed. This should be good. You've already got the hair, so we don't need to put on anything else."

Sable puts up a little bit of a fight before allowing Quinn to pull her to her feet. She tosses the Wolverine costume up over one shoulder and sidles into Magnes' room, glancing over her shoulder and making a face at her bandmates before grinning and disappearing from view. Verse is costume, chorus is the change. The same sounds issue forth from the room, with similar grumbles about the difficulty of getting the outfit on, though all in corrupt Georgian rather than Irish.

“You’re going to have to… educate me if I’m goin’a walk around dressed like this, Magnes.” It’s a very matter-of-fact statement, Quinn’s grin coming to Magnes. “And thanks.” A compliment is a compliment, after all. She makes a sidelong glance to the door, before letting out a wistful sigh. “By the by, did Sable say anythin’ to you about my lightshows?”

"Poison Ivy has plant powers, and controls pheromones. She treats plants like her children and really likes Batman, you know, the usual." Magnes looks to his room, and then to Quinn again, shaking his head. "Lightshows?"

Plant powers? Pheromones? She couldn't decide if they sounded better, or more boring. She nods at Magnes, feigning at least mild interest, but when he makes it evident that Sable hadn’t talked to him about it yet, she sort of grimaces. “Lightshows! You know, kinda like those laser rock shows they do sometimes, with the shapes n’ colours? I do them for my DJin’ gigs, there right fun.” She snickers, sitting up and leaning forward. “Bit of’a trick to ‘em, though. Told Sable about it the other day.” A beat passes, and she looks up at Magnes with an uncharacteristically steely gaze. “Don’t go tellin’ anyone the secret without askin’ me, though. I like to keep people guessin’.”

"Wait, you mean, like an Evolved ability? I know someone who controls lights…" Magnes stares at her with curiously now, interest clearly captured as he sits up and removes his bowler hat. "So, can I see you do something?"

Quinn wrinkles her nose, eyes narrowed. “Wait, are you sure she didn’t talk to you?” She’d kinda enjoyed how she’d been able to reveal it to Sable. Magnes was clearly more savvy, and that made her kind of sad. Still, no need to stop simply because he’d guessed it. “Y-yeah.”

Much like with Sable before, she holds out her left hand, only this time palm up. It takes a moment, but very quickly her hand begins to go glow and radiate light, emanating from her hand like an aura filling the room. Plain white light at first, before shifting to a green suitable to match her costume. It lingers for a moment before condensing, forming into a series of shapes formed out of light.

"Whoa, that's awesome!" Magnes looks around, eyes rapidly blinking as he tries to adjust to the sight. "You've gotta… you have to meet someone I know!" he states excitedly, standing up to enthusiastically grab her hands. "I'll talk to her, and then you two have to meet!"

Sable peeks out of the door and peers out just in time to catch the demonstration. She grins, but her grin slips into a lopsided quirk of the lips at Magnes' excitement. Some parts of her life she doesn't necessarily want or need to mingle overmuch. She eases back into the room, dressed in the blues and yellows of one erstwhile James Howlett, the fabric creaking slightly at her joints - it still needs to be worn in. "She c'n do it while playin', too," she interjects, "Means we won't hafta tap Colette f'r a favor or anythin'."

Quinn is a bit taken aback by Magnes’ enthusiasm as he suddenly jumps up and takes her hands. Meet someone? “ Wait, you… Magnes, are you trying to set me up?” She grins at her own joke, glancing at Magnes’ door as she does. “Who’s so important that I apparently need to meet them so bad?” At Sable’s comment, ehr eyes are drawn first back to Sable, and then to Magnes, to whom she offers a shrug. “Well… I can do it why DJin’ since it doesn’t require a lot of concentration. Actually playin’s a lot harder.”

"And we shouldn't tell other people's abilities!" Magnes quickly reminds Sable, then smiles back at Quinn. "But in this case, I guess it's alright. You have to meet our friend, you have similar abilities, with lights, it'll be amazing. And I'd never replace Colette, I think she really wanted to be a part of things."

Sable sniffs, "Aw, hell, like she wouldn't find out eventually. We live the same goddamn buildin'." Of course, it's an entirely justified censure - Sable is only defensive because it's justified. "'n' I'm just sayin', y'know, in case she's busy durin' a gig. Quinn'll be there for sure, bein' a comrade in arms and all." There is a strain of something like resentment in her tone, at moments, peeking out behind nonchalance. She crosses her arms, "Mebbe we can make it all part of practice, y'know? That's as real a goddamn skill as any."

Quinn’s eyes widen a bit as Magnes finally makes the nature of this friend of their clear. “Huh! I never met someone else that can… you know.” Her enthusiasm seems to matched Magnes’, if in a more subdued manner. “Lemme know how all that goes, then. I’d love t’ meet ‘er.” Turning her attention to Sable, Quinn’s hands move to her hips. “You look a right bit more ridiculous than I do!” Magnes’ energy is fully contagious, and Quinn seems to have moved on from nervousness and embarrassment about what she’s been talked into wearing. She wears a grin as she plops back down on the couch, motioning Sable over. “At least all three of us look positively stupid together, though.”

"Come on, let's watch a Batman movie dressed up." Magnes decides as he heads over to look through the DVDs. "I'm telling you, if you all come to the convention with me, it'll be amazing…"

Sable will be the odd one out, an uncanny, incredible, astonishing, grumpy Canuck. She plops back onto the couch, leaning back against one arm, legs lifting to cross over Quinn's lap. She grins at Quinn. 'Don't mind, do you?' her look seems to say.

"Get 'er rollin', boy! Daylight's wastin'."

Quinn glances down at the feet across her lap, a grin on her face. “You’re lucky you ‘ave the shoes.” With the comment, she wiggles her fingers, threatening… well, it’s supposed to be tickling, but lord knows what it looks like. She smiles at Sable, and then looks up to Magnes. “Do make sure it’s not one of those terribly dreadful ones I’ve seen on TV.” If they had to watch a superhero movie, she’d kinda rather it be Superman, but whatever – this was more thematic. Leaning back against the couch, she lays an arm across the top and smiles, ready to enjoy the film.

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