Hanging Together Or Separately Is Still Hanging


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Scene Title Hanging Together Or Separately Is Still Hanging
Synopsis A meeting of the minds displays conflicting pieces of information.
Date May 29, 2009

Central Park

Central Park has been, and remains, a key attraction in New York City, both for tourists and local residents. Though slightly smaller, approximately 100 acres at its southern end scarred by and still recovering from the explosion, the vast northern regions of the park remain intact.

An array of paths and tracks wind their way through stands of trees and swathes of grass, frequented by joggers, bikers, dog-walkers, and horsemen alike. Flowerbeds, tended gardens, and sheltered conservatories provide a wide array of colorful plants; the sheer size of the park, along with a designated wildlife sanctuary add a wide variety of fauna to the park's visitor list. Several ponds and lakes, as well as the massive Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, break up the expanses of green and growing things. There are roads, for those who prefer to drive through; numerous playgrounds for children dot the landscape.

Many are the people who come to the Park - painters, birdwatchers, musicians, and rock climbers. Others come for the shows; the New York Shakespeare Festival at the Delacorte Theater, the annual outdoor concert of the New York Philharmonic on the Great Lawn, the summer performances of the Metropolitan Opera, and many other smaller performing groups besides. They come to ice-skate on the rink, to ride on the Central Park Carousel, to view the many, many statues scattered about the park.

Some of the southern end of the park remains buried beneath rubble. Some of it still looks worn and torn, struggling to come back from the edge of destruction despite everything the crews of landscapers can do. The Wollman Rink has not been rebuilt; the Central Park Wildlife Center remains very much a work in progress, but is not wholly a loss. Someday, this portion of Central Park just might be restored fully to its prior state.

This is a meeting that Elisabeth is not entirely sure of, but she's reached a point of 'what have we got to lose?' The answer, of course, is that if she places her faith wrong — and she's honestly worried about her own judgment of people in this — one entity or the other is going to have their hands on the intel that Phoenix has and could move to counter any move they could make.

She's visibly nervous as she and Cat wait near Belvedere Castle, her hands shoved into the pockets of her jeans and a light blazer the only thing keeping her firearm out of sight. Her badge is tucked away in a pocket. She paces near the bench that Cat's taken up residence on, and she murmurs, "I'm worried about exposing you to him, Cat. God… if he has you, they could… " She shakes her head a bit, though, because the panamnesiac is old enough to make her own choices here, and she seems to have chosen to go with Liz's arguments and instincts.

Why she'd trust Liz's after Alec is anyone's guess so far as the blonde is concerned, but she's actually grateful for the other woman's presence. Her ears are tuned to the approach of anyone, and she's keeping a small field of silence around the two of them so their own conversation can't be heard — she's getting far better at multitasking. Conrad would be proud.

"I would've chosen someplace where I can wear a ski mask," Cat mutters. She's done some things to obscure her features a bit just the same, best she can without drawing attention for being in Central Park and trying to do so. Alert eyes watch the area around them, she has the iPhone out and is apparently tapping spots on the screen, perhaps to choose songs in a playlist or something. "We've taken risks before, though," she adds. "Thankfully Arthur is quite content with his memory. I had no idea, and I shook his hand."

Silence follows on, she states after it "We had people from inside the Vanguard, ultimately, helping make that happen. So it would have to be here."

And so she waits.

Liz isn't the only one feeling uneasy about this meeting. With so many logs on the fire at the moment, this meeting is truly ill-timed for the cowboy as Len walks down the sidewalk. He let a couple of his agents know where he was going and who he was meeting — though apparently not everyone he's meeting as he is not going to be expecting Cat at this little shin-dig. Told them if he didn't return, they may as well start looking for him. There's a clip-clopping sound as cowboy boots hit the sidewalk, then they stop when he steps into the grass as Len Denton makes himself known to the two who are waiting for him.

He is normally one to conceal his true emotions, only because it has been necessary, but he can't help but pause for a moment when he notices there's not one but two ladies waiting for him. Well, now. He's only been in the city for a month or so, and it's not like he knows everyone so the other figure does not register as far as identity goes. He continues forward as the pause was merely just a faltering in his step. "Detective Harrison." he acknowledges, then tips his hat towards Cat. The hat just one of the many accessories that screams 'Cowboy' about the man — his work shirt, red and plaid, and faded blue jeans tucked into his cowboy boots all fit the mold of this Texan.

He has no weapon on his person, and his HomeSec badge is tucked away betwen his jeans and his wallet in his back pocket. "You called this meeting, I'm just here to two-step. What can I do for you?"

Turning toward the distinctive sound of hard-soled boots, Elisabeth lifts her chin and looks at Len. "Agent Denton," she greets quietly. She's not planning on introducing Cat by her real name — a face without a true name will be harder for him to trace. "Considering recent events and our agreement to 'share' information, I thought it was time we had a frank conversation." There's a pause, and she never removes her hands from her pockets, though they clearly don't conceal a weapon. "Please, feel free to have a seat. What I have to say to you is going to take a little time. My friend Anne is here to help out with details and … well, frankly because she doesn't trust you not to bag and tag me," she comments to him with a faint grin.

'Anne' looks up as the man approaches and draws attention by speaking, then lowers her eyes again as she taps a few more buttons on the iPhone screen as if she were finishing up whatever she was doing, then puts it away. The woman, five feet eight and brunette, maybe 145 pounds, doesn't have much to say. The brim of her Yankees cap obscures the top of her face some, maybe enough to conceal the eyes. What can be seen on and of her features is an expression which would be of solid value at a poker table.

"'Bag and tag' has such negative connotations to it, really. We prefer to call it 'Evolved Assistance." When he says this he smile — and the smile itself is sincere, as if truly believing what he's saying.

Giving 'Anne' a glance — really, he has no reason to think that's not her name, except that it was thrown out there so nonchalantly without an actual formal introduction, which already raises his suspicions — he gives her a nod and a smile. "Nice to meet you.. Miss Anne, is it?"

He takes the offered seat, because again he really has no reason not to. Len certainly hasn't come for a fight, and so his posture says as much. Len continues to look at 'Anne' realizing that she doesn't /want/ to be recognized, so he then turns his attention back to Liz. "Very well, Detective. I'm sitting and my ears are wide open."

"Uh huh," Liz replies with a wry twist of her lips. "Call it what you want," she tells him. "It is what it is." She sighs heavily, glancing at Cat briefly for moral support. "The news recently came through some channels that a man who was publicly the head of Biomere but was also high-up in your Company, Roger Goodman, was killed. That act more than most other things forces me into a position of hoping to God that you are who and what you appear to be — a man trying damn hard to do the right thing while working for one of the most corrupt entities that exist in the government. because if you're not, I'm pretty sure I'm going to wind up in the Evo Black Hole of Calcutta or dead on the streets in some kind of 'accidental, oh-isn't-it-sad' cop killing." The lines of tension on her face are not feigned.

She speaks. The woman with Detective Harrison actually has a voice. "Anne Wilson," she shares, adding "I'm a real barracuda sometimes." Her poker face is unchanged, the man glanced at briefly as he sits. Then she's silent again, listening as Elisabeth speaks. Evo Black Hole. She remembers that feeling, from the time she came back from a gig and Agent Woods was about to throw her and Helena both down the pit because he couldn't tell between the real Helena and Sylar wearing Helena's face.

Curiosity rules her thoughts, along with the general distrust hidden under that poker face and the thoughts of so many things Primatech has done. Did he give the termination order on Goodman? What exactly is his authority? It wasn't a surprise the organization is ruthless. It wouldn't be if Denton himself is too.

Len looks from one to the other as the name of Roger Goodman is uttered, though he doesn't give any expression other than a raising of an eyebrow. As the brow falls, he makes eye contact with Liz. "From the intel that I have gathered in the last week, Roger Goodman has left our organization. He apparently feared for his life, though I'm not certain why that would be, and it seems he has left the country."

Truth or not — and it's definitely not — Len is not about to say one word about Roger Goodman. As far as Len is concerned, Roger Goodman is a traitor to his country, his organization and to those who worked for him. It's fortunately for Len, he can control those emotions inside him because otherwise, the pure anger that would show on his face might betray the fact that he wishes he could have pulled the trigger himself.

He glances once more at 'Anne'. He's certain her role in this is far more than let on, so talking freely at this point has not proven to be in his favor in the least.

When he turns back to Liz. "And honestly, I am not going to sit here and say that those I work for have been always on the level. I'm certain that there are those who have gone beyond reasonable means to get their way done. But, I can assure you that it stops here with me — right now. So, you can feel free to breath a sigh of relief, Detective. The black hole awaits you not. That being said, I hope that Roger Goodman was not going to be an asset to you because in my honest opinion that man is a traitor and fate awaits him someday to give him what he deserves. And if he was in cahoots with you, then I might have to reevaluate our relationship here."

There's so much to say, Elisabeth tries to keep it in short chunks. "Where to start has been a challenge I still haven't quite worked out, so I'm going to give you the short short version of this and then try to fill in the blanks from there. The Company was created to protect Evos from the general population. That much, I do know and actually believe. The dozen people at the top had all the best intentions initially. They've been monitoring and tagging and dealing with the Evo situation for a good two decades, well before anyone else knew they existed. Somewhere along the way, though, there was an ideological schism, and one man at the top faked his own death to get away from his wife, who was also one of the founders. These founders have come a long way from 'protecting Evos' — they are what you now know as the Company. Their agenda… We'll get back to agenda and details in a minute. The other group has a name too, and I'm not going to divulge it yet, but suffice to say the OTHER founder has decided to build hiim empire to rival your Company, because HE also believes that the Company's original purpose has become corrupt… but he doesn't really seem to see that ultimately he's walking the same path. You with me so far?"

She assumes he is and keeps forging ahead. "You know that we've got time travelers here from 2019 — we've already shared that information. When the future people came back from 2019, their travel here basically trapped several people in the temporal shockwave and sent THEM from 2009 forward to 2019. Our friends from the future came back to change their future…. because one entity is honestly no better than the other so far as they and the travelers who went forward from OUR time have come back to tell some of what they've seen. Roger Goodman was a man who, in the future they saw, outed the illegal activities of the Company to public and federal scrutiny and was the cause of the downfall of the Company, to much celebration by the US government and the Evos in this country. He was a hero. As a result of that downfall, Evos became recognized as full members of society with all the rights and obligations that entails. Unfortunately… his actions also allowed the SECOND group of Founders and their agenda to become powerful."

With Elisabeth covering things so well, 'Anne' sees no reason to speak and so continues in her silent speculations on the man and his demeanor. Her brain is at work recording, sifting, analyzing, speculating. Deep loyalty to his employer, it being unknown if he really believes it or not, if he has any clue what that firm's had fingers in. What she would dearly love to snag proof of.

There's a long moment of silence as Len's focus turns from Liz to something nearby, perhaps a tree or a bird or something as he takes in her story. He takes in a deep breath and lets it out. "That's quite the scenario you laid out for me there, Detective Harrison." He says it frankly because really, it's what he does. "Your version of the future turns out nicely indeed for evolved all around the world. But you see, it does nothing for me. You see, the events of the future as you laid out are accurate as I've heard it from another source — whom shall remain without name at the moment."

He pauses to glance again at 'Anne.' "The agents that work for me are all /good/ agents." Focus back to Liz. "Those /good/ agents all end up going to prison because of Roger Goodman. He sells them out. Whether they did the right thing or the wrong thing, they all are herded up, and either framed and put in prison or sent straight away just for being associated with the 'Company'. You tell me in what world is what we have no so different from what goes on in the future. I can tell you at least I don't sanction the imprisonment of the innocent. I have already started weeding out the good from the bad and doing what I can from where I stand to make a difference."

He stands now, for the first time showing a little spark of anger to him. "Hell, Detective Harrison, I was the one responsible for putting Mallory Allistair back in her body and letting her go — and I have shit to show for it because I still don't know where this 'Robin Hood' character is now. So you can hold up Roger Goodman as a hero if you so desire. He's a traitor to those who worked for /him/, Harrison. He sold them out. Not just the corrupt ones, but everyone."

Words stop and Agent Denton stands there looking from one woman to the next. "Now, what do you want from me?" A simple question, right?

Her eyes shift over to settle on the detective, the features still in poker face and speech eschewed, for now. 'Anne' keeps her thoughts, numerous as they are, to herself.

Elisabeth shakes her head at him. He knows more than she thought, but that's good. "The trick is…. Roger Goodman wasn't the reason all the agents went to prison or were executed. That decision was made by the entity that stepped up and began to fulfill the new role when the Company fell — the one run by the other founder. Hence why I said he's walking a parallel path, becoming that which he denigrated in the first place. It doesn't have to happen that way, but to forestall it…. I think it's going to require more than just the people I know fighting. I think it's going to require all of us fighting back — making sure that the good agents — the ones who are not truly guilty of anything except loyalty to their country — get the chance to show it. And you're already doing some of your part; housekeeping in your own house. I'm not going to tell you Roger Goodman's actions are the only ones that count. But I will tell you that those who ARE perptrating illegal activities do deserve jail. I believe in the system, I believe in the transparency of the system. And that is the ultimate goal — to basically out EVERYONE — Company and the alternate alike — and make them all get trials in the public eye. Not a witch hunt. True trials." She grimaces at him and says quietly, "Kat Marks called me an idealist, thought I was blind. But Agent Denton? The Verrazano-Narrows incident? That started because the Company and its rival are fighting for control in the highest levels of power, and honestly? I don't know what to do. I only know that we're all going to need each other in the end, … for if we don't hang together, we shall all assuredly hang separately."

"I see. But, I promise you that I refuse to take the back seat in this. If you want to work side by side with me and mine, then I expect full — " he glances at 'Anne' as he says this "— disclosure. I will not walk into this blindy with you." He isn't completely blind, being given at least one piece of intel that has not been shared yet — but he's not going to play that card just yet. Besides, it's only the fact that he knows that he's keeping from them. "You want me to meet with someone, expect that be told who they are and what part they play. No more baseball caps and no more fake names. I'll offer you the same courtesy. Either trust me, or don't. Don't go halfway. This situation is far too touchy for that." Len glances at them both, one then the other.

Elisabeth glances at Cat and tilts her head questioningly. She'll leave it to the brunette to decide that one for herself.

Her features shift into a hint of a smile as full disclosure is mentioned, her name asked for. It isn't forthcoming. There are enough people on his side of the fence who know her name, her face. Minea Dahl, Matt Parkman… Cat sees no need to increase that roster. "Things aren't anywhere near as even as you presume, sir. To come here, and be in range of any trap you might think to set up, is risk enough. See, by knowing who you are, seeing you, we gain little advantage. It doesn't tell us where you live. But you, on the other hand, have such resources to apply. I don't particularly relish the thought of having people come bursting in at three a. m. to drag me away. Don't ask me to take that risk. You really need to take a good hard look at your Company, you seem to believe it provides Evolved assistance. If so, you need to wake up."

She rises and begins to wander outward from the bench, remarking quietly to Elisabeth "This guy actually believes they give assistance? As if one single person kidnapped was ever taught how to use his or her ability before getting dumped out with memory holes."

"Trust, sir," she directs to the man quietly, "is earned. You've only just begun."

Elisabeth can't help the faint smile. Oh God…. "I don't know if he really believes that. I think he does, and I have to admit there are people they've helped. Can name a few of them — though their 'help' has been extremely limited in terms of teaching people about their powers. That's what they were SUPPOSED to be doing." She looks at Len. "But so far as I can tell, they generally don't. The people who've escaped them don't seem to have any better control of their abilities than before, and worse yet, most of them seem to come out with a grudge about being held against their will in jail cells and such, which makes them more dangerous. Tyler Case, anyone? Robin Hood? Those names ringing bells?" She shrugs a bit. "And since I know you're not sharing ALL that you know either, I don't think you're going to just sit on the sidelines and let the worst come to pass for want of a single woman's name."

There's a shrug from Len as he dips his cowboy hat down. "Undestand that I haven't been in the city long enough to know every name that's come through. You can't possibly tell me that the numbers of those who come out still having issues are greater than those who do. I've seen it myself. It's not something that takes just weeks, and I think you both understand that. There are powers that take years to get under control. Others are simple to understand and can take as little as a few minutes. Most fall somewhere in between. Understand there are also those who don't want our help, so naturally they're not going to leave any better than when they came. But for those who truly want assistance, yes, we offer it."

Len glances at 'Anne' again. "Believe what you want. If you think that I work that way, then I see nothing to gain by working together. I refuse to be used as a resource. Either we're in it all the way or we're not. No reason to be cahoots together if there's not going to be some trust. Not saying it's all going to be at once, but those you don't want me to know about — don't bring them to me. Those you bring to me, I want to know who they are because I'm putting myself out there everytime I meet with you, folks. If you believe what you're saying is true, there's no reason not to just shoot me on the spot."

She'll believe it when and if she sees their school which people can come and go from freely while learning. But she also opts not to belabor the point. The argument won't be settled today, maybe not any other day either. Cat does, however, offer something of a bone. "I think if you look into the history of your Company's biochemical research efforts, you'll find some chilling things, sir. Or stone walls so high you might not get over them even if you tried to parachute in. A degree of trust, also, has been extended. Risk taken. We are, after all, here and talking."

Elisabeth tilts her head at Len, watching him now. Because they both have valid points, and how they resolve it may determine how well this landmine can be navigated in the future. "I'm giving you a glimpse of what the people I have contact with know… it's not all that we know, and though you assure me I'm not going to get killed in a friendly fire incident or whatever, Agent Denton… you have to understand that I've been on these streets since 9/11. Through the Bomb. Through all of this. So some of us are … understandably a little leery of allowing the Company to get their hands on the names of Unregistered people out there."

Ever the one to be polite, even with his mama isn't around to tug on his ear for not being so, he nods. "Fair enough. Again, I just ask anyone you do not want to properly introduce me to — leave them at home next time." He says to Cat, as he considers her information about the biochem lab. "If you know so much about it, why not bring me the data yourself? Obviously you've seen it. I have far too much work on my plate to go around digging in someone else's grave only to find it the body missing." And more than likely, this will be the case. But who knows?

To Liz he turns and nods. "I think we all have reason to be leery about this — association. As far your organization versus my own, you should know I know more than you think. I also think you may want to look from the top down on your side. Not sure what evidence there is, but I have every reason to believe that there's more to this than 'setting things right' as far as that goes. So while I get my house in order, I implore you to do the same."

"You're looking for information on an activity called Vanguard, sir, and a person called Odessa Knutson. There was a particularly nasty strain of a virus stored in Odessa, Texas, which was stolen and very nearly released. I don't have direct data for proof. If I did, it'd be in the news from months ago. Just watch your back if you go looking, I can't say what consequences your employers may undertake if they believe you're searching for something. Good day, sir." The woman's expression isn't unpleasant as she begins to wander further away, though remaining close enough to aid Elisabeth if needed.

Looking thoughtful, Elisabeth says to Len, "If someone's told you there's more to this on our end than meets the eyes, I'm willing to listen. I have personal contact with the people at the top of MY organization — but the travelers from the future? We're pretty sure they have an agenda that absolutely doens't match ours, and they're definitely trying to enlist us in helping THEIR operation. The question is… are your people warning you about MY hierarchy, or are they warning you about the intel that's been COMING to my hierarchy." And she's willing, at this point, to acknowledge her associations, because this game we're all playing is for all the dominoes.

"I'll warn you to be careful of intel brought to you by April Bradley from the future, and to be careful of intel brought to you from the President himself. His mother's one of the Founders of your Company… and his father's the one heading up the alternate entity. Nathan Petrelli is in the Oval Office because the Powers That Be wanted him there — They blackmailed Allen Rickman, the duly elected president, with his own Evo status and then installed their own Evo puppet in his place." She offers him a small half-smile, conflict in her expression. "And you wonder why I'm worried about who's doing what? That action alone, Agent Denton, is counter to EVERYTHING I swore to uphold and defend."

"I can tell you that I've received no order directly from the President. Whether my superiors have, I can't say. Not because I'm not allowed, but because I don't know." Len can't say he's all that surprised by some of what's been spoken here. His intel did come from Minea Dahl and the fact that she was mindwiped of that information is enough proof for him that it is true enough. The fact is, everything he has said here today has been truth or at least mostly truth, with the exception of knowing where Goodman is. The pieces he's trying to fit together to make more sense out of what's going on around here aren't quite fitting, but he'll keep digging.

"You're wariness is probably warranted, Detective. You'll probably want to continue to be dilligent in keeping your nose clean." There something about this story that makes no sense to him, but he's not quite sure what. "How certain are you of this information you're passing on to me? How reliable is your source?" He could ask who the source was, but isn't sure they'd share that information.

Elisabeth watches him and says quietly, "I have and will likely continue to trust this particular source with my life." She doesn't mention that the source is standing right there. "I was personally present the first time they tried to assassinate Rickham, during his trip here before he was elected. He used his ability — a defensive skin of some kind — to save himself and several cops and bodyguards around him, so instead they blackmailed him out of office. Nathan Petrelli's status is a tricky kettle of fish, what with the testing they're pushing for all members of law enforcement, military, etc. You'd think the President wouldn't be exempt, wouldn't you? Be interesting to see if comes out of the closet before he's forced out."

There's something about both pieces of intel that just isn't matching up. What he knows and what they know — there are points that match up perfectly — and there are points that just don't jive. Len is starting to feel like he's in the square dance from Hell at the moment and he has no idea who his dance partner is supposed to be.

"We have ourselves some discrepancies here that are make the Hoover Dam look like chicken wire, Detective. In order for us to work together, we are going to have to try and determine which source is telling the truth. Because as much as you would put your life in your sources' hand, I'm likely to do that same as my source has proven its worth time and again to me. Not only would I trust my source with my life, I would surely take a bullet as well if it meant sparing my source their life. So, I don't see us going any further until we sit down and compare notes and start at the beginning. Something is not right."

Elisabeth frowns and says, "All right… let's do just that. Let's sit down with your list of information that doesn't jive with what I've told you. I'll give you some time to pull it all together and decide if you want YOUR source to be exposed. Cuz a good bit of what I've said to you — especially the parts about the President and who's in charge at the top of the Company? Those came straight from a horse's mouth, if you get my meaning."

Len nods. "Sounds fair enough. I'll dig a little deeper here and we'll see about getting together. Understand 'the horse's mouth' means nothing to me at this point in the game. So unless you're willing to bring your steed with you to the meeting, may as well be a gelding for all that it helps. I can provide my source — without fail. Let me know what you want. You have my number." Cat is off, though listening in so farewells are addressed to Liz. "Be careful. I already told you that we had that incident already. /They/ are snagging those who know too much." Of course, he says 'they' like it's someone else, and in his mind it is someone else because knows that Dahl's mindwipe was not ordered from within his organization.

Len turns and walks away, glancing down both sides of the sidewalk before his boots make contact again and he clops away, leaving the two to their own devices and their silence bubble.

She watches the agent make his departure, herself waiting there for Elisabeth to also depart, but takes the short few steps back to the blonde when she doesn't move to join her. Cat's head tilts, as if to ask "Why are we still here?" And she continues to track Len until he's gone beyond range of sight.

"Because it's quiet. And peaceful. And not my fucking precinct. And outside. And…. " Elisabeth just shakes her head. "Did we do the wrong thing?"

"Sometimes leaps have to be taken," Cat replies calmly. "I don't think we told him anything not available through other sources. If they were given the drop on Roger Goodman, likely they also got the word on Arthur too. But I doubt that source would tell them anything about Presidential puppetry, and we held back tons. Like how we've been told Nathan's election to the Senate in '06 was rigged by a technopath. And that we know as much as we do about Linderman." Those are just pieces of that pie.

Then she pulls up her iPhone and taps the screen a few times, bringing up the camera feature and Len's image on it. "I like the camera in these," she muses. "Such good quality images, no flash, and it looks like any number of things."

Elisabeth smiles a bit and looks after where Len Denton disappeared. "Well… We'll see what he comes back with. Before I go see him this time, I'm going to get you to lay out what and how much additional you think we can afford to tell him to try to win him over, and maybe you can help me get at least what little verification can be had on what I already said today." She shrugs a bit. "Worst case, I guess we just tipped our hand. Best case… he could be one of the better allies we'll recruit. No way to know for sure."

"I'm not insensitive to what he said about decent agents being sent to prison if the thing crashes and burns. But I also believe now is the time for the decent in that operation to prove it by bringing it all into the light." Cat goes back to the iPhone's default screen and puts it away, taking in a slow breath before resuming.

"If Arthur gets that formula complete, though, none of this matters. He'll have all he needs to destroy the Company."

"I'm less concerned about him bringing down the Company than I am about getting enough to bring HIM down," Elisabeth admits. "Frankly, I'm all for letting Arthur and his lackeys bring the Company down for us."

A nod. "It's all about power, in the end. Neither entity is deserving of it," Cat opines. "That Frontline program is bad enough under the direction of Linderman's puppet. It would be even worse if Arthur comes out on top, he'd be able to use the serum as leverage to make the Feds swoop in, seize records, and expose the Company along with ending their partnership. Then he'd have a Presidency boosted by having as many Evolved Gestapo members as they can inject in his pocket."

"Versus an Evolved Gestapo with fewer members in Linderman's if he fails."

Elisabeth merely sighs and runs a hand through her hair. "Well… I don't know if this was the right thing or not. Here's hoping, Cat."

Elisabeth grins just a little and offers, "You wanted it in the open…. personally, I think this is a step in that direction, if nothing else. None of us are going to get anywhere, none of us are going to win if we're all sitting on bits and pieces."

"War's coming," Cat mutters. "Rajas said we need to gather people together and prepare in any case. We need as many as we can get, Len might be one of them, or might not. There was really only one way to find out." A few steps are taken, she looks to see if the Detective is also moving. "It was good seeing Rickham again. But I think I need to work on my security. Christ, Edward knew where to find me. Rajas knew where to find me. Next time I need to ask him how."

Elisabeth moves with Cat now, walking through the park. "Heh… need to work on mine too, but damn it… I don't want to let Alec handle it. And honestly? He's probably the best in the business that we know."

She's pensive, speculating. "Maybe both of them just knew enough about me to add it up. I'm a musician with money, newly renovated building in the Village opening up, one that used to house a recording studio… With Edward's probability mojo it was likely an easy thing. And for a technopath, maybe not so hard to recognize Wireless fingerprints in how the connection is obscured. As well as knowing enough about me to look in that direction."

"Alec," Cat considers a short time later, "Maybe I'll look him up, take Helena to him or vice versa soon."

Slanting Cat a glance, Elisabeth wrinkles her nose. "Oh, won't that be fun?" she comments with a sigh. "Tell her if she wants to meet him, come by my place. I guess I'm going to have to break down and let the asshole in," she says grudgingly.

"Far better than Helena getting into a bikini and meeting him in the sauna," Cat remarks with a roll of her eyes. "Though I do admit there's little better way to make sure meetings are unwired and unarmed." Silence comes for a beat or three there as she mulls over her agenda. "Today I need to talk with Delilah again and tell her what that tattoo on her neck is… help people with their powers indeed, Mr. Company," she mutters, "go see Candy and talk with her, hopefully locate Magnes Varlane if he's not been darkholed already… Then I need to finish the charts Helena wants. Large meeting soon, I think."

Elisabeth giggles softly. "Oh wonderful," she says. "I'm sure Helena'd LOVE that." She sighs. "All right. Lemme know when the meeting is, I'll be there. Assuming I'm able," she says.

"Yes," the brunette tersely answers with a dry chuckle. "Enjoy the day, if you can." Knowing that's not a very likely thing, but the wish is genuinely offered as Cat treads off along her own path while subtly checking to see she isn't followed.

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