Happy Feet


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Scene Title Happy Feet
Synopsis Brian visits Kaylee with a certain idea in his head. Of course, what he planned didn't happen… Instead there was 'Happy Feet.'
Date August 17, 2009

Kaylee's Apartment

Almost as soon as she got out of the bar and pushed Grim away, Kaylee felt like crap. She wasn't even sure herself why she has snapped at Ash, but for some ungodly reason his sarcastic bitching at Adam had made her snap and be a complete bitch. She made a note to try an apologizes later. Maybe tomorrow when he had cooled down.

As soon as she walked into the rather bland apartment with it's mismatched furniture, Kaylee picked up the phone and called Brian letting him know she was off work. "Yeah, I " took the night off." She told him, not giving any details. The telepath told him he could meet her at her apartment, and decided on a shower while she waited.

By time he shows up an knocks, Kaylee is freshly showered, wet blond hair clinging to neck and face. Wearing a white tank top and a pair of jeans, she opens the door and offers the man a bright smile. "Hey there, cutie. Come on in." She steps aside and opens the door enough to let him in.

Sliding easily into the apartment, his heel comes forward before kicking the door shut completely behind him. His hand raises to click the lock, then his hand drifts forward. Without saying a word his hand goes to take hers in his. His eyes seem glued to the action, simply watching as his fingers try to intertwine with hers, should she allow it.

His eyes then drift up her arm, her neck, eventually to make eye contact with her. He tilts his head at her, his eyes expectant, as if waiting for something. Though his features belay no kind of particular expression. He just, looks at her.

No matter who you are, when a guy looks at a woman that way, she's going to blush. That's exactly what Kaylee does under his gaze, her cheeks flush as her fingers twine with his. The blond glances away not long after their gaze meets. She tries to think of anything at all, but only manages to think of… "I.. uh.. made a complete fool of myself tonight. Not sure why I let Ash get to me like that."

There is a moment longer and Kaylee steps closer to offer a cheek on his cheek and asks. "Can I get you a drink or something?"

Watching her, his grip stays fast, yet gentle on her hand. As she steps in, Brian's head turns slightly, going to meet her lips with his own. The first kiss is light, practically brushing his lips across hers. The second is a little deeper. He pulls back, his eyes locking on her gaze, watching her quietly.

"Not thirsty." His other hand goes to find her free hand.

There is a sharp intake of breath at the first kiss, not expecting the move, but then Kaylee seems to melt into the next kiss with a sigh. When the kiss breaks, she is left a bit dazed with cheeks flush for a completely different reason. Her eyes search him, as if trying to read him, her brows dropping a bit as she can seem to figure him out. Finally, she swallows and manages to ask, her voice breathy as her other hand grips his, "What… " her voice catches a bit and she has to clear her throat a bit. "What did you want to see me about then?"

"I missed you."

It's offered in subdued tones, his eyes latching onto hers. His hands slowly raise, then deposit her hands on his shoulders, as if directing her where to go. His face comes closer again, warm breath puffing out onto her lips. I need your help. Passes over the defenses of his thoughts. His hands go to her waist, picking her up, and holding her against him.

"Is that okay?"

A brow arches, Kaylee looks amused as her arms slide over his shoulders and behind his neck. "Really?" she asks, leaning in to kiss him again, but then she catches that thought in his head. Pulling back, her head turns a bit as she gives him a suspicious look. "You need my help?" She asks, not caring if she wasn't suppose to know or not. Her eyes narrow a bit, as she starts thinking clearly, "First you pretty much blow me off at the bar…. Now this. What's going on Brian?"

Holding her against him, Brian sighs softly. "I wasn't blowing you off. You said I shouldn't let Adam see how much I like you." He reminds, looking at her squarely. "So that's what I was doing. Should I show up with flowers next time? I was there to see you. I didn't know Adam and his motley band of merry men were going to be there." He slowly goes to lower her back to the ground.

"Nevermind. I'm sorry."

"Forgot about that…" Kaylee admits with a wince. "Things have been so damn…. hectic and crazy and just…" She gives a heavy sigh as her feet touch the ground. "I'm sorry….. I should have remembered." Closing her eyes for a long moment Kaylee tries to gather her thoughts back together. When they open again she gives him a small smile, "Now.. What do you need help on? And don't act like you don't. I heard it in your head."

His hands hesitate on her waist though as she begins to melt from her irritation. He gives a little grumble at her question. "I need your help getting back in the mood now that you ruined it." Winters mutters, going to drop his hands from her waist.

Kaylee doesn't look convinced, but decides to wave off the thought. "I said I was sorry. I've had a crazy few days. Between helping a friend research that Sandman.. Which is one messed up lady I can tell you…. Almost getting caught out into curfew.. Of course, Seth helped me there." She gets an odd look on her face. "I didn't expect Adam to literally give the guy his blessing. That was kinda odd. Normally Adam gets pissy when guys show interest in me." Studying Brian for a long moment, she sighs. "Please, believe me when I say I didn't mean to ruin the mood, Brian. Just not use to guys… missing me or any of that crap that says they have an interest beyond… well… Lets just say I tend to find the jerks."

"So is he my replacement? For not coming around sooner?" Brian asks, letting his hands drop from her waist. "Is he a jerk, you tend to find?" The sandman throws him for a little loop. "What is a..huh?" But then he shakes his head, going to step away from Kaylee and settle on the couch. Leaning back he tilts his head over to the arm of the couch and folds his arms over his chest. "Adam wants me to steal from The Company."

"Your replacement?" Kaylee says blandly, "Was there something to be replaced. Don't get me wrong Brian. I am very attracted to you. Your fun and all that. But I haven't been able to tell if you were really interested in me or just I dunno what. You always seemed to be… holding back." The blond isn't smiling like she usually does, she looks frustrated.

She waves it off and shakes her head. "Know what.. nevermind.. Anyhow.. Sandman is a killer. She paralyzed a family…. Big long mess of a story." Kaylee moves to settle on the other end of the couch, turning to rest her back against the arm of it. "Okay.. wait… " She says as the realization of what he's been asked to do sinks into her head. "He wants you to steal form this group that steals evolved and locks them away?!" She looks a little shocked.

"There was the start of something." Brian mumurs, picking idly at the fabric of the couch. "I thought there was something." He drops his hand. "You're right. Nevermind." He lets out a long breath.

"Paralyzed?" He folds his lips together before tilting his head. "Is that what Adam told you about them?" He sounds curious, "Interesting." He gives a little shrug. "Yes. He does."

"Yeah.. Someone to be avoided at all costs." Kaylee gives a shudder, arms moving to rub at her arms. "They'd probably lock me away if they knew…." she catches herself and shakes her head. "What does he want you too steal?" She asks curiously, sitting up and leaning towards him some, she's curious. Can't blame a girl. "He doesn't trust you… yet he's willing to send you into a group like that to take their stuff?"

"Maybe he wants me to fail. To get caught." Brian gives a shrug. Turning to sit straight on the couch, he clasps his hands together and leans forward appearing somewhat anxious. "A list and some tranq guns, is all. But.. it'll probably be hard work." He gives a shrug going to lean back into the couch. "Hopefully I can pull it off." He glances over at her leaning forward.

"Some how I wouldn't be surprised." Kaylee muses softly as she sits back against the arm of the couch again. "You get captured, your one less problem.. you succeed he benefits." She moves to rest her socked feet on his lap as she considers him. "So what is your plan?" Its a simple question, though her eyes show that the blond is thinking already.

Eyeing her feet, he instinctively brings one hand up to rub at one foot idly. Kneading along one and then shifting to the other he smirks a bit. "Why would I tell you my plan? I'm casing the place out still. Trying to find a weakness. They have what Adam wants, the list, and I'm assuming they keep tranqs on the guards at a holding facility. Meaning it's in transit until they get it to a more secure facility. On the computer file thingies, there. They try to make it look like a legitimate business. That's how they do these things. So guards are limited. The trick is, minimal security to make you think there's nothing worth stealing. Something like that."

Her eyes droop a bit as he starts to rub her feet, even as Kaylee's brain is thinking through things. She seems to be debating something. "Because…. You tell me your plans I can try to help you." She gives him a half smile. "I can…. possibly… help." Like make them hand the things over… But that would mean giving up her last secret. How would Adam take that? "What about camera?"

"There's ways around cameras. The only thing is.. Agents." His other hand comes over and helps in the footrubbing effort. "Not always there. But I've seen them go in and out occasionally. Highly trained, evolved, or non evolved individuals. I could handle the cameras, get the stuff, even handle the guards. But if an agent comes in.." He throws his hands up. "I'm probably fucked just like Adam wants." He glances up at her. "No way Kaylee, can't do that. I couldn't put you in danger like that."

Giving him a smirk Kaylee, arches a brow. "Says the man that took me with him to break into a zoo to look at penguins." Again she doesn't look convinced. "I'm….. " Against she seems to be struggling with something, but finally throws caution to the wind. She slides her feet off his lap, and moves to kneel next to him, she an almost predatory look. "I'm more then a mind reader, Brian."

"There's a difference between a public zoo and a Company facility, Kaylee." Releasing her feet, he looks up at her and shrinks back slightly when she kneels over him. His brows lower a bit, as he doesn't know what's going on. Though he stays relatively still. "Okay.. I believe you." He says softly, peering up at her.

There is a blink as he leans aways and Kaylee pulls back a bit, unaware of how she might look. "I've been good about it. I don't do it to friends." She explains softly, resting her hands in her lap. "Or people that trust me…. well… almost all people that trust me. Sometimes it's necessary to protect them…." She goes quiet, her head drooping forward, but then her eyes rolling up to look at him. "I haven't had to do it to you. Plenty of times I should have, but I didn't." She smiles a bit.

When she pulls back, Brian leans forward somewhat. "Are you going to tell me what it is?" Brian asks, peering at her. "When should you have done 'it' to me?"

"I can…. well… I call it my Jedi mind trick." Yes, Kaylee really calls it that. "You ever seen Star Wars. You know the first one?" She bites her lip, looking like she might be changing her mind for a moment. "I can make you forget something.. or think it's something else… or I can even make you do something else." She holds her breath then, not too many people know, it says something she's telling Brian. Not that he'd know that.

"I know what a jedi mind trick is." Brian says quickly as she starts to tell him. Of course he's seen Star Wars. He may not like it, but still, he's seen them none the less. He smirks a little bit. "Keeping a secret from me. Does Adam know about it?" He leans forward slightly. "And I bet you.. I bet you you can't make me do something I don't want to."

There is a slow nod at the mention of Adam, "He knows," Kaylee says returning his smile. "You can understand why I wouldn't exactly make it known." she murmurs, looking like she probably shouldn't have told him. "And… I might. I'm…. not sure. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't." She scoots, back from him and settles her back against the arm of the couch again, legs drawn up. Her arms rest on her knees. "I've used it on the guys I've dated. The jerks I've met.. I make them forget me if they start threatening me.. or make me nervous."

He brings up his finger and taps it at his lips. "So you're saying you want to come jedi mind trick with me into the facility?" Brian grins a little bit, going to lean in a little. Now going to his knees over her. "Prove it." He says, giving a condescending smile.

Brows lift high on her head and Kaylee looks uncertain. "I don't do it to people I like Brian. If I didn't like something about you, I would have tried making you forget about my telepathy." Her head tilts back a bit to look at him. "Can't…. you just take my word for it?"

"Alright. Fine." He murmurs. Though he grins a little bit, "Guess what. I'm evolved too. I can do a jedi mind trick." Tilting her head at her he smiles faintly. "I can make you do what I want." Kiss me Floats over his thoughts as he watches her with a hint of a grin.

Chuckling, Kaylee leans closer seeming to do as he asks. "That… is an interesting trick, Brian." But then she leans back resting her elbows on the arm of the couch as she gives a soft sigh. "As much as I want to give into your demands… There is Seth," she reminds him reluctantly. "Not sure I can juggle two men.. I haven't ever been able to manage one." That last bit stated bitterly, obviously she's not proud of her string of jerky men.

He purses his lips lightly. "You like him more than me?" Winters asks quietly, tilting his head at her, going to lean back into the couch. Throwing his own elbows up onto the arm of the couch. He looks rather put out for a moment before going to swing his legs off the couch. "Right. Wow." He looks down at the ground for a bit, obviously looking a bit shaken. "I ah.. I'm sorry then. I'll get going."

"Truthfully.. I don't know how I feel about anything, really." Kaylee explains as he moves away. Her head falls back as she sees his reaction and gives a soft curse. "Brian… Don't go." She moves to grab at his arm to make him look at her. "I'm sorry. What do you want from me? Look, I do like you. I really do. Thing is I like him too." She realizes what she said and makes a frustrated nose and covers her face with embarrassment. Her hands slide up over her hair and stop to rest on her neck, pinning her hair there. "I've never had this kind of problem before. But then… I haven't had any guy interested in me beyond a quick fuck."

Brian frowns as he relaxes back into the couch. "I don't know what I want from you, Kay." Brian murmurs, looking down at his arm. "But you like this other guy, and I don't want to keep you from that. We can work together." He lowers his head. "If it makes you happy, it'll be alright with me. I guess." He reaches up to place his hand on her shoulder. "You shouldn't sell yourself so short, Kay. You have a lot to offer. I mean that." Then he starts to get up, again.

Kaylee gives him a small smile and a shrug. "I wish I could believe that, Brian. I really do." When he moves to get up, she stays sitting for the moment. "What does it say about me, that I feel like the only person I can even remotely call a friend is Adam? He's the only person I feel like I can trust. You heard him today when he was talking to Seth." She shrugs again and climbs to her feet. Opening the door, she leans against the door jam. "But.. I can't and won't read his mind… So he's probably just using me too. In the end… everyone does."

Pausing Brian looks at the door then to her. He's using her. She is an asset. For good reason, yes. But he's doing just what she accuses the whole world of doing. Staring at the open door he sighs before looking at her and tilting his head. "You have any movies? I'll order us a pizza." He says softly, going to tug at her hand softly back towards the couch.

There is a touch of surprise as he asks that, Kaylee opens her mouth to say something but stops. Looking down, unable to looking him in the eye, she finally shuts the door again, as she lets him tug her along. "Yeah…" She says softly. "What's your preference? Genre?" She manages a small smile.

"What do you like?" He asks gently, going to settle on one end of the couch. Plucking his cellphone out, he dials information, then once getting a close pizza place makes the order. When the order is made his phone is slapped against the arm of the couch. "Half cheese half combo, everyone wins."

Looking over at her, he pats the space on the couch next to him. "Don't worry. We can just relax now." Brian murmurs softly to her.

"Me? I like to laugh." Kaylee says truthfully, as she opens a cabinet to her movies collection. "Life is too full of horrors.. and drama on it's own. Sometimes you need a good laugh to make things seem a little bit better." Glancing over at him, she smirks a bit. "I have a lot of Disney movies. Family movies. I'm big on escaping, sometimes." She glances to where he is patting. "Thanks… Thank you.. for understanding."

"Let's laugh then." Brian says warmly spreading his arm out for when she comes back. "Or we can sing along to Disney movies. You choose." He says with a warm smile.

A small smile touches her lips and Kaylee gets that calculating look. "I got just the thing." She declares as she reaching into the cabinet. She lets the door swing shuts as she holds up, "How about some 'Happy Feet'?" She turns the cover so that she can look at it, "Been wanting to watch it since the zoo." She takes a moment to put the DVD in, before she moves to drop on couch, remote in hand. "I think your the first guy I've met that seems to like the family movies."

He grins broadly as she pops in Happy Feet. "You know the way straight to a man's heart." He smiles happily, going to lace his arm around her shoulders. Though he gives her a reassuring look. "Nothing weird. No pressure. Just us, pizza, and Mumble." He looks elated by this fact. He really loves penguins.

"I could totally be happy with that." Kaylee admits as she settles against his side, giving him a real smile. "And so you know.. after this one. Your so totally being tortured with Beauty and the Beast or Enchanted. I haven't decided yet." And with that threat, she pats his leg and pushes play.

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