Happy Late Birthday


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Scene Title Happy Late Birthday
Synopsis In spite of the barrier of the Dome, a productive and pleasant conversation about web feeds, the Glass Wonderland concert, Spanish cinema, and exercise.
Date February 7 2011

Roosevelt Island

Though New York has been going through more of its delightful variations in Winter weather, within the Dome things are chiefly just getting… darker. The field itself is gradually becoming grimier, acquiring a film of pollution in visible demonstration of the 'quality' of the air in the city, while within it, energy sources are steadily becoming more and more scarce. People are still in the process of scrounging batteries from TV remotes, but for most 'renewable energy' was a strange and alien concept…

One typically deviant aberration to that trend can now be found tramping up towards the Northern edge of the Dome, close to where she first saw it shimmer into existence. Hands thrust into her pockets and shoulders hunched, she looks somewhat grimy herself - still clad in the outfit she was wearing on that occasion, and looking to have done more than a little dirty work given the state of her leathers. But she does carry a small array of fully-charged electrical devices, and is responding to a message left on one such… though inwardly, her stomach is knotted apprehensively.

Getting on to Roosevelt, particularly now, isn't exactly easy. Particularly when the place of employment you have clearance for is currently in a bubble. Also outdated. But she had managed to make her way on and to the dome, Quinn walking around it's edge for a good half an hour now. There's been PMCs and other armed folk, and one told her to fuck off, but… no, not today. Today, Quinn's made plans to see someone.

She doesn't immediately spot Ygraine as she walks her way back towards the dome, after stopping to go get something to eat right quick. But once she does, her eyes light up, flipping out her phone and tapping a text message: LOOK LEFT. And from there, she continues her appraoch, waiting for the moment Ygriane turns.

It takes a few moments for the message to arrive, and another couple for the vibration to be noticed and the phone retrieved. A glove is tugged off, a button tapped… then Ygraine's stance stiffens. After a brief pause, she does indeed look left… only relaxing - a little - after spotting Quinn. The phone is flipped shut and tucked away once more, as she alters her angle of tramping, to move up to the field itself.

Quinn walks up to the dome with a smile. She hasn't seen this whole- thing up close yet. So, it's a bit daunting, and she seems almost too cautious as she apporaches it and Ygraine. "Can you hear me through this thing?" she asks at a raised pitch, like as if that would help her be heard.

Ygraine chuckles softly, and nods. "Yes, I can", she says quietly, coming to a halt just inside. "You can touch it if you want, but it's a bit.. tingly. And for fear of feed-back I've not tested my ability on it. But it seems to be… inert, now that it's in place."
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Well, that's comforting. Quinn's first instinct, on hearing that she can touch it, is to take another step forward and kick it gently. Stupid dome! "But then she looks back up at Ygraine, offering a weak smile as she places a hand on the dome, finger splayed. "I miss you."

Smiling at the kick, Ygraine mirrors the gesture, using her gloveless right hand to do so…. The Dome is indeed solid to the touch, somewhat tingly, and ever so slightly curved. "I… I miss you, too", Ygraine murmurs, expression rather intense as she studies Quinn.

"Happy late birthday," she offers next, still sporting that weak smile. "You knwo we're going t' have a hell of a celebration when you get out of ehre, right?" She draws back her fingers, tapping knuckles on the dome twice before returning her hand to it's previous position. "How're you holdin' up in there?"

Ygraine musters a somewhat wan smile. "It's… not exactly fun", she says quietly. "And things are still going wrong. Some of my earliest worries didn't come to fruition - every gas main passing through this thing", she in turn raps upon the field with a knuckle, "was severed, at the same time as every electrical line was cut. I was worried we'd have a succession of explosions. But, lacking pressure, it seems that most of the gas that escaped has dissipated slowly, and the rest is just… inert. Though we've had at least one explosion since then - that boat that blew up…"

"I wish I could help…" Quinn laments quietly, shaking her head. "If only t' get you outta there before people start ogin' all… what's the movie? One a' the Resident Evils, but without the zombies. Anyway…" She takes a deep breath, shaking her head. "At least it hasn't been too bad. An' that you're okay. I've been really worried, tryin' t' follow everythin' about the dome I can so I know you're okay."

"I can call more often, if you like", Ygraine offers, quirking a wry smile. "I… didn't think you'd want to be constantly reminded that I'm stuck in here, however. Or be told "nope - no improvement" a lot. But I can bombard you with lack-of-progress updates, if you want them…"

"Or we could just talk," QUinn offers, smiling at Ygraine a bit more confidently. "ABout what I have no idea, but… I dunno. It's not the same without you around. So, I think that sounds like a plan." She looks up and off into the distance, at the curviture of the dome. "If you find the asshole who did this, can you punch theme xtra for me?"

Ygraine laughs softly, cocking her head. "Extra for you? Heh. I suspect there might be a bit of a queue for that…. But… I'm sorry. In advance for missing your launch party. And in retrospect for missing the work leading up to it. I… I really wanted to be there, for all of it."

"I know you did. We picked up the CD the other day. Me, Elaine, Adel, Delilah, an' Sable. AN' Royce, I don't think you met him. I was sad not t' have you there. I know you wanted t' be." Quinn closes her eyes for a moment, heaving out a sigh. "The concert's this Thursday. Maybe there's still some hope, right?" She smiles at that thought for a moment. "You're there in spirit, though. I have a copy sitting in my room, waiting for you when you get out."

"Well, if anything goes wrong now, I can claim it's wholly down to my absence", Ygraine offers, mustering another smile. "But that brings to mind an idea - have you thought of streaming the concert on the web? I could at least watch, then."

Quinn tilts her head a bit, blinking. "Noooo… I hadn't. I don't… really know how t' set that stuff up. But… I can ask Royce, see if he can do something. I'll call an' let you know. That's… a really good idea." Her smile widens a bit and- well, she waves, for some reason. It's kind weird talking to someone through a bubble!

Giggling, Ygraine steps back far enough to be able to offer Quinn a bow - though it doesn't quite have the same bouncy enthusiasm as most such gestures she delivers. "Glad to be of service. It should help to get you a bit more exposure. And make it more of an 'event' than a purely-local thing would be."

"I'll see about it. Kinda want people t' come, so… maybe I'll get it set up just for you." She smiles, lef thand still pressed against the dome. "I really don't want you t' miss it if I can help it. So, I'm glad you said somethin'."

"I was thinking that it would let you reach beyond the city, love", Ygraine points out. "And give you footage you could post properly online. Open up new avenues of promotion…."

"Oooh, wait, mum could watch tooo…" Quinn taps her nose with ehr free hand, looking thoughtful. "Well… I meant t' get a sound board recording of it anyway, for promotion. BUt that's a good diea. Ygraine… even trapped in a bubble, you're still wonderful. Thank you."

Ygraine chuckles, this time offering a curtsey. "I do try", she says quietly. "It shouldn't be too hard to set up, I should think. If need be, you could hire someone to do it for you - I can help with the money, if you want."

"I think I can cover it," Quinn replies with a shake of her head, rolling her shoudler while she speaks. "Royce is pretty good with computers, I'm sre he can do it. I can abrely use the iPad I got sometimes." She laughs a bit, shrugging, "I've been checkin' on your place, by the by. Gettin' the post, makin' sure everythin's okay. I borrowed a few DVDs, I hope you don't mind. I might use your exercise bike tomorrow."

Ygraine looks startled, then grins broadly. "I'm missing the chance to see you in lycra while I'm in here?", she asks with a laugh. "But I'm glad. Thank you. What DVDs have you taken?"

"I never said I was dresisn' up t' do it," Quinn notes with a raised finger. "I've used ones at gyms just fine in more standard clothes than that!" She giggles a bit, shrugging again. "Ah, um… Brotherhood of the Wolf, I thought Elaine might enjoy watchin' it in French, an'… shit, I forget the other one now."

"If she's not seen Le Pacte des Loups in the original, then she should love it. And she'll probably enjoy the bizarre bits of bowdlerisation that took place for American audiences when it was subtitled in English", Ygraine enthuses. "But… hrmmm. Maybe I can use being in here to blackmail you into wearing some new outfits, now that you mention it…"

"No need for blackmail, dear," Quinn replies a bit sheepishly, a small blush on her face. "When you get outta there, I'll wear whatever you want for you. I mean, if nothin' else, we have a birthday t' celebrate, so…"

Ygraine looks a little startled, then ducks her head as she laughs. "I… thank you. I… really appreciate the sentiment. Truly I do. Just… be aware that I will hold you to that, if I possibly can."

There's a bit of a laugh from Quinn, the Irishwoman shaking her head at Ygraine. "I'll have t' do my best not t' forget, then. Can't make any promises, though…" She smiles warmly, just watching Ygraine for a moment before she adds, "I love you."

A pause, as Ygraine looks happily surprised - the clear consideration that went into that statement giving it extra weight. "And I adore you", she says fondly, stepping forward to lightly brush fingertips against the Dome once more. "I'm… sorry for leaving you in the lurch. I know how important this time is for you."

"Oh, yes, I feel so burned you picked the dome over me!" Quinn replies dryly, laughing afterwards. "It's… well, it sucks not t' have you arund, dear, but I know you didn't have a choice in this. At least, hopefully, you'll be able t' watch. We're gettin' it by. I just have t' hope everything goes without a hitch."

"Well, I know you don't know anyone else competent or reliable, so you'll have to tackle all the work yourself", Ygraine says dryly - albeit with humour in her eyes. "Just remember to turn up on time for your own concert, all right?"

"…oh God. I hope I'm not late!" Quinn's eyes widen a bit, like she hadn't really considered this possibility. "I'm sure Elaine'll make sure I'm there on time, if nothin' else," Quinn replies with a bit of a laugh and a shake of her head.

Smiling fondly, Ygraine just studies Quinn for a few moments, lips twisted into a bitter-sweet half-smile. "Have you figured out things like costume, and lighting, and so on?"

"You're asking me if I figured out lighting?" Quinn replies with a bit of a laugh. "I'll wing it, because I totally can," she says with wink, before shugging a bit. "It's not like we need t' do anything special for outfits. I have something picked out for m'self for each set. Everything else seems t' be going smoothly so far."

"Be careful about overtaxing yourself, love", Ygraine instructs, worriedly fond. "You're going to be running high on adrenaline, and… it'd be all too easy to get carried away with things. Have at least some sort of a plan in advance, and make sure to pace yourself. I don't want you harming yourself."

Quinn grins, fingers curling against the dome for a moment. "I know. THe stage ansd there are great. I just know I'm going t' end up wrecking any lighting plans they have, is all."

Ygraine giggles, gently shaking her head. "I'm sure you can tell them not to make any save, for periods when you're setting up or leaving the stage. Just… I'm worried about you. I don't want your big night to leave you crippled with a headache and half-blind, love."

"It probably will eiter way," Quin quickly replies with a hint of mirth, "but I'll try an' keep it in control. for you." She smiles a bit wider, before shrugging. "I still have a second show t' do at Tartarus on Friday. If you see Melissa in there, share that wefeed with her, would you?"

Ygraine looks surprised, then laughs and nods. "Is the Tartarus show just… spreading the good news and the joy and the wonder? Or does it serve an extra purpose?"

"Mostly… because one of the last times I saw Melissa, she was pissed I was using The Rock Cellar instead of Tartarus. Plus, a second show cant hurt, right? I'm still trying t' arrange some smaller solo shows around town, though. Maybe a few in Boston." Quinn grins, shrugging agian/

Ygraine quirks a wry smile. "I'm sure that your mother would love that. And it would give us an excuse to go to visit her again. I could take her famous daughter up for a state visit…"

"I'm sure mum enjoys havin' someone who can understand her t' babble French with," Quinn says with a grin, tapping fingers on the dome. "But yeah, I'm sure she'll enjoy bein' able t' see me live. Kinda wish dad could make it, but it's a lot t' ask him t; fly over from back home on short notice."

"That is exactly the sort of thing for which a web feed could be really useful. Let him see and hear you live. Even if it's not the same as being there, he'll be able to be part of it", Ygraine enthuses. "Same for anyone else who's separated by distance."
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"I know, but… I really wish he could be there. At least for mum, even if she's not making the release show, she can come to one later…" There's a bit of a frown on Quinn's face for just a moment before it straightens. "But you're right. I am so glad you said somethin' about that feed."

"You seem to be putting a good argument for a tour, darling", Ygraine points out gently. "Which might be no bad thing, if you can start getting some radio air-time…"

"I… don't think I can handle a real tour at the moment. I think Kristen'll only give me so much time off at the moment. In the future, maybe later in the eyar… defintiely. I may fly over t' Ireland an' do a pub tour or somethin'. Smaller places, see if I can get people interested there, maybe make some stops on London and Glasgow…" Similg at this though, Quinn nods slowly. "And! You should listen t' the radio more often. Kristen put my first single in roation a few weeks back."

Ygraine laughs softly. "I spend much of time out on a bike wearing a helmet, love. Radio, I don't get to hear much. But I do want to make a habit of catching a certain someone's own show, whenever I can."

"If I do go overseas, you'll have t' come and drag Jen to a show. Oh! I have a card for her, so she can download a copy of the album! How can I get that t' her?" Quinn's head tilts, herfoot kicking at the dome again. "I still need t' put t'geher a website, come t' think of it. I'll have t' look int' that…"

"So long as you time it for a point she can get away, I don't think that there'll be much 'dragging' required, love", Ygraine says with a laugh. "She likes you, doofus, in case you hadn't got that from our time in Toronto. And… I could send you her address to your phone, if you want. Or whenever you're next at my place you could lift it from my address book."

"Well, it's just- a little scratch card. I could probably email her the code right now," Quinn says with a laugh as she reaches into her baf and pulls out an iPad. She smirks, looking back up at Ygraine. "But you're right, there probably wouldn't be much dragging. I'm just looing for an excuse t' take you with me."

"Robyn, I'd follow you just about anywhere", Ygraine responds without a hint of hesitation - and in fact blushes a moment later, clearing her throat, before retrieving her phone to fiddle busily with it.

That brings a wide, happy smile to Quinn fist curling into a ball as she gently hits on the dome. "Ugh! Why do you have t' be stuck in a goddamn bubble. This isn't fair!"

Ygraine cocks her head, offering a look mingling sympathy with amusement, before reaching out to touch the field again. "Why? Did you want to kiss me, or something?", she asks, quietly playful.

"It would be nice," QUinn anwsers honestly, leaning forward a bit against the dome. "I kinad miss cuddling up on your couch t' watch movies I wouldn't understand if it wasn't fo subtitles."

Ygraine giggles, fondly shaking her head. "It's good to know what I'm valued for", she teases affectionately. "Oooh - was the other one you picked up Pan's Labyrinth, by any chance?"

'"No… but it's not like I can't go back," Quinn relpies with a smirk and a shake of her head. "That's a good one, though. I can't believe I didn't think t' pick that one up." She moves her hand back to match where Ygraine touches the dome, like touching a reflection in a mirror.

Spreading her fingers a little, Ygraine extends her contact with the Dome. "I've got to pick up The Devil's Backbone. It's the film for which Pan's Labyrinth is not-exactly-a-sequel. But… perhaps we can go DVD shopping whenever I get out of this…."

"I didn't realise Pan's Labyrinth was an anything for anything…" Quinn head tilts a bit, blinking. "Even in a dome, I learn somethin' new from you. But yeah, we'll have t' pick that up when you get out of here.'

"Labyrinth is set after the Spanish Civil War - while the Franquist regime is hunting down some of the last guerillas", Ygraine explains. "Backbone is set before the War, or in its early days, and was the break-through that first won the director international acclaim. I confess that I've not actually managed to see it, myself, though it's meant to be a superb film. But… yes. Taking you shopping sounds nice, though I fear I might be a little short on cash…."

"I've never even heard of it, t' be honest," Quinn replies sheepishly, moving her hand to match Ygraine's spread fingers. "But I'll keep an eye out for ir. If I see, I'll grab it an' we can watch it when you get out of there. Somethin' t' look forward to, right?" Quinn giggles a little bit, sighing. "Aren't I supposed t' be taking you shopping, not the other way around?"

"It's not a very cheery film", Ygraine warns with a smile. "And… well. If you have the money, I suppose that I can let myself be pampered. Though it'll feel odd, I admit. I'm used to being the one with some spare cash to burn…"

"It's called The Devil's Backbone," Quinn replies dryly. "Doesn't really exactly scream cheer you know." She leans against the dome a bit more, smiling at Ygraine. "I… missed talkin' t' you like this. You'd never even know there's a dome here. Or that we're out in public…"

Ygraine giggles, then smirks impishly at Quinn. "Oh, if there weren't a Dome here, I'd probably be apologising for the mess I'd made of your clothes against my dirty old leathers", she assures the Irishwoman. "I doubt that you'd be getting to stay at arm's length…."

Quinn snorts and laughs, shaking her head at Ygraine. "Fair 'nough! Well.. hopefully soon. Maybe we can pick up Devil's Backbone an' spend an afternoon watchin' movies. We can watch that… Amelie for somethin' happier… what else…"

Another giggle, accompanied by a fond smile from the Briton. "If you wanted to stick with some of the same director's more commercial work, then we could watch the Hellboy movies. I think that he also did Mimic, ages back, and one of the Blade films…."

"But in all honesty, I think I would be happy just to spend time with you, whatever we're watching. I've missed you, too, Robyn. A great deal, at times. I've… got used to being able to look forward to seeing you."

Quinn's smile wavers a bit - but in a good way, widening with a bit of a sad quality ot it. "God, I wish I could hug you right now. I'll have t' come out ehre again. You can keep me posted, I can pass things on t' other people, an' we can just- you know. Chat."

Ygraine ducks her head, then manages to muster another smile of her own as she looks up again. "When I get out of here… I suppose that my first order of business should probably be to spend at least a couple of hours in a bath. And after that… I think that I might kidnap you to my place, and keep you there for a good while."

"I think I'd like thar," Quinn replies with a laugh. "Not too long, but… you definitely deserve some alone time with me." SHe grins, looking down at her iPad, noting the time with a forwn and a sigh. "I have… some other things I need t' do t'day, so…" She sounds reluctant as she ever could be, "I guess I need t' get going." Her hand presses against the dome, matching Ygraine's as best as she can. "Send me Jen's email so I can get her that download code." A pause. "I love you, an' I miss you. Keep in contact. Please?"

"I'll make sure you've got up-to-date contact details for Jen, love. And… I doubt she'd object to hearing from you. Naturally, she doesn't wholly trust me when I say that I'm doing fine", Ygraine admits with a sheepish look. "But… perhaps I should send you a dirty picture every day, or something, if it'll make you happy. A variation from "Dome still here, and so am I" reports…."

Quinn shakes her head and laughs, tucking her iPad into her bag. "No, because then I have to deal with what happens if Elaine finds my phone. Or I leave it somewhere that gives her the wrong impression." Quinn winks once, before pulling back her hand. "Just… keep me informed, is all."

Ygraine shrugs amiably. "I suppose I could set up a return video feed for you, in recompense for the concert footage", she muses teasingly… before sighing and pressing her hand to the field once more. "Take care of yourself, love. And try not to worry about me too much. Of all the people in here, I'm one of the best-equipped to cope."

"Can't help it," is a Quick response and a smile. "But I'll try. Be safe, Ygraine, an' call me if anythin' happens. I love you."

"Je t'aime", Ygraine offers by way of immediate response. "I adore you, Robyn. And thank you."

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