Happy to Comply


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Scene Title Happy to Comply
Synopsis Veronica stops by Abby's apartment to find out what she knows about Luke Campbell.
Date March 29, 2010

Le Rivage Abby's Apartment

The place looks like it's only made for temporary living. Couch and coffee table from goodwill, small TV and DVD player as well as an large bird cage and Cat that looks unhappy to be here. Mattresses in the three bedrooms with bedding on them along with laundry baskets turned on their sides to perform as storage for clothing. Safehouses frankly look better than here. The kitchen with the signs of takeout as opposed to home cooking. All in all though, the place looks like an okay play to stay short term.

Some day, she's going to make Teo realize just how much he means to her that she'd go and rent a place that isn't as secure as her own place and actually live there, all for him and his need to protect her. As such, when Veronica came around Old Lucy's looking for Abby, the ladies called to ask whether to give Veronica the address or not.

Cue the appropriate amount of time later, Abby's gone out, gotten coffee and tried to make herself presentable and not some depressed version of herself for when the company agent comes. Which she does, and is let in to the spare accommodations with it's twittering bird and lounging cat. "Long time no see" The blonde in yoga pants and tank top offers in greeting to Veronica.

"Hey, Abby. It's good to see you," Veronica says quietly; coming in from the cold, she's dressed much more warmly in her black puffy snow parka, gloves and hat. "Sorry to intrude. I really won't take too much of your time. I was coming in to ask about something that happened at Old Lucy's yesterday? A kid who apparently didn't have the proper identification, and he might have … gotten a bit mad about it?" Boiling mad, one might say, but she doesn't find the situation funny enough to pun about. "You ever seen that kid before?"

"Not intruding. I have shift later tonight so, trying to get back into swing of things. Uhhh" A hand runs through blonde hair and she closes her eyes to think. "His cut up ID is still in the bar. I thought Agent" She's calling him agent now. "Ryans would be back for it but he didn't. You can swing by and i'll let Brenda know to give it to you. But, he's never been in there before." She hasn't been visiting safehouses and hasn't been keeping up to date with the populations of the houses thanks to Kozlow and Dreyfus and Matt's protectors.

"He boiled alcohol in the glass, about uhh.. a quarter of what was left over after he drank some was gone. WHat's his ability?"

"Apparently boiling stuff," Veronica says with a little amusement. "I'll stop by and get the ID, but I doubt it's useful. Anyway, no, the kid is dangerous, Abby. I know you don't like what we're about, but he really does need to be taken in, if only to learn to control his power. He seems to be losing it when he's angry or upset — seems maybe he can control what he focuses it on, but he's hurt people. He's just a kid, and I'm pretty sure we can teach him to control it. He's young. We're not trying to just hold people for no reason — that's not what we're about."

She runs a hand through her hair and gives a shake of her head. "It's also possible he might know where someone more dangerous is, and I need to find him for that reason, as well. If you see him again — or if you hear about anyone who knows where he is… I'd appreciate it. Anything that has to do with … you know. Melting, heating, burning things and a teenage kid? Give me a call."

No widening of eyes or the like from Abby. No surprise given the uses of powers that she's seen or come in contact with. She just listens to Veronica, defending her job and what she does with a nod of her head followed by frowning when she describes his ability a bit further. It's enough to make her scratch at a shoulder. "Can he.. does he burn people?" There's a reason she's asking this.

"I can keep an ear out, but I can't actively turn him over to you Veronica. But you know this. I doubt he'll be back to the bar after I did what I did but… I can have the girls keep an eye out for him. If he's just loosing it, then yeah, he needs control. I mean, anyone with a more.. offensive ability needs to learn to control it."

Veronica nods slowly. "Not burn with flame, no. But he can kill people. It's basically a microwave effect, from what we can gather, actually. Do you know anyone that fits that description? I know you don't want to turn people into me, but you need to realize he's killed people. Protecting his right to freedom might mean endangering others. If you don't feel comfortable telling Company where he is, then go local PD or whatever else. As long as he's off the street. And again… he might know something about someone that is more dangerous. Someone that I think even you would want off the streets."

"I think he sunburned me when he was nuking the drink…." THe blonde murmurs but nods to Veronica. "Listen, Veronica. I didn't object when Agent Ryans was eyeing him in the bar. I'm neutral ground and I understand, I really do okay. I'll let the girls know to keep an eye out for him, I'm not in the bar too often right now. I have things happening and a job in an ambulance that really curbs my hours there but I promise that if I come across him, I'll try to get him to at least voluntarily come in or… direct him to the Suresh Center. They'll help him too, I'll do something. Because that's better than doing nothing"

A promise is a promise and she reaches over for the starbucks that was bought for the woman, passing it over to the company agent. "Who's the other guy, I can.. feed his description to others I know and see if they've come across him" Because everyone knows that Abby knows people.

The agent smiles at the Starbucks and lifts it for a sip. "Thanks. I should be bringing you coffee, not the other way around, Abby," the agent says, though coffee is much appreciated after the night she had sleeping on a couch at Fort Hero. "As for his description…" she sighs and shakes her head. "You don't need to spread it around, but about 6 foot, gaunt, maybe in his 60s, bald. If you see someone fitting that description, call me. Don't underestimate him. His power makes him dangerous. I can't really say anymore." She sounds frustrated at the gag order. "I'll get out of your hair, Abby. Good luck juggling both jobs."

"What's his power and really, veronica, I don't mind. It's…" She shrugs. "Hey, Hokuto Ichihara and Corbin Ayers. I know.. I mean, i suspected that Hokuto was an agent but… do I need to worry about Ayers?" It's a grasp, to see if her hunch was right. "There's more of you around than anyone realizes. It's really quite funny each time I come across yet another one of you." There's a scuff of bare foot against bare floor. "How's winters? Have you heard from him at all?"

Veronica frowns at the mention of Ayers and Ichihara. "Worry about him? I wouldn't think so. You're clean slated from anything in the past," she says lightly, not confirming nor denying that either of the two names were agents. "Winters is fine," she adds. "Sort of a compromise or something between him and us, so he's not in trouble, anyway." Has she seen him? She's engaged to him — not that Abby knows that. At least, she doesn't think Abby knows that. Of course, Abby has always known more than is good for her. She lets the chance to ask about Deckard pass — it would spook Abby and possibly interfere with Ayers' investigation.

The vaugness that comes with Veronica's answer somewhat gives Abby more of an idea about Corbin. But then, Veronica has always been vague. She never outright said she's company in the firstplace. It's always been am 'i know, that you know, so we won't confirm or deny and go about our ways' between the pair of them.

"Tell Winters I said hi and no, Veronica, There was never anything to clean off my slate with your employer's. I'm not worried about that. I've not done anything wrong that warrants your co-workers banging down on my door to bag and tag me" Her own coffee is picked up. "Be safe out there. Give Ryans a hey for me as well. Retired my butt" There's a shake of her head.

"No point bagging and tagging you these days, Nun," Veronica says with a chuckle as she heads for the door. "But let me know if you get your power back, and I'll be more than happy to comply — just so you don't feel left out." She's teasing of course, and it says quite a bit for her respect for the woman that she can. "See ya. Stay safe."

'Yeah, that's not happening, i'm SLC free. Least I won't need to worry about the mayor screaming about how evil I am" Abigail mutters, walking Veronica to the door so she can see the woman out. "God bless Veronica. Take care" Through it all, she's not been quite the same as veronica would remember. Liek some small part of the woman that made things brighter, broke.

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