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Scene Title Harbinger
Synopsis Sibyl delivers a warning to Raytech Industries.
Date May 15, 2018

Raytech NYCSZ Branch Office, Kaylee's Office

Raytech wasn't the most uncommon place for Robyn Quinn to be anymore - but amongst her many times visiting Geiger and Valerie, ort coming to speak to Richard about one thing or another, there was one big thing she had been remiss in. So, she'd dedicated today to just that, while she was still in the Safe Zone. And it was raining today, which meant being out was going to be less than favourable.

Better late than never, right?

She sits in a chair across from Kaylee's desk, leaning back. She rarely comes to Raytech in casual dress, but today she's decided to dress down a bit, in a white blouse, and a long black layered skirt. She does still have her black eyeband pulled across one eye, and a wet black umbrella leaning against the table next to her.

"You remember Rhys, right?" The prissy kid that had once been their guide through time. "Don't know how, but he found himself at SESA too. Been doing pretty well with it. …Until he had to go into the old sewers a bit back." She can't help but laugh at that, shaking her head. "Heard from Nicole and Dirk the fit afterwards was… rather legendary."

A glance is given to the skull on Kaylee's desk - something she hasn't seen fit to ask about yet, but still has been noted several times. "For how serious we all are, it still seems like a sitcom sometimes."

“I heard that yeah,” Kaylee muses from where she sits behind the old antique desk procured from Logan’s shop. Looking the part of a business woman with her pantsuit and blonde curls gathered up on the back of her head. She slants a look to the skull sitting on her desk. “In fact, I contacted him recently about that skull. Pointed me to someone within SESA to help with identifying it. I’d like to possibly see it give a family some closure.” There is a slight roll of her eyes as she look back at Robyn. “Unless it is one of those deals where it was a body given over to science. Then… I guess it’ll go on a shelf.”

Leaning back in her chair, Kaylee can’t help but smile brightly, “Glad you were able to come by. Nice break from the craziness of doing Richard’s job and mine.” Not to mention all the craziness. “Not that I ever imagined either of us where we are. Of course, no matter how much changes it seems like everything stays the same. I’ll be glad when my brother is back. I think I’ll take a vacation. Leave him to do my job and his.”

Speaking of.

Kaylee's intercom interrupts the easy flow of conversation. «There's a here Sibyl Black to see you,» says the familiar voice on the other end of the line.

There is no Sibyl Black on Kaylee's calendar of appointments, but—

«She claims it’s urgent. Should I buzz her in?»

"Sibyl Black?" Robyn repeats, quirking an eyebrow at Kaylee. "I wonder what this could be about. I imagine urgent news for Raytech…" She stops short of saying it bodes ill, not wanting to put an unintentional curse on Kaylee's work. "I can step outside, or even come back later. I'd hate to get in the way of business."

After all, she knows if someone came to SESA with an urgent report, she would want to tend to it as quickly as possible.

She doesn't immediately get up though, looking to Kaylee for guidance in this particular issue. It's her call, after all. "Or," Robyn starts with a smirk, "You could send her to Valerie. I wouldn't normally do that to your sister, but…" It's a joke, of course. But a part of her does think it would be amusing to see Val's reaction to a sudden visitor.

It takes Kaylee a moment to place the face of the girl on the boat to the name being spoken over the intercom. Lips press tightly together concidering. “No. You can stay. I can’t imagine anything so urgent.” I mean… she could really. She even thought about telling Robyn, but that might mean explaining other things. “She is after all associated with that character over there on Staten, Alister Black. He wants to talk to my brother.” That last coming out a little flat. “He probably sent her or something.”

Leaning forward, Kaylee presses the proper button to link her to the front desk. “Send her up.” Letting go of the button, she seems to think better of it and adds. “Make sure she is escorted to my door.” Letting go of the button, she settles back again. “That should keep our Security Chief happy.” There is a touch of fondness for the man charged with protecting Raytech and its people.

Any notions Kaylee had of Sibyl being sent by someone are dispelled the moment the girl sets foot in the room. Anxious energy pours off her in such great amounts that Robyn doesn’t have to be a telepath to pick up on the fact that she isn’t supposed to be here. Fear makes her eyes fractionally larger than Kaylee remembers and transforms her spine into a steel rod standing at attention as the office door closes behind her.

She clasps her hands and lets them hang loose in front of her.

There’s nothing about her appearance to suggest that she’s from Staten Island; her clothes are well-laundered and pressed, and consist of a prim grey dress without sleeves, charcoal-coloured stockings and black ballet flats that match the silk ribbon in her ashy hair. She looks like she belongs in a boarding school, not one of the most dangerous hotbeds of criminal activity on the East coast.

But if Robyn and Kaylee have learned anything since the world first became aware of who they were and what they can do, it’s that appearances are often — if not always — deceiving.

“Don’t look at the window,” at the first words out of Sibyl’s mouth. “Whatever you do. Please. Only look at me.”

Well, that sort of request is certainly the kind to put Robyn on edge. She sits up a bit straighter in her seat - perhaps to both their benefits, she doesn't place the young girl in front of her as one she's seen before. Instead, she studies Sibyl's face, concern growing on hers - trying very hard to fight the instinctual desire to disobey that command and look at the windows.

"I'm sorry?" Robyn instead asks, eyes sliding to look over towards Kaylee. I don't have to tell you that something isn't right here, is an immediate thought that bubbles up to the surface, hoping Kaylee can catch it. Instantly on edge. Not that that's hard to do to me these days.

Robyn takes in a deep breath, hands folding into her lap slowly. "Ms. Black, right?" she remarks with a small incline of her head. For as on edge as this puts her, she tries her best to seem like unnerved. But Kaylee can probably hear the myriad of question bubbling up in her mind.

Of course, Kaylee’s back sits to the window in her tall backed chair and much like Robyn it takes everything in her not to look. “Ms. Black,” there is caution in her tone, eyes narrowing a little at the girl. “Thank you, Bob,” she calls after the security guard as he closes the door, leaving the three of them alone.

She offers the girl a chair with the wave of her hand towards one next to Robyn. A glance goes to agent and the thoughts aimed her way. «Seems I’ve caught the attention of someone… I had hoped that threat had gone away.» It had been a few weeks after all and.. things had happened. Well, she can’t hide it anymore, really. Not with the odd request from Sibyl.

“Does this have to do with the other day?” Other day meaning a few weeks ago. On the boat. Looking for a confirmation of her suspicions.

“Yes,” Sibyl answers, moving toward the chair Kaylee’s offered her. Yes, to her name. Yes, to what this has to do with.

Whatever this is.

Her eyes flit knowingly between the two older women. Even if she isn’t privy to it, she must be aware that they’re communicating on some level; she witnessed what Kaylee was capable of the other day, on Etienne’s lobster boat. “Lip reading isn’t exact,” she continues, “only thirty percent of human speech is visible by looking at somebody’s mouth. I read that in a book.”

She settles in the chair, making a sincere effort to follow her own advice and keep her focus on Kaylee on the opposite side of the desk, and on Robyn directly to her right. “You should probably still keep your back to the glass, though.”

Something I should know about? is probably a question Robyn should've already asked, turning away from the window entirely. I can keep it between us, I promise. She doesn't like to make exceptions - but for old friends, she's willing to do a lot.

"You're saying someone is watching us." Which is obvious by now, but Robyn seeks confirmation, rather than assumption. It doesn't sound that unusual to her, she's sure Raytech - and Richard in particular - would have enemies out there. The missing puzzle piece to her, well-

It sits in front of her.

"Whatever it is you have to say, Ms. Black, I promise you this is a safe place." Not that that's her promise to make, but she believes that - between her and Kaylee - if there's a problem they can probably handle it.

There is a soft resigned sigh as Sibyl’s affirmative. “Should I be thankful we have reinforced windows? Or is it something less sinister?” Kaylee studies the girl her front of her thoughtfully. “It’s hard to explain Robyn. While picking up a shipment along the coast, I learned someone would rather me dead.” A glance goes to Robyn, with a small shrug. Her movements don’t suggest worry, but it is there. “No idea why, yet.” Not completely true, but partially so.

“So Miss Black,” Kaylee turns her full attention back to Sibyl, expression thoughtful. “Clearly, you know what is up, otherwise you wouldn’t have shown up looking rather freaked out. Care to share with the rest of the class?” The telepath offers her a small smile of reassurance, as she leans forward to rest her arms on the desktop.

“It isn’t a safe place,” Sibyl confides in Robyn. “That’s what I’m trying to tell you.”

Her hands curl in her lap like a small, fearful little animal with knuckles for vertebrae. “I’ve been following you, since before,” she says, “since you made that man tell you her name. I wanted to see where you’d go, what you’d do.” As Kaylee leans forward, she resists the urge to lean back. Her pulse stands out against her throat, visible to Robyn in a solitary, fluttering vein behind her ear.

“And I’m not the only one.” She raises her chin, pointing to the window without raising either of her clenched hands so the gesture doesn’t draw the attention of whoever is on the other side of the glass.

Natalie Gray, Pohl had said.

“She’s watching this building, your house, your husband, your children. All of it.”

Another look over to Kaylee. Robyn grumbles something to herself, but the thought is clear to Kaylee - that she wishes she had her ability, to do some nearby reconnaissance. But, at least the young girl seems to confirm that they're in a compromised position right now. "How would you know this, Ms. Black?" Robyn crosses her legs, two fingers placed against her cheek.

She looks anything but relaxed, posture straightened as she regards the girl in front of them. She's at attention, eyes scanning around the room before falling back on Sibyl. When I leave here, do you want me to check on them? is offered up, smiling at Sibyl gently.

"Is there anyone else?" is her next question. "Besides you, and…" She looks over to Kaylee, since Sibyl has chosen to exclude a name.

“I should call Mr. Bellamy and let him know.” Kaylee mentions their Chief of Physical Security with a strained voice. A threat on her is one thing, a threat that includes Joseph and the kids is another thing. Eyes going to the phone on her desk, however, she hesitates. He’ll be upset with her, but something about this makes her hesitate.

«Discreetly. Last thing I need to tip this woman off.» Going back to Detroit was looking better and better.

“You say she is watching all of this. This means that she has others working for her?” That is the only way that Kaylee can fathom this woman having eyes everywhere. Brows furrow a little, giving Sibyl a confused look. “You are rather well informed for as young as you are.”

Sibyl glances over at Robyn and— hesitates. Her fair brow knits. “The same way I know your name is Robyn Quinn,” she says, “and that music used to be your life before you let your own guilt take it away from you. Now you work for SESA because it reminds you of the best parts of being a Ferryman and makes you forget the worst.”

She could go on. Swallows first, suddenly aware of a tightness closing around her throat. “When you aren’t in New York, you’re in Rochester with Avi Epstein and Hana Gitelman. All of you fought for laws that protect me from having to tell you exactly how it is I do what I do.”

There’s another pause that she fills with a slow, shaky breath, delaying the answer to Kaylee’s question. When does come, it’s much softer, and without any edge. “A lot.”

Robyn tries her best not to fidget or act too surprised when Sybil gives her a more personal rundown than she ever expect. She stiffens a bit, and then lets out a held breath. "Fair enough," she says in a low voice, looking off to the side. Called out. Wow. Fingers drum in her lap, and then she nods.

"Normally I would be curious about information coming from someone so young." Robyn eyes Sibyl for a moment - if she seems a bit more cold, it's only coincidence that it comes after Sibyl's little personal history lesson. "Clearly you're anything but. So, thank you for coming here to warn us. But…"

Robyn looks over Kaylee, and then back to Sibyl. " A lot…" A puzzled look crosses her face as she leans forward a bit, back of her palm propped under her chin. "I wonder if this is something I can look into. Off the books."

There is a twitch of a smile, despite the situation. She can’t help it. “You kinda deserved that,” Kaylee offers with soft amusement to Robyn. A tease really, though the humor isn’t quite there. “She’s right, she doesn’t have to prove anything.”

The telepath finds herself resists the urge to bury her face in her hands. Instead, she folds her hand tightly in front of her. “Yes, thank you.” This is offered over to the young woman. “You could’ve just let things happen, but you warned me. Though, I’m more concerned about my family then me.” It’s always been that way. She isn’t quite sure yet how to process this or where to go from here, but at least she knows the threat had escalated. He’ll have to talk to Luther… and damn, she wished her brothers (yes, plural) were around.

“Is telling me putting you in danger?” Is she going to be alright is what Kaylee is asking her. “Or do I should I ask Mr. Bellamy have someone escort you home?”

Sibyl decides it’s stupid to lie to a telepath.

(It’s stupid to sit across the desk from one, too.)

“You can feel it,” she tells Kaylee, “if you listen. She’s hurt, angry. And when people are hurt and angry, it’s all they can focus on, all they can see. It’s like looking down a long, black tunnel. I don’t think she’s realized I’m there in the dark with her yet.

“But she will.” She rises from her chair, showing as little of her face to the window as possible. Kaylee’s stalker receives a view of profile and partial mask of pale blonde curls instead. “It’s better if I go alone,” she says, “but thank you, both of you.”

Robyn purses her lips, watching Sibbyl as she stands. She offers the girl a respectful nod, and takes in a deep breath. "If you change her mind…" But she's pretty sure she won't, and even if she did, she gets the impression a SESA agent isn't what she's looking for here. "Please. Be as safe as you can be."

With that, she turns halfway back to Kaylee, now being mindful of the window. A few more minutes of chatting, and then I'll take off? she offers. Maybe try and be seen telling me I should stop in and see Joseph and the kids. Which she should anyways. It's been ages.

Eyes slide back to Sibyl. She can see the puzzlement on Robyn's face, like she's trying to figure out a riddle she hasn't even heard all of yet. Trying to piece together something she can't. Something about all of this bothers her more than it already should.

Kaylee probably looks just as puzzled as Robyn, though she gets the idea of listening. Fingers seek out the ring on her finger, turning it in a fit of worry. A simple band from another era. She looks to Robyn and gives the barest of nods. She looks like she might say something to her friend, but for the moment holds her tongue.

“Sibyl.” The name is said quietly, instead. Blue-eyed gaze turned her way. “Be careful out there. I know I speak for all of us — “ her and her siblings “ — if you ever need to a place. RayTech’s doors are open.” For this, they will owe her after all. Kaylee would let them know, especially her brother. “Let Mr. Black know, I’ll make sure he gets his meeting.”

There is a bit of a lop-sided smile. It’s all she can offer; a meeting with Richard.

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