Harbor Court
Owner Department of Evolved Affairs
Employees NPC social workers and educators
Hours of Operation Constant
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Resettlement

Harbor Court Homes for Evolved Youth describes a cul-de-sac lined by residential units, bought and paid for by the United States Government, that has been committed for use by the Department of Evolved Affairs and social services to house registered Evolved children, ages 13 through to 18, who are in some way displaced and settled in Eltingville Blocks. These range from runaway youths, orphans or even some teenagers who have run into trouble with the law in some capacity.

The sun bakes red roofs when it peeks through the clouds, the walls painted a kind of faded salmon from another time; a sort of strange intimacy with the way the front faces of the units all circle around the curved street. The biggest structure is the community centre, devoted to housing any children who need special watching — suicide cases or anyone prone to escape. This building is also a dining hall for anyone staying at Harbor Court, and is also a learning hub that the teens are required to go to every week day. It's grey on the outside and beige on the inside, dreary and rundown, but functional.

To its immediate south and east is the river, the smell of the coast and the docks forever tainting the air, although access to the docks themselves is restricted by razor wire fencing — no boats dock here.

Getting out and into the wider Eltingville Blocks territory is of no issue — in fact, the kids are more or less unmonitored except in cases of special attention. However, cameras monitor differing angles of the area, and are reasonably obvious about it.

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