Hard Lesson Learned


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Scene Title Hard Lesson Learned
Synopsis Carrie arrives at the ER to pick up her trainee after Minea beat the crap out of him.
Date July 06, 2009

Some Hospital ER

"Where is he?" Carrie snaps at the nurse as soon as she hits the hospital. She had had to stay behind at the academy for a staff meting and told him to get home. Of course, in the middle of the meeting she got a call.. Her trainee was in the hospital. She was pissed.. but not at him, at whoever jumped him.

When the nurse gives her a funny look, Carrie growls. "Magnes Varlane.. where is he?" Taking in the instructor's uniform, the nurse finally gives her what she wants. Making her way through the crowded ER, she pulls aside a curtain to the bed with Magnes on it. "Fucking A… what happened?" Moving along side the bed she eyes the young man, with a mix of concern. A hand moving to rest on his forehead. "Damn it, Varlane."

Magnes groans, but finally begins to stir, staring up at Carrie with hazy eyes. "Minea…" is all he says, still trying to get his wits together and actually realize where he is. "Why…"

Cold runs through Carrie's body when he says that name, and he hand come off his head. "What about Minea?" She leans down over him so that he has to focus on her. "Why are you saying her name.. What did you /do/?" Her voice is a harsh whisper, her eyes fill with anger as she searches his. "I told you to go home. I trusted you to go home while I dealt with that meeting."

Finally fully aware, though still a bit hazy, Magnes takes a moment to process her questions, what happened basically flashing before his eyes. "I was walking home, and I bumped into Minea. I tried to talk to her, I didn't think she'd do anything. She was saying she was the enemy, and beat me up because I was too afraid to hurt her using my ability…"

She still doesn't look happy at his answers. Pushing away from his bed, Carrie lets out of line of words that shouldn't be spoken by a woman. Stopping at the end of the bed, she has to try and not yell at him. "You should have either flew away or used your ability. Never hesitate. NEVER" She leans her hands on the bed and stares down the lenght of it to the young man. "You can't ever hesitate like that." It was a harsh lesson he learned, but she couldn't coddle him on this. "She could have killed you."

"I didn't know, I just, I knew she defected, but I didn't know she'd be a different person." Magnes closes his eyes, taking a deep breath, then just exhales. "I thought I could talk to her, like before, I didn't know she'd beat me up. I didn't know things could change so quickly…"

"In a blink of an eye." Carrie says roughly, a hand lifting to rub fingers across her brow. "I'm going to have to short the leash again." She says suddenly, is that fear in her voice? "I will drive you back to the base after every class.. and you'll have to wait on me when I have meetings."

"But I didn't do anything wrong…" Magnes frowns, disappointment deep in his tone as he stares at Carrie with a not-so-friendly look. "I didn't go out and play around or go tell Company secrets to someone, I got beat up!"

"Exactly, Magnes. You hesitated." Carrie moves down the bed towards him again. "You could have been hurt badly… or killed." There is no flinching at his look, all he sees is her worry for his well being. "What if it happens again? What if you hesitate again?" Closing her eyes she says softly. "I don't want to have to come down here and identify your body. This was bad enough."

"I won't hesitate again." Magnes says with no particular feeling behind it, as if he had to throw away a little of himself to say such a thing. "If Abby herself tries to attack me, I'll stop her. I don't kill, ever, but I'll stop her. I could have stopped Minea, I could have captured her, my questions could have waited, but it didn't work out like that. I know better, I made my mistake. Capture first, then the talking starts."

Gentle hands move to rest on each side of his face to make him look at her. Carrie's eyes are sad and her words just above a whisper. "This was a hard lesson. We all end up having to learn it. It's the worse decision anyone has to make, but we have to do it. I would do it to you… or even Grim if I had to. It would kill me to do it.. but I would if I had to." Her hand moves a bit to look at the bruise from his jaw being struck. Frowning a bit at the sight of it, she touches it lightly. "When I tranqed that woman the day they blew up Primatech? It tore me up.. cause she was in so much pain.. but in that moment she was hurting people." Sighing softly she shakes her head. "Sorry you had to learn it this way. Especially from her."

"Even if you're lying, can you promise me something?" Magnes asks, his eyes defeated again as he stares up into her's. "Please, just, don't make me have to do it to you. Don't just, leave without saying anything at least…"

Fingers brush along the hair of his forehead, as Carrie things how to answer that. "I promise.. and only cause I am a company woman. I'm in it for the long haul.. and I'm pretty sure it'll be the death of me." Giving him a soft smile. "And if — god forbid — I decide to become one of the bad guys, I'll give you warning so you can stay clear."

"Thanks, Carrie." Magnes smiles, appearing genuinely thankful for her words. Then he looks down at his crotch, and back up at her. "Are you gonna get a healer here or something? I think I heard someone say something about testicular torsion…"

Carrie glances down as well, but then remembers herself. "There are no available healers, Magnes. Remember everyone is out on holiday or undercover." Giving him an apologetic smile. "Looks like you gotta deal with this bit of nastiness on your own and do it still getting through your class."

"Can I see Abby? Maybe she got her ability back." Magnes asks hopefully, groaning as he reaches up and touches the side of his cheek. "There's gotta be an alternative…"
"If I can endure a car crash.. you can handle a little pain from getting your assed kicked." Carrie tells him matter of factly. Even though she really does sympathize. "They will probably give you some good meds for the pain. And thn you'll get tomorrow to sleep it off.. then it's back to the academy."

"Yeah, I guess so…" Magnes has been beaten before, but there's a vast difference between a horrible beatening that leads to Abby laying next to and healing you, a bad beating where Hiro beats you but does not hit you in the nuts, and a Minea beating where she kicks you directly in the nuts, you do not pass go, however you do collect a hospital bill and a bruised jaw.
Carrie's hand brushes at his hair again and she grins. "Hey, you'll be fine." She leans down to press a caste kiss to his forehead. "I better go find the doctor and see how long it'll take to get your ass out of here." She sighs. "I do not want to explain this to the brass." Glancing down at him, she frowns slightly. "No hesitating next time. You knock them out.. or you fly out of there. At least til your done with training."

"I could have stopped her, I could have captured her, I had a chance and I missed it and she beat me up. I guess that's her last lesson to me…" Magnes shakes his head, just closing his eyes now. "Thanks for being here, Carrie."

"Your welcome, Kiddo." Carrie says softly. "Now get some rest, I'll talk to the doctor."

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