Hard to Come By


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Scene Title Hard to Come By
Synopsis The situation doesn't look good, but Godfrey isn't in this alone.
Date June 6, 2020

Rikers Island

“Well, I must admit this was not the scenario I expected.”

Godfrey smiles quite brightly at Kay from on the other side of the partition, a hand resting on the back of the chair, the other having already grabbed the phone. It was visiting hours at Riker’s Island, the place he’s been since his arrest at the beginning of the year. From her place, safe on the other side of the glass, he looked… unkempt. No product in his hair so it curled a bit more than she remembered, but he also had a bit more facial hair then normal.

“Hell-lo, Kaydence. Come t’yell at the terrorist?” Godfrey cheekily comments with a waggle of his brows. Moving to sliding into the seat, he still manages to look smug even wearing an orange jumpsuit. “Not that I blame you, of course, the right bastard I am.”

“Please.” Kaydence Lee Damaris is all calm from her side of the glass, the phone apparatus cradled between her ear and her shoulder giving her a very casual sort of cant to her head. “I’m not here to throw stones.”

There’s no hiding the look-over she gives him, taking in the details that make up this guileless version of Godfrey Wells.

No. Not guileless. He may not have a grooming kit at his disposal that meets his exacting specifications, but Godfrey is far from being without guile. Without defenses.

What she says next might be a surprise to him, given how most people have reacted to the revelation of his involvements. “I’m here to talk about getting you out of here.”

Kay smiles easily, like this is one of their little chats over a bottle of wine, and not with a plexiglass divider between them. “Interested?”

“Get me out?” Godfrey sits a bit straighter with interest, though his face seems to disbelieve this idea being possible. “J’you forget that part where I said ‘m a terrorist?” He glances over at a nearby guard. “At least by their definition anyhow,” he amends that last. Not that he ever saw himself as such.

Leaning forward, all that cheeky cheer bleeds away, as he studies the woman on the other side. Godfrey can’t decide whether to have hope or not. “You realize that they are ready to hang me, even though I’ve given them everything I got. S’no easy task to get them to let me go, love.” Still…

Godfrey shifts forward a bit more on his seat and motions her to continue, “But go on.” He’d love to hear it.

“Forget? No.” Kay shakes her head, careful not to dislodge the receiver from its perch. Her eyes cast ceiling-ward, a thoughtful expression. “Don’t give a shit? Yes.” So that’s either indicative of the level of friendship they’ve managed to strike up, or the level of usefulness he’s proved to Yamagato Industries.

Judging by the look her face settles into, it’s the former. The ruthlessness of Director Damaris isn’t visible here. This is Kay-on-the-balcony. “I’m already in the process of securing you a lawyer. Not one of ours.” So, that settles it, then. “I’ve convinced Nakamura that it isn’t in our best interests to be defending you publicly. So, I’ve reached deep into my well of favors.”

What she’s implying is the opposite of the reality of the situation, however. It isn’t someone who’s owed her a favor that’s helping her in this endeavor. Rather, she’s going to owe one hell of a favor in return for the aid she’s requested. Even if the goals align, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a huge ask.

“I’m not going to let you hang.” Kay smiles faintly after that, the briefest twitch of her lips. “‘Ella wants piano lessons.”

All that self-assured smugness melts away as Kay talks, replaced with a healthy dose of confusion. Godfrey sits back heavily in his chair and just kinda… stares. “Really?” There is a mild press of his lips at the fact she’s demanding piano lessons for her daughter - so far anyhow. “I believe that lessons can be arranged, as long as my piano has survived the wrath of Marlowe?” It’s a not so subtle inquiry into the condition of his baby grand. He worries.

“And, if it helps any. Next time you talk to Ms. Nakamura, let her know that the government’s quite fascinated with her company’s many…” he shifts his head slightly to glance as the guard out of the very furthest corner of his eye “…endeavors.” Godfrey doesn’t explain further, turning his focus back to give her a matter of fact look. The government hadn’t come after their bosses in the months since he was incarcerated, so that might give an idea of how much he’s spilled.

“I agree, though, best Yamagato keep their distance,” Godfrey actually grimaces. “At least until it is done, but I do have to ask. Who is providing me with a lawyer?” He couldn’t think of anyone that would be willing to risk everything to help a member of Shedda Dinu.

“It has.” The piano. Survived Marlowe’s wrath. “‘Ella’s demanding lessons in return for keeping it safe for you.” Which has perhaps not been the easiest task, given how angry Godfrey is sure Marlowe must be. Lessons are an even exchange at worst.

But there’s a sort of too-calm blankness that comes to Kay’s expression when Godfrey mentions the government’s interests in the company she works for. If he’d said anything, the feds would have kicked in the doors by now, she’s certain. She’d have been arrested the moment she stepped foot outside of the Park.

Which means, he’s kept silent. Kay’s posture relaxes a fraction with the implication. “I thought they might be,” she admits of that fascination. “That’s why you’re not getting one of our lawyers. You say what you need to say.” She’d vastly prefer it if he not need to say anything that will absolutely destroy her life, but that’s a bed she’s made for herself, and she knows it. “If this endeavor succeeds,” getting him out of prison, “you won’t owe Yamagato Industries a thing in exchange for it.”

Her, on the other hand… If there’s a price to be negotiated later, it’s almost certain that Kay is the lesser of two evils in this instance. As to whose own favor Kay’s had to curry to make this venture possible, she answers with a mild smile.

“Monica sends her regards.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t underestimate Ms. Nakamura,” Godfrey comments flatly, despite that smug smile. “She’s a crafty one. Knew about m’ past, which hasn’t exactly been… public knowledge. Should she want to, I believe she could get what she wants.” Something he can respect about the CEO of Yamagato.

Speaking of women he respects, Godfrey is rather surprised to hear the name of his mysterious savior. “But Monica? Really?” He’s rather interested in this sudden turn. “I’m surprised. Our last meeting wasn’t very pleasant, I tried to get her to come back into the Yamagato fold after all. Per Nakamura’s instructions.” Not that he tried very hard, for reasons known only to him. “Only to have her band of misfit vigilantes try to tear my head off,” Godfrey offers as insight. He acts like he can’t understand. “I’ll never understand why, I had come in peace after all.” And armed to the teeth, but he conveniently leaves that off.

Studying Kay he looks rather guarded, eyes narrowed in thought. The phone receiver changes hands and he leans forward, almost eagerly. “You know, I should very much like to thank her, if you could pass that along.”

There’s a glint in Kay’s eye as she matches Godfrey’s posture, smile widening a little. “I will.”

As to rest, “Let me worry about Nakamura.” And that’s not to say there’s nothing to be worried about. Godfrey’s completely right about their employer. “And about you.” There’s that sincerity again. Kay expects he doesn’t get a lot of that in this place. Expects that he needs it from her.

“What do you need, Godfrey?” Now Kay passes the receiver from one hand to the other, resting her elbows on the partitioned table. “I don’t mean legally. Personally. What can I do for you?”

Godfrey shakes his head, slowly sitting straighter. “Strange as it seems, I need nothing. You are doing more than you should, really. Just getting me out of here and off these bloody negation drugs is enough.” His smile has faded away, as his gaze drops to his hand, flexing his fingers. “Just take care of yourself that darling mini-you of yours and I’ll work on staying alive in here.”

“There’s no should here,” Kay corrects Godfrey. “I’m doing what I’m doing because I want to. This isn’t about the job.” He can believe that or not. She wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t, given her position. But he’s seen her with her hair down.

But, she knows better than to push. People make their choices on their own time and this isn’t some backroom corporate deal where she needs to convince them that now is the time. “You know how to get in touch if you need anything.” Taking care of herself may be an order that edges on the tall side, but her daughter… That she can handle. “You’d better.” Stay alive.

“Trust me, I have no plans on dying if I can help it,” Godfrey reassures his friend, offering an equally reassuring smile. “And I do appreciate the help and look forward to seeing everyone again.” His guard clears his throat behind him and Godfrey’s smile fades a little. His little moment of respite has come to an end. “With that said, it seems my time is up, Kaydence.”

Godfrey’s gaze drops to that point where the table and glass partition meet, “I must say, it’s reassuring to know that I haven’t alienated everyone, despite my…. Misdeeds.” Dark eyes lifts again and that easy smile returns. “Good friends are rather hard to come by, s’good to know who still is.” His head dips towards her in respect.

He has no idea the things that she’s done in her past, and she suspects he wouldn’t end their friendship over them, but that’s precisely why she won’t cut him loose for the things she does know about him. Kay smiles, albeit sadly, because it means they’re about to part ways. For now.

“You’re still good in my books, so… I’ve got your back. It’s what friends do.” It may be cliche, but Kay lifts her hand and presses it to the partition between the two of them. “I’ll see you soon, Godfrey.”

Oh, it is so very cliche, which is why it amuses Godfrey so much. A single brow lifts at that hand pressed to the window. He isn’t quite sure what to do, so he fist bumps that portion of the glass, beyond amused. “Until we meet again, luv.”

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