Have A Little Faith In Me


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Scene Title Have A Little Faith In Me
Synopsis There is no screaming in this one. Or crying. Or yelling.
Date January 22, 2009

Brian's Apartment

It's obvious that the occupant here is a man. Most likely a bachelor. It is kept at the bare minimum of cleanliness. Wrappers and trash littered about from meals of the past not yet having been thrown away. The apartment itself smells like some meal that has been had recently, though it may not have been that recently. The kitchen is small, being equipped with the fridge, a counter and a few cabinets.

The whole feel of the apartment is spartan. The occupant obviously hasn't tried very hard to decorate. Though there are two Ansel Adams photographs post on two different walls. In the living room, the furniture is as follows. A mattress is laid out in front of the TV, a sheet laid over it. There are also two large bean bags on either side of it. The most elaborate thing about the living room is the cabinets full of DVDs. Over two hundred and counting, the occupant apparently loves movies. The hallway off the living room lead to a single bedroom and a bathroom on opposite sides.

Brian's not answering his phone and a message left, calling him like he'd ask leaves Abby, now that she knows his address, to the cliffside apartments. It's apolite knock, knuckles on door, that announce there's someone at the door and if there's a peephole, it's her blone visage distored in the round, through the hole. Mid afternoon and she's hoping he's home.

His elbow connects solidly with the suspended punching bag in the living room. His radio is set up, playing of course rap loudly. Though she's lucky enough that he happens to hear the knock. Soon the young man is at the door, peeking through the peep hole, then undoing the latch and opening the door a bit.

"Abby." Brian says, his eyebrows a little wide. "What are you doing here?" He's sweaty, wearing only a pair of blue basketball shorts, and his hands are wrapped up in white athletic tape. "Uh, you want to come in?"

"You weren't answering your phone. You wanted to talk" She's devoid of scooter jacket! Instead, it's some pink wool and leather affair that's in her eyes outrageously expensive and fit for someone else, but she wears is. Teo's birthday present to her. A cream scraf tucked in doens't match in quality. There's a glance beyond Brian, into his apartment. "If your fine with that. I understand if your not"

"My phone?" Brian says, looking over his shoulder to the counter where his phone lays. "I think it's on silent. Whoops." He comments, taking a step back, he opens the door for her. "I didn't think you would come all the way over here.. It's not very clean." He admits, going to shut and lock the door after she has entered. "Uh. I should go put a shirt on. You want something to drink or anything?"

"Could you? The.. shirt.. thing" wow… his apartment… She steps in, clutching purse to her side, another thing that looks at odds with the jacket. "I got time, till I have to go to work, so, I thought to.. you know.. see what it was that you wanted" awkwardness ensues, as always when with Brian.

"Yeah. Give me a second." With that the young man goes into the hall, into his bedroom. After a moment he reemerges witha light blue shirt on and a towel that he's dabbing off the sweat with. "I don't really know.. Why I said that." He admits, screwing his face up a little bit. "Uh.. how are you?" Brian asks, motioning that she could take a seat on one of the bean bags.

Quite a few things can get done when Brian's getting a shirt and getting dried off. Some fo the things littered around the apartment that is obviously garbage miraculously find their way into a trash can. But then, when he's coming back out, Abby's back to her spot just inside the apartment, not doing anything again. Completely innocent."Oh umm, well" SO he just said call her for something to say. "I'm good. I had a long sleep. Nobody needing healing, nice night at work, make a couple hundred in tips. Good nigh last night. You barely touched your beer though"

"I.. wasn't in a drinky mood." Brian mutters, bringing his hands up in a shrug. "Please take a seat." He says, motioning again to the large bean bag chairs. "I have a pink and a blue one, I got a pink one in case you came over." He jokes, smirking a little bit. "Uh, you want a drink? Soda, water? Anything?"

"Water, water would be good" Pink one in case she came over. That brings a smile to her face. "High unlikely, but at least i'll color co-ordinate with my coat" SAid article of clothing is taken off, looking for some place relativly clean and safe to hang it or drape it over before she plops down into a bean bag.
Opening the fridge, Brian pulls out a pair of water bottles. Kicking it closed he makes his way back into the living room, lowering the water bottle to her, he twists the cap off his own. Taking a big gulp of it. Going to plop on the side of the mattress, he half hugs his knees to his chest. "So…"

'So" Abigail echoes. "Thanks for the present. I have three bibles now. Not that, I don't love the present, I really do, it was very thoughtful and it's very beautiful" She twists the cap off, taking a mouthful of the clear liquid herself, wet her lips.

"It's a study bible." Brian points out, a little excitement in his voice. "It's called a Keyword Bible, it's got like the greek and hebrew root words in the back in like a dictionary. Can help you understand the original meaning and stuff. I have one. I really like it." He gives a little shrug. "You're welcome. I figured you wouldn't want another ring." He smirks.

"It's not that I don't like the ring Brian. It's that.. it's.. real. It's like.. big.." Big in her eyes "and it's.. I had thought you might get some small little real looking fake thing, but then.."

He waves his hand dismissively. "We've already had this talk Abby. Jennifer made me extra money. I thought it would be a nice gesture. Let's just drop it, okay?" He asks, raising his gray eyes to her, to see if it's okay if the subject is left behind for good. Brian pulls up his bottle and takes another swig.

Abby nods, both hands around the bottle, dipping her head. She rubs her lips together, forefinger picking at the label of the water. "About.. tuesday night…"

"Yeah.' He says, tilting his head. "You and Magnet, huh?" He asks, arching his brows for a moment.

"Not me and magnet. He's a friend. Like you. That first time I hurt my nose? Was him. He wasn't looking where he was skating, I wasn't paying attention I was tired, and… I tripped over him. Then there was the whole.. harlem thing and he got shot, I don't know exactly. Then he was around when Sylar made a run for me the first time. Being all chivalrous and the like. He's a.. good guy but.. like you, I just.. I don't have the energy to deal with making someone else happy. only with getting by day to day"

Brian smirks a little bit. "I've never tried to get in a relationship with you, Abby. And.." He gives a little shrug. "I think you misunderstand them. It's not about dealing with making someone happy. It's enjoying each other.. You shouldn't have to perform. If someone likes you.. Just being there makes them happy enough."
'He lives ina different world than me Brian. His world is populated bys uperhero's and that.. he can be superman and protect me" Abby shakes her head, studying the bottle. "I don't have the time either."

Smirking he gives a little shrug. "Well if you don't like him, you don't like him.." Brian offers bluntly. "Though he probably thinks you do, now. And I don't believe that, Abby. There's always time."

"No brian, there literally isn't. Sylar gave me amnesty for two weeks. Long enough to deal with whatever.. is going to happen. Then.. " The water's put down between her feet, shifted her shoes and her feet within those shoes till the bottle is trapped. "I don't have the time"

Brian is shockingly unphased. "I don't believe it." He says confidently. "You're going to be fine. I'll do everything I can to make sure of it and.. God still has purpose for you. If you die now, it just wouldn't make sense. It's not going to happen, Abby."

"God still has a purpose for me. Maybe that is his purpose. To pass this gift on? Doens't matter Brian. I can't stop him. The only thing that even got me the amnesty in the first place was because I had Wu-Long watching my back. Honor amoung thieves. But it got extended, because I asked. He wants it. only he wnats it differently than anyone else wants it. I managed to get a promise of a painless and peaceful death out of him, in exchange for fixing him up. I haven't seen him since which means he's keeping his end of the bargain. I have no doubt that he's going to come to collect. You don't just.. get off.. his radar when you have something he wants without good reason"

"It won't happen." Brian repeats strongly. "We'll take down these Volken guys, we'll take him down. Faith, Abby." Brian reminds. "We'll protect you."
The blonde healer is decidedly silent, just nudging the bottle now and then with her feet. "Can't someone else have it" She finally speaks, quite a few decibles lower than before. "Faith"

"I'll have enough for both of us." Brian says softly, a phrase he's been saying a lot lately. "I know you're not going to die Abby. I have hope in that, I have faith in that." The young man says, leaning forward on the mattress, he brings out his hand to gently take hers for a moment.

For once, or what might seem in a long time, she doesn't take her hand away. Abigail just holds it back. "I like you too" Comes quietly. "I'm such a terribel woman Brian. I yell at you, I kissed you and then him, I've been swearing up a storm, I hit deckard in the face with a flowerpot when he shot at magnet, and then healed him even though he didn't want it. I'm going crazy"

A little frown tugging at his lips, Brian comes forward. Going to his knees rather than the seated position. Straightening up he leans forward, to wrap his arms around the younger girl in a hug.

A trademark Ben sigh comes from the lips of Abigail and without hesitation she wraps her arms tightly around Brian, unashamedly tight, burying her feace into his shoulder.

Raising one hand to the back of her head, Brian embraces her, gently. And will continue to hold her until she parts, he half expects her to start crying but that won't change anything. This is him being there for her, or at least making an attempt. He doesn't say anything for now, just holds the long hug, his other hand rubbing her back soothingly.

No crying. Brian is spared a wet shoulder, but she does just stay there, quietly, for the next little bit, his shoudler warm from her breath at least when she exhales, held still impossibly tight. "At least … if it happens, it'll be painless" come smuffled from his shoulder.

"No." Brian squeaks out. "It's not going to happen Abby." He insists, letting his hand come to a pause on her back. "You've got to believe me.."
"okay" an equally muffled reply into his shoulder again. "Thank you. For putting up with me. With everything"

"Of course." Brian says softly, "You would do the same for me." He says, going to set his chin on the top of her head.

"I would. Even if I was upset with you" Abby shifts her head, turning it to the side, cheek to shoulder, leaving his chin on the opposite side. "You like Magnet?"

"He's.. nice." Brian offers softly after a moment. "Kind of clueless. But." He gives a little shrug. "Seems like a really nice guy even though he seems to be more interested in chicks than having friends with guys. He's young. I think."

The shrug disturbs her spot a little, but she resettles. "he thinks the world is superheros and villans, and that.. the good always prevails. he's.. like.. a guy version of me, but into video games instead of religious and can… trick gravity"

That earns a little laugh from Brian. "So do you like him or not?" He asks softly. His arms remaining locked around her gently, a little grin at how he accidentally disturbed her head with his shrug.

'Yes and no. He's cute and.. I'd give him a chance. He doens't push and he tries to.. make sure i'm enjoying myself. Introduce me to things he likes and wants to try things that I like. I think we'd be better friends than anything else"

"He seems kinda immature." Brian offers, starting to shrug a little again, but he stops himself this time. "But I'm sure he'll grow up." Doesn't everyone. Some might find it humorous that Brian is talking about the lacking maturity of another guy.

'We all grow up at some time" Abby murmurs. "Some sooner than others. He hasn't been… exposed to things, like you, or like me recently" She's nto trying to make an excuse for him. "So you don't… like me, in that.. fashion?"

"I love you Abby." Brian says, finally going to break off the embrace, his arms sliding off her back and instead down to her arms to hold her hands. "As a sister. In Christ." He says, tilting his head with a soft smile. "You're a great girl." He adds as compensation.

His actions cause her to sit up then, her thumbs shifting back and forth over the sides of his hands before she nods. "Okay" Not a sad okay, or a resigned okay, but somewhat of a relief to know where she stands in his eyes minus the angry words and the huffs and rolling eyes. "Sorry, about the kiss"

He gives a little shrug. "You were drunk." Brian offers, giving a little shake of his head. "It's no problem." He says, his smile still present.
"Was my birthday. Was celebrating it like it was my last. Conrad said he would get drunk and .. have.. you know. He suggested karaoke and lots of chocolate. So I.. did one of each" She keeps her hand in his still.

"I met someone." It bursts out, completely off topic, though apparently he felt he needed to tell her. Brian avoids eye contact for now for some reason, though he doesn't reclaim his hands just yet.

'That's good Brian. I think you need someone" A small smile flares to life on Abigails face.

"Uh.. Thanks?" Brian says, tilting his head a bit at her. "I guess? She's really nice." He adds, just because he can't think of anything else to say.

"I'm happy for you brain" She squeezes his hands. "Really, I am" She releases his hands though. "I should go, i'm bussing and walking today. I can't wear the jacket with the scooter, and.. I can't jsut, put the jacket in my closet. Did you uh…" She looks around. "Want me to.. stop by another time and.. help you clean?"

"What?" Brian asks, looking around. He gives a little frown. "I'll get around to it." He attests, shoving himself to his feet, he lets his hand out to help her up.
'Well if you ever invite her over and want help just… call. I can bring some flowers and… stuff, to help" She takes his help, getting up, dewrinkling her jeans when she's up.

"Thanks Abby." Brian says, going to pull her into another hug. Though this time likely a bit more brief than the first one.

She's fine with brief, she's hitting her quota of personal non healing contact. "Thank you brian. For your faith. For.. well. I said it already" There's a kiss again, but it's chaste, to the cheek, familial only.

And Brian returns it to the opposite cheek on Abby. The same familial gesture he offers to her before finally straightening and releasing her. "Have a good time at work." He offers, going to open the door for her.

"Slinging beer and pouring tequila" The jacket is fetched, slid back on. "You too, even though your probably already.. at work" She offers a smile again before, purse gathered, she steps outside, to leave Brian back to his exercise.

"Yeah. Just leavin' now." Brian says, closing the door after her. Locking it once again he takes a step to his radio, pumping it up. Taking his shirt off he goes to approach the suspended punching bag once again.

Oh hot damn, this is my jam..

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