Have Wheels, Will Fall


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Scene Title Have Wheels, Will Fall
Synopsis Some girls fall down a lot at a roller skating rink.
Date November 16, 2008

Roller Jam USA

The décor is exactly what one would expect from a roller rink. Disco balls spin from the ceiling, brightly colored beams of light splash across the basketball-court-size rink and are reflected in its smooth, oval floor.

Jezebel walks through the door with Eve. "Thanks for the carpool, Eve. I really appreciate it. Remind me that I am not allowed to brood over today's paper. I haven't done this in years. Should I go for traditional or inline skates?"

"No problem Jez" Eve says as she walks beside her sister. "No brooding over the paper and I would have to say traditional, that's the only way I know how to skate" Eve then looks to Abby and winks, "Don't laugh if I fall on my ass alright?" Eve has forgone her usual outfit of dress and boots and is wearing a black tank top along with a pair of tight fitting dark jeans and white sneakers.

Pam is lacing up a pair of rollerskates on a couch with some trepidition. She yanks the laces tighter, ties them, and gives the rink in general a dubious look. This could get ugly. Easing herself to her feet, she wobbles in the direction of the rink.

"I won't laugh, if you don't laugh" Abby drawls. "Not like I have done this before, but I saw the sign on my trip back to Jezebel's" Abby's clothed in much the same fashion, though jeans not so tight and her black shirt covers most of her upper body. 'i thought, maybe, that we could all use a break. That and, if we all fall and hurt our rears, well.. that won't be an issue later"

Jezebel says, "I swear I won't laugh. I'll probably fall before either of you will. Eve, should I stick the shirt in the locker with my shoes?" The shirt in question is an oversized evergreen corduroy long-sleeved shirt.

Eve grins at Abby and nods, "I agree, we do need breaks. Time to live a little!" the seer then smiles at Jezebel, "You should probably put that in the locker with your shoes" as Eve is talking she notices Pam getting up shakily, "Are you ok?" she calls out to Pam, she knows how it feels to fall on your ass repeatedly over and over again because she has done it.

Pam turns to look over at Eve and the others, gripping the sideboards of the rink. "Me? I'll be fine." She's sporting a black t-shirt that reads DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS. "Maybe. Maybe I should've tied a pillow to my butt."

"I'm sure that you'll be fine" Abby offers with a broad smile. "Your up aren't you? Can't be that hard to skate when they all have four wheels" Famous last words maybe? "I think we'll all be fine afterwards" She offers her hand to pam, clear laquered short nails. 'Abby. Good luck out there!"

Jezebel gets a set of rental skates, then puts them on. Shirt and shoes get put in a locker, leaving her in jeans and tank top. "I think I can, I think I can… " she recites as she slowly moves towards the floor. Her saving grace is good balance, but she's still wobbling and grabbing at things.

When Eve gets her skates, she quickly straps them on and after much wobbling, she gets to a semi-normal place of rolling towards the rink, she hasn't done this in a while and with a smile she gets onto the rink and begins to skate, actually not to far from Pam. Her hair begins to fly in the wind she is making by moving forward. "Come on girls!" she calls behind her.

Pam reaches over to take Abby's hand and shake. "Pam. You, too." She shoots a sympathetic look Jezebel's way, and turns her attention to Eve. "Does she do this often or something?"

Abby's shake is firm, and after a few moments, she releases Pam's hand and sinks down onto one of the leather sofa's to start putting on the classic four wheel skates. The little gold cross around her neck falling out from the collar of her shirt and dangles. She glances up, blue eyes tracking Jezebel's movements as she emerges onto the floor. "Jez! I think the little kid over there skates better than you" She playfully teases the woman.

Jezebel calls back, "Abby, you're probably right!" as she finally reaches the floor proper. Once out there, she does a bit better, but she's still near the wall and moving slowly.

That is when a yell should be heard, "NOOO!" and a crash should be heard next. There is Eve on the floor and she clutching her butt as she lays on the floor, "Owowo wowow" she says and begins to pick herself up but falls again!

Pam smiles a little, raising her hand to her mouth. "I guess not," she says, answering her own question and pushing away from the wall to wobbily skate in Eve's direction. "You okay?"

Abby is taking her sweet time, ensuring laces are tight, and testing her toes. Enjoying the spectacle in front of her. Eve's the first casualty, and a referee bedeck'd rink assistant is over in a flash to help, and to ward people away from the toppler that is the seer even as the music turns to something quick tempo'd and loud.

Jezebel carefully skates over to Eve. Since Jez barely knows what she's doing, she almost skates into Eve. "Are you okay? I'd give you a hand up, but I'd probably fall."

"I'm ok!" she insists as the assistant helps her up and then Eve wobbles and laughs as she nods to Jezebel, "It's ok I can always make myself go but never make myself stop. Let's go get the other girls" Eve says as she skates towards where Pam and Abby are and when she gets there, "I'm ok" she says for the third time and adds to Pam, "I'm Eve" with a hand out to shake.

Pam leans over carefully to take Eve's hand and shake. "Pam," she replies; she releases Eve's hand in a moment before offering her own to Jezebel. Hey, may as well introduce to everyone.

It's abby's turn to get us, carefully, some wobble here and there. THe white shooes with red wheels thouhg, do her good, and her blance as she begins to follow in pam's wake with little baby steps, instead of rolling. "Maybe your the one eve, who needs the pillows on her rear?"

Jezebel shakes Pam's hand, trying not to transfer the reaction to her feet. "I'm Jezebel, Jez for short. Eve's my sister. Maybe we should go more slowly. All I remember about stopping is that toe stops will make you fall over if you don't do them right. You can't do a T-stop with rollerskates, can you?"

"I would gladly take those pillows right about now" Eve says as she rubs her butt and then inches forward with the other girls. "I have no idea" she says to Jez and then snickers as she wobbles and begins to put one foot after the other on the rink floor. "Ok, time for number two"

Pam smiles a little. "I'm thinking maybe I won't be joining the roller derby league here. A girl I work with was trying to convince me." She pushes off again, wobbles, and falls down. "Ow."

"If you were competing against the floor, maybe you could join and win" Abby answers with a hopeful look. But even she knows that's not how derby's work. Turning her feet wards, pressing the front of one against the other as much as possible, she offers a hand to Pam to help her up. "You can do it Eve! Maybe if we all link hands? But then, that would be a chain reaction falling and I really don't want to bruise my rear"

Jez says, “I think we'll live through this if we stay near the wall and go slowly. If we link hands, we'll block the other skaters. Anyone know if this place offers lessons?”

Eve looks back and good thing she hasn't started going yet. "Great idea Abby! That way, if we fall. We all fall together" Eve grins and winks as she waits for the other girls to get to her because she /so/ doesn't know how to skate backwards. "The other skaters can just go around us! Let's live a little" Eve is certainly trying to not act like her usual strange seer self.

"I think it's a chain reaction fall thing," Pam cautions, looking at the others with a bit of a wincey smile. It's a good-natured one, though.

Abby's offering both hands out to whomever wants them. "We can always try, at least then we'll work up an appetite with all our falling anf can soothe our ego's with some good food" Abby's ponytail swings from side to side as she tenativly moves, testing out everything, a wobble here, another one there as she's trying to find her balance. "This isn't that hard, reall…" Thwap, down she goes, eyes wide.

Jezebel offers Abby a hand up. "Take a deep breath and find your center of gravity before getting up," she advises. "I warn you, if I fall down a lot, I'm not cooking tonight."

Eve smiles some as Abby is helped up and then her facial expression becomes one of horror, "You better cook! What am I gonna do, have tv dinners???" Eve snickers softly at her joke and then she takes one of Pam's hands and stretches out her other one for Abby or Jezebel to take.

Pam seems slightly surprised when Eve takes her hand, but she doesn't protest or move away. "They make really good premade pizzas now," she offers.

'No, I was thinking, Denny's or IHOP. On me. Think I may have a job" Abby's hand is quick around jez's, holidng tight, and slipping in some healing, that warmth traversing from her to the other woman. Just a little to soothe the savage butt.

Jezebel grabs whichever hand Abby isn't using to hang onto Eve. "I wonder if we should try to synchronize and how. Either way, this should be fun!"

"Ok maybe if we all start with our right foot and then move on our left, we can get something going" Eve says gently and makes sure her grip on the women's hands are firm so she won't slip loose.

"Synchronization is part of not falling?" Pam asks, blinking. "Or is that just for, uh, fun?"

'Maybe we all need like chairs with wheels on it, like they give littel kids to ice skate in" Abby's grinning, holding onto hands and starting to lead the group forward, little by little, small skate steps. 'Pam, Where are you from?" The southern belle drawls.

Jezebel is horrified by Abby's suggestion. "Skating in wheelchairs or walkers? That's no fun. Did you say you have a job, Abby? Great!" She follows Abby's lead, moving slowly.

Eve follows Abby's lead and grins at Abby, "Skating in wheelchairs would be, different" is all the seer says as they seem they doing a good job of skating! "We're doing good guys" she comments softly.

Pam wobbles still, but she hangs on with the others. "Texas," she tells Abby. "Originally. I've been in New York for… eleven, twelve years now?" Her accent's faint.

"Your welcome to join us for dinner later, if you like, I don't think the sisters here would object. I may.. key word May. I'll be praying very hard tonight, but they called back. There was this coffee place, that coffee place" Jezebel knows which place. 'Out of the way, but with the scooter, I can do it" She's carefully still moving along, sticking her tongue out at jez at the image of a walker, and the woman inching forward.

Jezebel sticks her tongue out at Abby, which proves to be a near fatal mistake. The lapse in attention slows her and turns her towards Abby. "I wouldn't mind at all. Congratulations, Abby! Don't bring me more than one piece of that chocolate gateau every day."

"I'd love to have Pam for dinner" Eve says and she wobbles just a tidbit before re-centering herself. "Getting the hang of this" she says to herself but loud enough that the others may be able to hear her.

Pam smiles again, nodding. "Well, I reckon that might be nice," she tells the others, wobbling again. "Good luck with the j——WHOA!" And down Pam tumbles, trying to release Eve's hand.

Down goes pam! Another casualty of the now growing up in the disco roller rink era. Abby's still careful, hand tight around those who have hers, and an "oh no' when Pam dives to the floor ass first. "Oh, oh that was spectacular Pam! I give that a 8.2!"

Since Abby's hanging onto a stationary Pam, Jezebel nearly skates into Pam. Fortunately, she falls over just in time not to do that. Even better, she flexed her joints on the way down and didn't try to catch herself with her hands.

Eve goes hard and boy does she go down hard, on her stomach her head smacking against the floor, "Oh boy, that hurt" Eve chokes out and she is sprawled out on the floor, unable to move.

Pam lies where she is, giggling faintly. "Owwwww. Sorry 'bout that, guys."

Down goes the religious nut, as some would call her. Laughter mingling with the music. "It happens. What? Not like we were coming here to skate in endless circles. Do that enough during the day. A lauhging heap upon the floor isn't that bad a change for once" She twists, looking to disentangle herself from them, an honest to god smile on the young womans face. They're in a roller rink, not worrying about powers or gifts, who's tracking them down potentially, who they're running into, or what the next move is to be. Just how they're gonna get from one end of the rink to the other without bruising their asses too much.

Jezebel sits up. "I'm okay. Eve?"

Eve laughs and nods her head at Abby, "I totally agree" the woman sits up as well and looks to Jezebel and winks and then grins at Pam, "No problem, Abby is right, we came here to have fun" Eve's hair now does look a real mess, some pieces are sticking up and it just looks really messy, "I bet I look really bad right now" Eve chuckles.

Pam rolls over to push herself to her feet, wobbling more. She glances at her watch, blinks, and says, "I think I forgot something. I don't think I can do dinner - I gotta run."

'Maybe, fate will drop us in the same roller rink another time pam! God belss! Hope your day goes well!" abby offers to the woman, picking herself back up and offering hands to the other women.

Jez says, “Eve, do you think you can get to your feet? I'm not sure I can. Pam, nice meeting you!”

Eve waves to Pam, "Nice meeting you!" she says and then grabs one of Abby's hands to get up. "Ok here we go" she says as she rights herself and then holds her hand out to Jez, "Come on sis"

Pam gets up, grins, and waves before skating shakily along the boards back toward her shoes. Her wonderful shoes, which do not have wheels. "Y'all take care!"

'Or we can give in a realize we are not roller skaters, and go have dinner, or something to drink" Abby answers. "Just how much of a punishment that your butt can take"

Jezebel replies, "Bikers are tough. I just need to get upright again."

"I am /done/ with roller skating" Eve says and she makes her way to the couch so she can remove the skates. "Hunger beats this!"

"I could go longer but…" Abby's picking her way to Eve, looking at Jez. "We can watch you flop a bit more" as she slumps into the leather couch with maybe some relief in her eyes.

Jezebel shakes her head. "I can call it quits, but I want lessons next time." She shakily gets to her feet with the help of the wall, then carefully skates to the couch. After gratefully collapsing onto it, she begins to remove her skates.

Eve removes her skates and then places them on the side of her while she massages her ankles and feet. "I haven't had that much fun in a long time" Eve says to the two women, "Especially with all the stuff with Phoenix"

"It's been fun" Abby concedes, though no mention made of phoenix, not in such a crowded venue and even with the noise and the like. 'Good to forget the world, now and then, and have fun" She's studiously unlacing her own skates, switching them out for her cold weather boots.

Jezebel gets out of her skates. Before she heads off to swap them for her shirt and shoes, she tells Eve, "If you remind me again of what PARIAH got up to yesterday, you get to buy dinner."

Eve shudders slightly at that thought and gets up to trade her skates for her shoes. "Yeah, I don't want to think about anymore" Eve says and then she returns to flop back onto the couch next to Abby and put her shoes on.

Does she even want to know. For now, Abby's not oging to ask, at least of Jezebel of what happened, instead she's trotting behind her and turning in her skates. A lesson learned today and hopefully they'll be back again. About face, back to the couch they go, and abby flops beside Eve. 'Get take out and back to the place? Or IHOP?"

Jezebel replies, "Either way works for me, but we'd have to get extra carryout to be fair."

"Both sound so very good right now" Eve licks her lips and leans her head back against the couch.

"Others at the house?" Abby asks. "Other than Elvis?" Seems she's not objecting to picking up extra. 'Chinese, that's pretty good if your getting food for many people. can bring it back to the house and there's leftovers if there's guests" Abby starts to put herself together. Jacket, scarf, hat, the works.

Jezebel thoughtfully says, "At this rate, we may have more guests. We are about to live in very interesting times, I fear. Besides, leftovers make great lunch. Chinese it is. I should get an electric wok, or learn how to use one over a burner, I'm not sure which."

Since Eve didn't bring a jacket or anything, she readily stands up and offers a warm smile to the girls, "Well let's hop to it" Eve takes a moment to fix her hair and just decides to put it in a high ponytail, after putting the few loose strands of hair behind her ear, Eve smiles and is ready to go.

"I'm good at cooking" Abby offers. 'I won't be with you long. Moment I have the job, i'll go find another bachelor apartment. I can hit my parents up for some money to help get me out again" Sounds like she's on good terms with her parents at least.

Jezebel finishes tying her shoes, slips on her layering shirt and stands up. "Off we go to hunt Chinese. I should have my parents send me my cookbooks, not money. I've got one that was compiled back when China first reopened its borders to the West. It's written for electric wok and is great stuff."

"You should get that cookbook because that will help a lot at the house, Abby is a great cook" Eve comments and smiles at the other woman as she opens the door to leave the rink, holding it open for the other two.

'Have to. it was either that or eat the diner food and I helped my mother alot" Abby smiles widely, ducking out, bag in tow. 'Thanks, for letting me stay, for a few. My worlds a littel topsy turvy and He hasn't shown me the way yet. Maybe with the job, but otherwise.. "

Jezebel replies, "Nonsense, that's what I'm here for. You're very welcome. Let's go get Chinese before I eat Eve's car."

"You will do no such thing," Eve says in a crisp tone and then a faint smile crosses her lips as she opens the door and quickly jumps in. She waits for the other women to get into the car before she pulls off.

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