Have You Heard From Sears?


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Scene Title Have You Heard From Sears?
Synopsis Early in the morning, Asi poses Silas an important question.
Date February 5, 2020

Following the explosion— the prison break— at PISEC, days went by without word from Asi. If it weren't for the lack of a declaration of a responsible party, one might even think some version of the worst might have happened. It's the morning after the press conference that a message finally arrives.

But only a message.

And 'morning' is subjective.

4:16 am
i'm sorry for the timing of this. i know it's early over there.
did SESA reach out to you yet?_

4:24 am
also nope.
nothing from sears.
or sears either
autocorrect how do i loathe thee
let me count the ways_

4:26 am
i would tell you to invest in a speech to text option, but i am not sure you would have been saved there anyway_

4:28 am
they haven't???
nothing about your other?_

4:36 am
probably not. only half awake. rest is currently dreaming of coffee.
no. nothing about him. why? you hear something?
you okay?_

4:37 am
less okay with that news. they should have gotten in touch by now. one would hope.


4:40 am
i had an opportunity, so i took it. It should have been disney. he *should* have been in a jail cell. sears *should* have found him._
god damn it._

4:44 am
good news. i am awake now._

4:47 am
it’s entirely possible they are incompetently slow.



there was a favor i needed to ask you, but if he escaped somehow…
when we were leaving, there was another group. rather than risk a fight in the corridor, i made the call to leave. I have no idea who they were, what their goals were.
i should have

i am sorry i woke you up with this._

4:52 am
breathe asi.
not going to say 'calm down'. but breathe.
i am not 100 percent on what youre talking about here. but ill say this.
maybe you should have. maybe not. maybe things would have turned out differently if you had. or maybe youd be dead. hard to answer that kind of question.
but you did what you did. its in the past and its done.
worrying about what you cant change is only bringing misery on yourself.
speaking from past experience here.
so breathe. okay?
dont be sorry. needed to get up and about anyway. busy day today._

4:57 am
you were supposed to get your life back._

but it’s… fine. It’s fine. nothing’s changed, then. it is the same as yesterday.
worse, possibly, but
i suppose there is nothing to do but ‘breathe’, now._

4:58 am
i’m out of town for i don’t know how long. i had needed to ask you a favor. it sounds slightly more foolish now, but if you are willing, i could use your help._

5:01 am
EXACTLY. same as yesterday.
this is a setback maybe. but thats all it is.
maybe something that can even be played against him in the future.
you tried to get him. and you tried to do it the disney way too. that means a lot to me.
hell. maybe you did get him. maybe sears is just super busy congratulating themselves because one of albanys most wanted fell into their laps.
i can hit lis up later and find out. ask her if theres been any progress in the investigation. ive been meaning to call her anyway.
but thats for later.
what do you need?_

5:04 am
what happened with your double was a swap. the person he was supposed to replace needs delivered to eve.
if everything else is fucked, i at least hope to do right there. getting her to eve is the most i could do.
there is a second thing. the courier she is with has a package of mine i need delivered to monica, to go with the rest of my things. this needs done just as discreetly.
the courier is not to know where they are being taken.
would you be able to pick them up today? tomorrow, at the latest?_

5:06 am
pick up person and escort to eve. deliver package to monica. both done discreetly.
should be able to handle that.
will get it done. tomorrow early._

5:08 am
you are a better friend than i deserve.
as for the rest, it would be nice if sears is just sitting on their hands. otherwise, all i can hope is i didn’t burn any chance of luring him out again in the future.
or that in a few months’ time we don’t regret not having gone straight to shakespeare._

5:11 am
there is one small complication with the courier you need to be aware of in advance. he was present during the swap, so he has seen your other.
if you remind him he is getting paid, he should keep from asking troublesome questions. otherwise, the story you tell is up to you._

5:13 am
good to know.
if hes been very long in the company of said other though
he probably wont ask many questions anyway.
thats my read on 'the other' from what i know so far.
does that seem valid?_

5:14 am
it would be, if we had not parted with him essentially promising to kill us whenever he saw us again._

5:16 am
bahahaha lol
oh boy you mustve really pissed him off
glad youre alive by the way.
please stay that way.
anyway. good to know.
might make package pickup thorny though.
definitely gonna be tomorrow then. gonna have to give this some thought._

5:18 am
i’ll email you the address. use the key we set up previously to read it.
please reply to it to let me know if anything changes on your end, or if there are complications.
being half a world away does not mean i will worry any less. in fact, it may make me worry more.
give monica, eve my apologies._

5:19 am
will do.

5:23 am
And… take care of yourself, okay? That bit about worrying goes both ways._

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