Have You Lost Your Mind?


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Scene Title Have You Lost Your Mind?
Synopsis Magnes barges into Tracy's window, wondering just why the hell she was throwing dumpsters at him.
Date August 22 2009

Tracy's Apartment

Swanky McSwankSwank

Some time around noon, still in his white Squirrel Girl t-shirt, blue jeans, and skates, Magnes has flown directly to Tracy's place, trying to see what the hell is going on. He doesn't bother with the elevators and all that, he just floats directly outside her window, banging on it. "Tracy!"

And now he's dead. Or he will be, when she gets her hands on him. Tracy is enjoying her Saturday with work, going through files. Lots of files, lots of reports. She's a busy girl, and she almost jumps out of her skin when there's banging. Crossing the room at a dead sprint she opens the door and reaches out, grabbing for Magnes' collar ot yank him inside. "Have you lost your mind?!"

"Have you lost your mind?" Magnes asks, clearly pissed as he closes the window behind him, then promptly moves to touch two fingers to her forehead, intending to try and restrain every part of her body, to prevent punching his blood out. "Why did you throw a dumpster at me? How did you throw a dumpster at me? What the hell is going on? Damnit, if you could remember me this would be a lot easier…"

"Magnes!" Tracy roars, clearly she does remember him. And she's pissed. "Take your hands off of me!" She says, glaring icy daggers at him. "What are you talking about? This is not helping me to believe that you can behave yourself to any event I might have been considering taking you to!"

"Wait, you remember me now?" Magnes removes his fingers, her gravity returning to normal as he begins to calm down considerably. "Alright, that's a good sign… wait, why are you suddenly wearing different clothes? And how did you get here so quickly? Damnit, this is confusing…"

Tracy doesn't look confused. She looks mad. She's hardly even listening. "You fly up to my window? We talked about this! The door, the door! I can't even expect you to behave on a Saturday afternoon, much less at an official govenrment function!" And then he came in, making demands. Slowly, though, once she's said her peace, she calms down.

"Now, what is wrong with you?"

"About a half hour ago, you threw a dumpster at me! That's what's wrong. You couldn't remember me, and you were wearing clothes that you don't normally wear. It was definitely you! It was even in the Financial District." Magnes frowns and rolls toward the couch, on skates, on Tracy's floor. "I think I reacted pretty normally, considering the dumpster and you apparently having super strength."

Tracy shakes her head. "Magnes, I have not left my aparmtent since last night. I haven't even gone to the gym yet today. I did not throw anything at you," Although now she's wishing she had. Swaying her hips a bit as she follows himinto her living room, she frowsn. "Delusions are no excuse for skating across my floor, Mr. Varlane." Coasters, boy!

"Sorry." Magnes lifts his feet off the ground, floating as he removes the outer-shell wheel portion of the skates, just wearing the sneakers now as he floats over to the couch. "But she was definitely you, I mean, I know you. You're not exactly someone who'd have a twin walking around."

"In what world would I ever throw a dumpster?" She asks, trying to express to him the sheer craziness of it all. "Listen, Magnes. You've just had your memory erased. Perhaps there are side effect,s perhaps it distorts your perceptions for awhile. I can't imagine it's an exact science."

"I can still feel my legs stinging from kicking the dumpster to the ground, I had to make sure no one else got hurt." Magnes takes a deep breath, then lays his head back with his eyes closed. He's exhausted, he's always exhausted lately. "I thought that since you couldn't remember me, and you were even saying your name wasn't Tracy, that they erased your memory or something, so you wouldn't tell me anything."

Tracy chuckles. "Denton would have more problems than even he can handle if he did that," she says with a dismissive hand. "Magnes, go home - out the door - and rest or something. I can give you the name of a good person to talk to." If she can ever get Danika on the phone again.

"It's alright, I already have a really good therapist. Bella is one of my best friends these days." Magnes stands up, taking his skates with him, then shakes his head. "Sorry for bothering you, I have been exhausted lately. Lots of work to do. I do promise I'll be on my best behavior at the event. And hey, maybe I was dealing with a shapeshifter, who knows."

Tracy shakes her head. She lets him go. "Don't fly here again," she explains, sitting back and waiting for him to go. Really? Another shapeshifter? She can't handle much more of this.

"Call if you need me." Magnes says before exiting, closing the door behind him. It's definitely gonna be a long day.

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