Have You Seen Her?


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Scene Title Have You Seen Her?
Synopsis Following Elaine's surprise departure, Quinn calls up Sable to see what's up.
Date January 8, 2011

The Octagon and The Village Renaissance

She was naaapping, dangit. Curled up in a ball, a sleeping habit formed while snoozing on the wooden floor of the Garden, she's ensconced with blankets, face a slightly scrunched mask of determined somnolence. Driven off the island, and back on the mainland, she holed up at Delilah's, claiming the bed in the name of regaining sleep lost while on the run. Or she was. And then her phone chatters and vibrates on the bedside, and Sable reaches out, pawing for it blindly before tugging it under the cover with her.

"Whaizzit?" is half garbled with still heavy sleepiness, Sable's head swimming from so recent waking.

It's laet evening, and Robyn QUinn's mostly been in and out all day, busy is as busy does and what not. In and out of the studio above them, in and out of Studio K, in and out of all sorts of places of the course of the day. And yet, one thing had been on her mind all day was the odd letter she had found that morning from Elaine - something seeing the two remaining burned cinnemon rolls still sitting on the counter (and them being burnt doesn't prevent her from grabbing one) reminds her of this fact, and she grimaceed. So, she did what seemed like the best thing in that situation.

She called Sable.

"DIdn't interrupt anythin', did I?" she asks with jsut a hint of amusement at Sable's question. "Hey, where're you right now?"

"Jus' some fuggin' dream," Sable mumbles, toes curling arm sliding up from under her to rub at her eyes, "'bout like… pineapples 'r somethin'. They were… I had t' like… keep 'em fresh 'r somethin'. Can't really remember." Sounds like a dream all right. Sounds like someone just woke up, for sure.

"I'ma- uh- I'm at Dee's," the younger girl says after giving it a moment's thought - she's been moving around a lot and her arrival her itself feels dreamlike in the afternap waking. "Yeah. Thass where I am. What's goin' on, hon? 's Elaine there? I wanna- wanna talk t' her, too."

There's several moments of silence before Quinn responds on teh other end. "…Dee's?" She sounds surprised, but she doesn't let it linger before she continues. "How'd you get on to Roosevelt? Don't you still need ID an' shit for that?" Oh wait, that's not the important question here. The mention of Elaine makes her sigh, and though Sable can't see it, Quinn's head hangs a bit. "Shit. Okay, well… that answers my question. So, you haven't talked t' Elaine t'day, I take it?"

"I got m'self Registered, 'while back," Sable mumbles, pausing to yawn largely, "officially a music fuckin' genius 'n' all. Which they- like- don't think is a big deal but I'll show 'em, right? We'll show 'em." She sounds almost a little punch drunk from earliness, though it's not early.

Only wait, what. "Nawww," she drawls, "haven't seen- uh- talked t' her or nothing. Why? Where is she? Where' m' girl?"

Quinn tilrs her head, moving the phone with it. "Huh." And then there's another sigh, Quinn's shoulders slumping. "I'm… not sure t' be honest. I'm not really worried, but I woke up this mornin' an she left me a note an' somethin' on how t' cook breakfest for m'self, an' I haven't heard form 'er since." THere a pause before she speaks again. "She left 'er phone an' shit, too, so I can't just call her and see what's up."

Sable frowns. This doesn't make sense but she's not sure if it's because it doesn't make sense or if she just can't make sense of it. She repeats what Quinn said in her head, then mumbles. "That don't make no sense," because it still doesn't, "where's… where's she got to?"

'Couldn't tell y'" is a quick response form Quinn, and now there's a bit of concern in her voice. "I woke up t' a note that said "Don't worry, Love, Elaine," and pointed t' some baking isntructions," which is timed with Quinn taking a bite of one of the left over buns. "That's why I called. I thought maybe you'd talked t' her."

"Naw, naw," Sable says, shaking her head blearly, waking up but not really wanting to because this seems worrying, like what a bad dream out to be. Not some nonsense about pineapples. "I dunno. 'Don't worry'… that jus' makes y' worry, don't it? Hell, it's s'pposed t' 'cause it means t' say we'd be worried t' start and she's thus got t' reassure us."

"…I should call Magnes," Quinn comments after a moment, eyes narrowing. "I never even thought a' that, but if she's over there I might have t' get angry at her. For makin' me worry," she adds after a moment. "Her room was like… spick an' span. So… I dunno."

"Darn girl don't have real good hold 'f 'er heart," Sable mumbles, "not that it's untrue 'r nothin', jus' that it's got a hold on her." She gives a sniffle. "Sorry. Talkin' half asleep nonsense. So fuckin' tired. She been gone how long? I jus' got back f'r two weeks, I need her t' be around. I need t' see 'er."

"I dunno. Most a' the day. LIke I said, she was gone when I woke up." She rolls her shoulders a bit, moving fully into her kitchen, retrieving a bottole of soda. "Doesn't look like she's been back around, either, everythin's where I left it. I'm not- I don't think she's, like… missin' or anythin', I'm just really confused an' gettin' kidna worried. The last time she vanished, she was really, really pissed at me, an' I don't think- I hope - that's the case this time…"

"It ain't, it can't be," Sable says, finally poking out of the covers, "she left a note 'n' all. That ain't. Ah… shit, I'm achin' here…" the small girl winces as movement remind her how stiff she is, how sore, "we jus' gotta call folks, check 'round. She got friends 'n' all." Not going to worry. Can't worry.

"Magnes, Dee, Ygraine, Adel…" And suddenly Quinn feels bad, because she can't think of who else Elaine might consider a friend enough to be with at the moment. "Come on by. We'll try an' figure it out. If I havne't heard from her in the next day or two I may see if she's on Pollepel for some reason…"

"Arright, arright I… I'll drag m'self up," Sable grumbles "But I gotta be back, I pledged a damn night watch of th' child. Fuckin'… y'all should come over here. Delilah'll wanna help too, she knows fuckin' everyone, so we c'n find our gal again."

"I try to stay off Roosevelt if I can help it. I don't think my work ID is valid since I don't work at Ichihara at the moment, either," Quinn grumbles. "I guess, if you have t' watch Walter, just… hang around there. I'll hook up with you tomorrow before I head t' Pollepel."

"I'm- I'm gonna talk t' Dee 'bout it," Sable says, drawing herself into a sit in the bed, rubbing her eyes again, "gonna makes calls, gonna make sure she's okay. Arright? We both gonna… jus' make sure. 'cause she's okay, we all know that."

"I'm sure she's okay, it's jsut…" Taking a sip of her drink, Quinn looks down at the time on her iPhone. It's getting late. "She doesn't just leave with vauge notes an' not let me know what's up. It's gettin' late, an' I don't like that she lost her phone. I'm worried she ran off again, not that she's hurt."

"I'll get up, pester Dee right 'way, work up a phone bill," Sable says, trying to reassure herself as much as Quinn, "we're gonna find 'er 'n' th'n fuckin' spank 'er f'r makin' us worry so bad. Jesus, but that little Miss ain't strange."

There's a bit of a mustered laugh, Quinn shaking her head. "If you want t' spank her, you can. I'll probably just yell at 'ere for runnin off an' then kiss 'er because I'm so happy she's okay an' not mad at me."

"T' each," Sable huffs, "their fuckin' own. I'll call y' soon 's I figure thisall out, arright, Quinngirl? Love y' dearly. We'll find 'er, don't you fret. Redhead that tall? Stick out like an honest t' God sore thumb!"

"I dunno. I know some tall redheads. Natural ones, even." Quinn laughs a bit, "though I'm sure if Rue saw her, we'd know. She'd probably try an' drag Elaine t' bed with her. ANyway… keep an ear an' an eye out, okay? I'm.. gonna do somethin'. I dunno. I don't want t' worry people too much, inc ase she just decided t' go off t' the country for a weekend or somethin'. Get some fresh air. Lord, I should do taht with Ygraine again.”

“Truth be told, we probably all need it."

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