Having to Save the World


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Scene Title Having to Save the World
Synopsis Magnes can't sleep and tells Veronica he's worried about Claire while Veronica tries to find out more information of Petrelli.
Date November 25, 2009

El Palenque Motel

It's getting pretty late, but Magnes is wide awake, wearing just a white t-shirt and his dark green cargo pants. Walking through the halls looking restless, he more or less drags his boots, looking like crap. Sure, he's saving the world, but he's trapped with people he either barely knows or doesn't like. Plus he can't see Claire for god knows how long.

Veronica is heading for her own room. Rather than the cargo pants and tank top and hiking boots of earlier, she's in a loose skirt and an embroidered blouse, something similar to what the local women wear. She reaches into a purse strapped across her chest for her key card, not looking up until she turns a corner, putting her nose to nose with Magnes. She jumps slightly, then laughs. "Oh. Hey, Varlane."

"Hey, uh, Agent Sawyer?" Magnes asks, still unsure as he offers a friendly smile. "Sorry, I don't mean to be walking around this late. I'm just thinking about my girlfriend. I wanna do this and all, and save the world, but I'm worried about her going to Madagascar."

"You didn't wake me. I was just coming in," the agent says. "And most of us are in the same boat. We all have people we're worried about or who are worried about us, but there's not much we can do about that. Not getting any sleep isn't going to make her any safer, and it could actually do the opposite for you." She looks at him, eyes narrowing a bit. "You cannot afford to be distracted, Varlane. Not on this mission."

"I know, I can get my head in the game when it counts, but I'd rather do all my worrying done while we have downtime." Magnes shakes his head and leans against the wall, looking down at his boots. "And of all the people to be teamed up with, I can't believe they put me with Peter Petrelli." He does not like this.

She arches a brow. "Well, he's no ray of sunshine, that's for sure, but why are you so upset about him in particular?" she asks. "Come on. Let's go sit in the lobby." There's no actual concierge or anyone working there, so it will be empty. "No use waking people up." She heads back down the hallway she just turned out of.

"Can't really tell you, that's a secret, and not really mine to tell." Magnes answers apologetically, following her to the lobby. "You seem familiar." Of course he's referring to seeing her at the bar, but considering their history, who knows what he's thinking!

"We've met, I think. At the Rock Cellar," Veronica says. She was playing a ditz that night, but he clearly doesn't remember that anyway. She sits on one of the chairs in the waiting area that boasts two chairs, a couch, and coffee table. "Anyway, whether you like him or not, he seems to know more about the situation than most, and we all need to work together or we're in trouble."

"I know, I'm not refusing to work with anyone, I know how serious this all is." Magnes sits, laying his head back, but still appearing rather tense. "Why is life so crazy now. I miss how things used to be. Why can't the world just be, I don't know, normal. Me and Claire could have been two students meeting at college, not shooting and killing people and having to save the world."

"If things were normal, you probably wouldn't have met at all. Think about all the things that set you on the path that brought you to her. Most of them for you and most of them for her were probably things that had to do with being… well, anything but normal. Am I right? Besides, I know you love your power. Would you really wish that away?" Veronica asks.

"Guess you saw me on the news too." Because Magnes quite honestly barely remembers his drunken floating at the Rock Cellar. "I guess not, I love my ability, I just wish I could protect her, give her the life she deserves, y'know? But at least after this, she gets a pardon… maybe we can be a little normal. I do everything I can to make her happy. I stopped talking to Gabriel like she asked, I tell her things even if I think they're embarassing, I quit a freakin' secret organization that I can barely remember, but I still don't feel like I'm doing enough."

"It's the 21st century, kid. It's not up to you to 'give her a life' or 'protect her.' It's 2009, almost '10. She has to make her own life and has to learn to protect herself, but I'm pretty sure she is probably on top of that. But if you go around changing everything that makes you 'you' to make her happy, pretty soon you're not going to be you anymore." Veronica stands up. She was hoping to find out more on the mysterious Peter Petrelli, but it seems that Magnes can keep a secret — when it's about Peter and not the Company, anyway.

"She told me something like that too, about changing myself. But even if I don't change myself, I have to do /something/ for her. People think I'm useless enough, I don't need my girlfriend to start thinking it too." Magnes frowns, standing up with her so he can start heading to his room. "I don't know, I should sleep, we can talk again later. Good night, Agent Sawyer." Ironically, he never called her that while he was Company.

"Like I told the others, you can drop the agent. Sawyer, Veronica, Vee, whatever works," she says lightly. "Your girlfriend's a smart girl. And you aren't useless or you wouldn't be here. Get some rest, even if you can float up the mountain while the rest of us hike," Veronica says amiably enough, turning the hallway that will lead to their rooms once more. "Sleep well," she says, stopping at her door to slide the key card in.

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