He Had It Comin'


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Scene Title He Had It Comin'
Synopsis Delilah is a superhero! Magnes, meanwhile, is still a man, and finds out that the internet holds precious treasures.
Date May 23 2009

From the church, all the way to Brooklyn, Magnes takes her the quick and exciting way. His grip around her waist is tight, stronger than what one would expect him to be, quickly darting from building to building as if it were a common day to day activity (It is). Most of the time they clear quite a few buildings each time, very large Hulk leaps. Finally though, they arrive behind Panucci's at a small brown door, her waist finally released so she can walk freely. "So, how was the ride? I've only taken one other person on a high speed trip before. That's how I deliver pizzas."

So very glad that she wore jeans today, first off. Second, AIEEE. She had wondered a few times what it would be like to fly, and now she knows. Delilah has her arm around the back of Magnes' neck, that hand clinging to his shoulder and the other finding a sure grip on the arm around her waist. Not falling, no sir. Even if he wouldn't likely let her fall, humans were never built to fly my themselves.

When they touch down, her hair still pulled back looks windblown at the front, bangs pushed away and face clear. Lilah seems a little more bewildered than the other trips. "Wow. I bet nobody ever calls about the thirty minutes or less." After a moment of gathering her wits, the teenager laughs brightly. "I wish I had a more practical power." Flying Delilah!

"If they did, I wouldn't have a job." Magnes points out as he opens the brown door. "Lock that when you come in." he instructs, entering a small storage area, then walking upstairs and into another door, his former apartment. There's no bed, though there is a small television. He clearly doesn't live in here, and if he does, his stuff is certainly not there. It's a small studio apartment, only having a bathroom and a closet. The room is surrounded by 9th Wonders comics shelved on the walls. Then there's the costume rack, quite a few costumes, not all of them his size, clearly.

Delilah follows Magnes inside, locking the door as she goes and pausing to look around once she gets upstairs with him. "The geek stalker loft thing- not working for you." She snickers a little as she says it. "Is this what you do in your spare time, then?" Lilah shuffles closer to the shelves to peer at the comic covers that are visible.

"This is my old apartment, Mister Panucci still lets me use it for things." Magnes explains as he walks to the costumes, then pulls out a shiny looking Firestar costume, holding it out to her. "That's your costume, I hope you like it, I spent all night on it." Then he just waits, wanting to see her reaction, smiling expectantly.

"You? Made this?" Oh damn, Magnes just leveled about three extra levels right there. Delilah seems quite dumbstruck at the thought of Magnes being a tailor, even as she holds out her hands in a silent offer to take it and examine it closer. All along, her expression can be summed up as 'ooo!'. Forget the fact Magnes knew that Delilah would say yes and go along- she may have just found a partner in crime when it comes to working with clothes, if it is all true.

"A-ah, yeah, it's sorta one of the things I do in my spare time, other than reading comics and stuff. I paint models and make costumes." Magnes apparently doesn't think it's anything special, since he /is/ the artist, and likely sees a lot of the flaws she doesn't. "You like it? I was afraid you might say 'No way' and think it was silly or something."

"I make a lot of clothes. Not really costumes, though!" Delilah can appreciate the finer things, and probably does see some of the flaws that he does- she just does not say. Overall, it is a fantastic job in such short time. "I really like it. Just one night? Is this what you did after you dropped me off at home?"

"Yeah, I uh, wanted to do it while your measurements were still in my head…" Meaning Magnes was thinking about her boobs, which just means he's a healthy young male! He grabs a black beanbag with a yellow Batman logo on it, pulling it up near the television before taking a seat to watch her. "I rushed a bit, it's less elaborate than Abby's Phoenix costume, but well, I figured there's no way she'd go, so I didn't bother asking." he explains, just slowly shaking his head. Abby will never know she has a costume. "Next convention, I'll have more time to work on your costume, I promise, otherwise I woulda went with a more modern version of Firestar."

Aww. You poor boy. Delilah can't help but feel a little bit sorry for Magnes when he bemoans the lack of Abby + Phoenix, however ironic that may be. "Classic Firestar was always supercute." At least she can make him feel better about doing this one though, right? "I could change and give you a sneak peek, if it'd make you less depressed-looking. You're acting like someone kicked your puppy."

"Ah, sorry, I'm really happy to be going with you, I just sorta, I don't know, feel a knot in my stomach whenever I think about the fact that Abby just sees me as some kid. I sorta wonder what all the weeks of training and getting my ass kicked in Japan were for, and the flower arranging and learning to be more focused…" Magnes shakes his head, clearly getting more frustrated the more he thinks about it. "She always looks at my mistakes, it's like she doesn't care that I could have made any progress at all. But, I'm sorry, you can go try on your costume, you'll have to use the bathroom."

"Maybe you could keep doing what you'd been doing, but avoid Abby." Dee says this as she wanders into the tiny bathroom, completely unabashed at changing just a door away. "That way, when you evolve, she'll notice a change. And you gotta train for yourself too, not just so you can protect who you think needs it." Cough, hint. She knows more than she lets Magnes believe, evidently. "Train hard for yourself first. Or else you will look a bit selfish. That's probably what she sees." Only being honest.

"I guess, I don't know, I just thought we'd go back to just being friends. I went to her when I got back to America because I thought it'd make me feel better to see her again, but instead she just…" Magnes sighs, staring down at the floor from his beanbag. "Let's stop talking about this. How's the costume?"

If he doesn't talk about it, the whole thing is going to fester! But Dee lets it go. At least he seems to understand that he can talk about it with her. There's a bit of shuffling around now behind the door, and the proper clip-clop of heels. "It's a bit loose around the top. I can just use my cup enhancers or something, though… Hmmm." Congrats, Magnet, your brain has boob-sizing issues.

"I'm sorry, they uh, I mean, seemed, you know, really big…" Magnes blurts out the last part rather quietly, but she can still hear it through the general silence of the room. Then, out of the blue, an old Italian voice yells up the stairs, "You work that Bambina! I'm closin' up the shop, have fun."

There's a sputter from the bathroom. Delilah can't decide if she wants to yell 'BAD MISTER PANUCCI' or not. It would probably fall on deaf ears, even if she tried. "You should explain that I'm not your bambina." She knows some key Italian words now, thanks to Teo.

Not five seconds after she says this, she provides quite the distraction. Other than the bust being a tiny bit loose, the shiny yellow outfit fits perfectly, gloves, boots, mask and all. For the sake of being authentic, Delilah even put her hands on her hips, a la superheroine. Yeah, yeah?

"I-it's not like that!" he calls out to Mister Panucci, but is quickly distracted by Delilah stepping out. "Wow." Magnes looks her over, then starts to slowly float up again. "A-ah, um…" Cheeks flushed, he takes a deep breath, floating right back down to the beanbag. "It looks good on you, the guys at the convention are gonna love you. I bet we'll even win the best couple contest."

Delilah waggles her finger out at the floating. "See, you did it again!" Gravity is fail. And at that, she twirls around a couple times, making sure she has some good footing in the boots. "We'll see." Because right now, she is very much in love with this little outfit, and it is getting her attention a little more than poor Magnes. But maybe he doesn't mind so much.

"I thought the material would enhance your curves, but this is beyond…" Magnes doesn't finish, he just crosses his legs, deals with his flushed cheeks, and watches with his bottom lip slightly bitten. He does not mind at all. "I'll, uh, fix the chest tonight…"

"Why, don't you think I can fill up that little bit?" Delilah almost titters as she laughs. Teehee. And just to give Magnes an even worse time formulating some words(and with his luck, anything else), it is Pin-Up Time With Firestar; she strikes a standing pose reminiscent of a Gil Elvgren painting. "

"Y-you probably shouldn't make those kinds of poses…" Magnes says in a slightly shaky tone, not giving any particular reason, he just looks like he's trying to bury his head into his hands, but can't peel his eyes away at all. "I shouldn't be watching this, oh god I shouldn't…" he repeats, licking over his lips once, then swallowing, mouth quickly getting dry, breath getting heavier. It is a healthy natural young male reaction!

"I've done worse. And gotten pictures of'em~." Okay, whoa, stop right there. Delilah just smiles impishly at his reactions, and tiptoes back around into the bathroom. Enough of that, she can't stay here and bug him so horribly forever.

"You've…" Magnes' brain of course goes to the worst place imaginable, part of him possibly wondering if he can find them on the internet, and another part in utter shock. "Have you done porn?" he cautiously asks, bracing himself for the answer.

"No." Well, don't put down that brace too soon. "Erotica, every once in awhile, porn, no. I model for artists, not perverts. But if someone wants to get off on photography that I happen to have been nude in, oh well." So, that seems to still be a No- sort of. Artistic nudes don't count for her, personally.

"Wait, wait." Magnes' mind is all over the place, holding his forehead. What is she saying? She's not saying those words, those words are not coming out of her mouth, they're completely different words! "You've, I mean, and, in, oh god. Naked? Magazines, the internet? Oh my god." He moves to stand up, the shock almost making him light headed, too light headed. When he stumbles, he flips through the air, just starting to float there with very little weight to hold him down. "Naked."

"My name is never on those pictures, so it's not like you could google my name and find them. There's not many on there anyway. It's mostly just art students and artists that I go for, so it's always gallery stuff, and prints. But about ninety-percent of my stuff has me covered in some form or another-" She comes back out in her normal clothes to the sight of Magnes floating in the air like the apartment is one of those …anti-gravity tubes. "…..What are you doing."

"I tripped…" Magnes says in a bit of a distant tone, still wrapping his head around it. Then, shaking his head, he just feather falls to the floor as he looks up at her, sitting on his butt. "I don't really know what to think. I mean, I've never even talked about naked anything with another girl. And like, I don't know, suddenly I'm having all these thoughts. Oh god this is so bad. I'm sorry."

Delilah puts out the Firestar costume where he'll be able to either pick it up and work on it or be content to stare at it some more. "We weren't born with clothes on, Magnes. I'm not some nudity advocate- I get embarassed if my robe catches on a nail just like everyone else- but it's not like the human form melts out brains." And that is all she has to say about that. "I better get going, Astronut."

"I'm sorry." Magnes repeats, as if he did something horribly wrong. This is an awkward situation if there ever was one. "I don't think anything bad about you, I guess I just, I don't know, shocked, jealous, did I mention shocked? I'll try not to make a big deal out of it, I don't wanna seem like an immature kid anymore." he says with a deep breath, still staring up at her. "I'll stop by the building to pick you up, and bring your costume."

Delilah peers down at him, smiling gently and nodding. It's fine, Magnes. your world remains in one piece. "Okay. I'll see you tomorrow." She lifts her fingers in a wiggling little wave of her hand, before turning to leave through the couple of doors they both had come in.

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