He Knows About Peter


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Scene Title He Knows About Peter
Synopsis Cat and Claire discuss a guy.
Date August 5, 2009

The Verb, Claire and Maya's 4th floor unit.

Curiosity is the order of the moment, and concern too, for Cat as she arrives to visit Claire. Rooftop visitations are becoming a frequent thing for people not resident of the building, she feels, so the time comes to ask a few questions and share some info. Large secrets are involved, too.

Shortly after Elisabeth left her residence and information had been forwarded to Mr. Redbird regarding Norman White, Cat's on the fourth floor to knock at Claire's door.

It takes a few moments of clattering and movement in the apartment before, Claire opens the door. In her hand is a cold slice of Pizza from this morning. No reason to let it go to waste. "Cat. Hey. Come on in. What's up?" She pads over to where she was sitting on the couch and drops back on it. Slippered feet settle on the coffee table. "Should try this pizza.. It's pretty good. I'll have to start ordering from there."

She steps inside and closes the door behind her, eyes on Claire and the slice she's holding. "What place is that?" Cat asks. "I just came to talk about a job, and other things," she comments while settling onto the couch.

After a few moments of silence, she chuckles quietly. "I almost walked in, or rather out, on you and your new lover earlier." She gives the younger woman one of those 'c'mon, spill the details' looks.

Leaning forward, Claire flips the lid closed on the box, "Panucci's Pizza? Never heard of it till this morning." Setting the slice on top of the box, she brushes her hands on her jeans, "And he's not my Lover! Geez Cat! For one I just met him," Claire's cheeks actually color a bit. "No. Just some guy that was flying by and saw me on the roof the other day. We talked and he showed up again this morning with this pizza." She gives Cat a sideways glance and decides to try and change topic quickly, "Job? What kind?"

"Magnes J. Varlane," Cat replies with a teasing grin which says 'suuuuure, you weren't up there to make out with him' at all. "He can fly? Nice. He gets around, though, she adds, in reaching for the box from Panucci's. "Met him myself a few days ago, and before that I saw him all over the 'net in a video somebody recorded in Japan."

"Interesting guy," she goes on to share, "he likes to talk and tell people secrets."

"The job. It's kind of tied to music. I don't practice law in an office, you see, in fact I don't practice much at all. Too stuffy and boring. But I do have a warm spot for fellow musicians and want to help them here and there. So… the job would be to move around the city and find street musicians, get to know them a little and see if they're any good, then tell me where you found them. "Including her." She hands over a copy of Sable's flyer.

"Yeah, he can fly." Claire says with a small smile. "Like someone else" She gives Cat a look that says no teasing. "Well, not exactly like West. He made the crust of some pizza float up into the sky." She takes the flyer and looks over it as she murmurs. "He's nice and all. And your right he likes to talk. He read the 9th Wonders comics. Though he hasn't figured out I'm the Claire from the comics." Setting the flyer in her lap she picks up her slice again. "Thinks Claire is probably a super model now." She looks rather amused by that.

Taking a bite of the pizza she looks at the flyer again. "What am I telling them? Am I just trying to be friends? Are you looking for them to play at the Rock Cellar?" Eyes flick up to Cat again and arches a brow.

"This one, I am," Cat replies, nodding at the flyer. "Others I just want info on. What you do with them is up to you, really. Some might be worth helping to get established if they're good and they rock. Others I might just offer to give advice on contracts to for free. It's so easy for a young musician to get ripped off, you know. People just out of school, no real knowledge of things, they get money flashed at them, more than they've ever had, and sign documents they don't really understand. Giving away the rights to their own work for years and years."

Then she segues back to Magnes. "9th Wonders? I've not seen those." But she wants to now. "The video I saw was him fighting one of the guys working with Adam Monroe in Tokyo around the time Hiro's father died," she adds quietly, "Magnes was trying to find his sister. It was called the Shibuya Incident, the battle damaged a place the Japanese really like."

"So when I saw him on the street I asked why he's walking around in the open, why he isn't afraid of being spotted and darkholed. He tried pretending not to be Magnes for a while, but couldn't hold the act. After admitting he was Magnes J. Varlane, he claimed he got a pardon when he came back to the US. Odd, this, pardons aren't usually secret things, y'know? They go all over the news. Only the President can pardon, and it's a really big deal."

"Yeah. I have heard of them." She looks thoughtful. "I wonder.. If I ask him if I can see those comics." Claire ponders that thought. "I'll see what I can do, see if he'll trust me enough to borrow them or something." Studying Cat, she looks curious. "Can… I see this video? You know.. Since I'm talking to the guy and everything, it's better I know anything important about… him." Not interested see, just wants to make sure he's not dangerous. Yeah.. that's it.

Claire holds up the flyer suddenly, "Anyhow, I'll see what I can do with this. I met one guy at Old Lucy's, nice guy. It was before I started to get sick. He played rock really well, but sounded like he likes other types better."

There's a nod. "Job pays fifty thousand per year," Cat states. "What was the guy's name?" She may check out Old Lucy's to see him play sometime. "And I'll show you the video. I got lucky when I nearly walked out onto the roof while Magnes was here, neither of you saw me. That… would've been bad. I told him my name is Michelle Parks, and I don't think I want him connecting me with this place. He… told me stories, about having gone to the past."

Her voice is quieter now. "Hiro took him there, to '06. He didn't say Hiro took him, though. That much he kept to himself. But things that happened that year, he knows about them and told me. And he knows about Linderman's influence."

"I played along, like all this was shocking to me, like I'd never heard any of it before," Cat shares, "to see how much he'd tell. I suggested before he left he shouldn't tell people these things, they might get him locked up just for knowing them. I don't know if he tells people that much all the time, though, he claimed I have a geeky face and that got him to open up."

Her nose wrinkles. "I am so not a geek."

"He knows about Peter…" Claire says suddenly, glancing at Cat. "It was hard not to say anything, cause he has these ideals about Claire." propping her feet against the edge of the coffee table and leans against her raised knees, wrapping her arms around them. "He probably told you that. He said he's going to tell everyone that will listen that it was Peter." It's the only thing that really bothers her about him.

Claire smiles a bit and then chuckles. "Well, he's kinda right about that. You do look a little like a geek," she teases.

"He did," Cat confirms, "that's when I said he should be careful, if he goes around saying that he might get darkholed just for knowing. But… there's no proof, really. He could say it all he wants, I don't think anything happens beyond making himself sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist."

"Abby knows him, said a while back he's a decent guy, and he does seem it, if a little too honest," she opines, "but I do want to learn more. I'll be asking some sources if there's anything on his secret pardon and how he got it. Magnes says he's in a police academy now. So… be careful what you let him know about you?"

She takes a slice of the pizza then, choosing not to respond to Claire's accusation.

"Guess you're right. I've been mostly careful. Couple things slipped, but he still hasn't pegged me as the Claire." She sighs and rests her chin on her knees. "I'll keep him talking when I can. See what he says." That makes her think of something. "He mentioned having all the bones of his body crushed once and Abby fixing him up." She flexes her toes in the bunny slippers. "I need to paint my toes, been awhile since I did that."

"Ow," Cat comments, wincing at the imagery, before biting into the slice again and chewing in silence with her mouth closed. "That must've been when he was held out on Staten Island with Abby." But she says nothing more about Magnes after that. It's become a time for relaxing a bit and enjoying the consumption of cold pizza.

Some time later she'll bring Claire a copy of the Shibuya Incident.

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