He Needs Me


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Scene Title He Needs Me
Synopsis Ygraine attempts to offer some hope with a dose of bad news. Elaine displays her loyalty.
Date July 27 2010

Text messages

It's not exactly been the best of days, with the oppressive heat a bad enough start and the tasks to be done in it less than delightful. Still, Ygraine has at least one more responsibility to undertake. Lips pursed, she has her head bent over her phone, still-unworn boots resting beside her as she tries to figure out what on Earth to type.

'E. You around? Could do with a talk. Any time you get this, let me know. Y.'

The response is mercifully quick. Elaine's been at work, having decided that she felt like some translating. With that and a few errands, she'd been fairly busy, but not so much that she doesn't notice the text when the phone vibrates in her pocket. A response is quickly typed.

'I'm here. Just doing errands. What's up?

Ygraine starts slightly when her phone vibrates, announcing the arrival of a message. A grim smile curles her lips, however, when she reads it, and she quickly sets about arranging a reply.

'+Not+ an emergency. But bad news. Want to talk in person? Or should I tell you like this?'

The response is once again quick. Whatever Elaine's up to, she's clearly paying attention to her phone.

'Just tell me. Not sure when I'd be free to come by.'

Ygraine sighs, running a hand over her face. For all that she's been thinking furiously, she's still got no idea how to put this.

'Remember I told you that I'd help you any way I could? You might want to take that up. I've got one spare bed and some storage space. I'll +gladly+ put you up, E. But M's got himself thrown out for endangering the kids.'

The response doesn't come right away, like Elaine's last text. When it finally arrives, it's been a good couple of minutes.

'will keep in mind…'

Those couple of minutes are spent fretting worriedly, with several messages started and then delighted. When that brief response finally arrives, Ygraine lets out a slow, worried exhalation.

'Please do. I mean it, E. I +will+ help. I +will+ gladly have you in my home. I +can+ help to keep you safe. I know you're scared. But you're not alone, and you've got +choices+. I'll help, Q'll help. You're +not+ alone.'

The messages are coming slower now, though it's likely that she was busy thinking. Assuming she was in a state for really doing that rationally.

'Can't just leave him alone, though… he shouldn't be alone either.'

Ygraine frowns at her phone, closing her eyes for a few moments before venturing a reply.

'Can some of those secret friends he won't tell you about help him? This should be sorted soon. Can they take him in for a few days? You need to be somewhere safe.'

'He keeps me safe. It's safer for me with him than alone. He doesn't have secret friends. He left because it was dangerous. Everyone turned their backs on us.'

This time, the reply was quick.

Ygraine groans softly, shaking her head at her phone.

'You're not alone. We're not turning our backs on you. If you want to meet face to face, I will. But you have +choices+. Ones that don't involve people getting arms broken or hands crushed.'

'Then I'll take care of it myself if I have to. I'm tired of people shrugging off the horrors that were inflicted on me. People don't seem to understand how bad it was. They don't get how this all makes me feel.'

Ygraine glowers at her phone after that message.

'If I thought it was nothing, I wouldn't be opening my home to you, E. Nor talking about keeping you safe. If you want to +tell+ me about the horrors, then meet me and do so. But there are people who +want+ to help you, if only you let us. I live above a cop, in a nice part of town. If you want safety, I can provide a lot. And I'm +trying+ to help you in other ways, too.'

'I know. I know you're trying. It means a lot. He wants to help me too. He keeps me safe. He needs someone and I can't just leave. He needs me there. I make +him+ feel safe. Accepting the help without accepting his, too, is not something I can do. I won't abandon him.'

That gets a more thoughtful look, and some pensive chewing of the lower lip.

'Unless he's changing tack, he'll be seeking out more trouble. And he's already made himself readily identifiable to a lot of people. If he goes to find more danger, then he'll either have to bring you along, or leave you alone somewhere else. If he really wants to keep you safe, he shouldn't be keeping you with him at the moment. Unless he's planning to lie low, you're safer away from the guy drawing the attention, E, until this is sorted out.'

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