He Plans For Everything


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Scene Title He Plans For Everything
Synopsis But some things even the best planner can't plan for.
Date Mar 28, 2011

Elisabeth's Apartment, Dorchester Towers

It's the morning time and there in the hallway of these apartments, a woman with raven dark hair leans against the wall opposite of Liz's apartment door. Her eyes are closed but she's not asleep, one booted foot propped up. Exposing the skin of her leg in the light of the hall, Eve Mas is dressed in a short dark purple dress that almost reaches her knees along with a pair of black boots that come up her calves.

Her hair falls free and would seem to blend in with the black long sweater jacket with a hood she wears that falls to her ankles. The woman's head is tilted up and she hums softly to herself.

One.. two.. three..

Elisabeth's got her iPod strapped to her arm as she opens the door wearing sweats to go running in, singing to herself. "Chasing the darkness, staring at the sea…." She looks up, spotting Eve in her periphery and startling. "Oh!" The door is still open. And she backs up into it, yanking the earbuds from her ears. "Eve…. c'mon in." Looks like running is out. "I have coffee…"

"No no, no coffee for me." Eve says with a wave of her hand and then she's proceeding into Lizzy's apartment with a brief grin. Sniffing the air, she tilts her head. Then she's coming to rest her feet on a couch in the living room. Crossing her legs at the ankles, she stares up at Liz with her eerie grey eyes.

Light makeup adorns her face, she's still smiling. A nice, wide smile that shows her white teeth, "I met him." she says cryptically.

Well, that's enlightening. Elisabeth closes the door behind them and leaves her keys and iPod on the entry table. "Met who?" she asks mildly, heading in to pour herself another cup of coffee as they talk.

She looks like she's in a daze and then she's waves her hands in the air. "Dax!" she says with a grin and she's putting her hands in her lap or she'll throw something. Eve sways to the side and then the other. "He's from New Orleans and he's a business man.. and he drives flashy cars. You know I'm an old school kind of girl.. but.."

The singer just about melts into her seat, it's always been this way about boys. She gets like a teenager. It's hard not to sometimes, when you're as odd as Eve.

Elisabeth frowns a little, bringing her coffee into the living room. Dax. Why does she know that name? "Elle's Dax?" she asks, confused. She thought the guy was seeing Elle, but maybe her memory is flawed. Or maybe Eve's just crushing.

"He has a girlfriend..?" Eve stops and stares at Liz, her own frown on her face. "But.. we just went on a date.. and we talk often." Eve rubs her forehead. She can't remember if past relationships has come up. Probably not since she doesn't like talking about it.

"Are you sure?" she asks, her eyes hold a huge bit of disappointment in them. Way to get your hopes up woman.

"No, actually, I'm not. I thought the name was familiar, but I have no idea what's what. It's entirely possible they're just friends. Elle doesn't… let too many people close," Elisabeth says. And she offers a bit of a smile. "Certainly don't take anything I say as set in stone."

Everything shifts back right in Eve's world and she nods with a smile. "I'll just ask him tonight." If she sees or talks to him tonight that is. Eve drums her fingers on her bare leg, she's clearly happy and the meds have been taken today. Thank you universe.

"I think when I first met Elle.. I shot her. I can't remember if me or Helena did.." Eve throws her hair over her shoulder, not totally straightened today because she was too lazy.

Elisabeth pauses. "Really?" She considers that and sips her coffee. "Well, I suppose at the time she deserved it." Her tone is wry and she seems amused.

"Back in the old days, when we did what needed to be done as Pariah." Eve smiles softly as she thinks back to those days. "It's so good to see people from then, Monica.. I should go and see Alex. And.. maybe," Eve looks out the window with a sad expression on her face. "Teo." She breathes the name out then taking a deep breath and holding it.

It's surprising to her, how much the connection with the Italian man means to her. But.. it's all so complicated. When isn't it?

"These days, I hope we're still doing what needs doing." Elisabeth pauses and looks at Eve. "Norton's back in town, Eve."

She had another thought on her mind until Liz drops that bombshell and Eve blinks and stiffens and then relaxes and then looks shocked. "Trask.. Norton.. he's.. he's back?" she asks with a soft whisper. Cool tears fall from the corner of her eyes. Slowly, she leans back in the chair and stares at Liz. "When?" Eve can barely speak at the moment.

What started as a working relationship, strained and tense because of her fear of his ability.. grew into something much like a brother and sister one. She's missed him so much.

Elisabeth sets down her coffee. She knew that Trask meant a lot to Eve. "A couple days ago. We're going to get him into a safe location." She bites her lip. "The Institute cannot under any conditions know that he's here. Promise me, Eve?"
"It could get him killed."

"I would never." Eve looks shocked at Liz, "I'm sure the Ferrymen.. will shelter him. Probably better if none of us know where he is." The dark haired woman looks sad at the thought of not seeing him. "But, not until after I see him." she says firmly and she's nodding her head.

"Oh, I really missed him. What made him come back to town?" Wiping the tears away with messing up her makeup too much.

"I don't want the Ferry sheltering him right now," Elisabeth says quietly. "I want to put him near Claire. I think … maybe he can help her." She pauses and smiles just a little. "And actually… Zeke is what brought him back. He got word through the grapevine that somehow he was working for the Institute. Zeke's little lure cast a wider net than he might have expected. And it may just bite him right in the ass when I need it to the most."

"No!" Eve looks freaked as she hears Liz talking, "Don't you bring him into this." She shakes her head fervently, "He doesn't need to be involved, this doesn't concern him." She looks panicked and her eyes are wide at Liz. Now the tears are falling even more. "It might get him killed, nobody wants someone like him to be around to ruin their plans."

The dream oracle straightens her back, "Have you asked him if he will help you take the other Richard down?" she whispers. It's all Trask's decision anyway but Eve will be damned if she'll just let people hurt Trask. She's too worried, her eyes flick from one side of the room to the other.

"We shouldn't know where he is, it might get him hurt. Don't you get it yet?" Eve holds her hands out. "The other one, he plans for everything. Everything." the woman puts her head in her hands and closes her eyes. "He should have stayed away, where he was safe. Out of all of this."

Elisabeth watches Eve and says quietly, "It's too late for that, Eve. Norton will do as Norton has always done — the best he can to do the right thing. And he's willing to fight Humanis First, and if we need to the Institute as well. For the moment…. Norton's a blank spot. He can't plan for Norton."

"He's a solider.. I can't stop him from fighting." He's always been a good fighter, always. The slightly younger woman stares across at Liz as the blonde speaks and then she's tilting her head. "If he dies.." her gaze hardens towards her friend. But she doesn't finish her sentence; Eve just sags in the chair. "You guys don't get it.. how it was, what it use to be like. We were at the top of our game.. and then running scared. Everything was shattered and he held it together so well through it all.. he's family."

"I'm sorry, it's just.. a lot, for me." Eve admits and then she stares across the room at Lizzy again and she closes her eyes. "I would like to see him. Where is he?"

Sympathy sparks in Elisabeth's gaze. "No… you can't stop him from fighting. Because it's who he is. Eve…" She sets her coffee down and moves to sit so she can look right into the precog's eyes. "I do understand. I haven't been in this from the very start, but pretty damn close. Losing Dani was on me." So many things come back to those early days. "I love Norton Trask. It's not the same kind of love that I have for Richard… I didn't know the difference until Richard. But I do love him. And I will have his back. We're all in this fight. We have to be."

Reaching out to put her hand on Eve, Elisabeth says quietly, "I need you… to have a little faith in me. And I need you… " Her jaw clenches. For the first time in their acquaintance, Elisabeth looks… uncomfortable. "Eve, if I asked you to try to see for me… would you do it?"

The seer stares ahead into Liz's eyes. She listens to what she has to say and then she replies with the only statement she knows she can truthfully say. "I'll try." In terms of having faith in her, it's hard to have faith in anyone right now. Friend or not. Eve's hand grips her knee tightly and she nods. "You need to make clear to him then that you are with Richard, or whatever fucked up thing you guys have going on." She's not the biggest fan of friends with benefits relationships. She's only seen someone get hurt out of them.

"I don't know, I can try Lizzy.. it doesn't really work that way. I don't see what I want, but I can try and steer my head in that direction before sleep."

Elisabeth leans forward and kisses Eve's cheek. "I will," she whispers. She's already assured Richard of the matter, and now she finds that she has to reassure Eve too. "Norton will always and ever be my friend. I won't hurt him more than I've already done, I swear it." She leans back and smiles a little. "If you ever see anything that indicates Zeke knows about him being here… I need to know. Immediately. He can't… not ever… be allowed to get to Norton."

Closing her eyes at the kiss, Eve nods her head. "Okay, good." Now that's settled, regardless of if she likes Trask and Liz together more then she and Richard, she looks at Liz clearly in the eye. "I'll see what happens or comes up." That much she can tell Liz, it is never a sure science with her dreams. There isn't much room for her to be creative. Save when Gillian is involved.

"If it directly involves, like if Trask is going to be anywhere around him.. I won't be able to see. Naturally."

"Of course not," Elisabeth says with a smile. "But if he's speaking with someone about the matter, I'm hoping you might see that. It will… at least give us a heads-up if they might be trying to snatch him." That would make Liz shoot Zeke in the head, regardless of what Richard wants.

"Okay, I'll be sure to let you know." Eve looks at Liz and hugs her tight before she stands and begins to walk towards the door. "I.. I need to leave." She always has something to do.. always. "I'll see you soon though Lizzy." Her eyebrows raised at the blonde woman.

Elisabeth hugs tightly. "You better," she murmurs with a smile. "Come and have dinner." If she remembers. "Text me when you're not busy, and I'll have Norton come too, okay?"

With a soft smile and a look over her shoulder, Eve nods her head and opens the door. "I will, love you Lizzy." And with that the precog is out the door and walking down the hall.

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